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Dear fans of adventure tours and extreme sports, this time we are writing about your passion. We reveal which are the wonders of adventure, as well as which places in America (USA) are best for realizing your adventurous desires, whether you want to really push the boundaries or just looking for a little excitement.

Like a drug

American Adventure Tours Extreme sports attract more and more people every day, mostly those addicted to adrenaline because there are no limits in them. Determination and courage then come to the fore. 

In addition to those who live for adrenaline, and compete with each other trying to be better than others and push the boundaries, in the “wild waters” of extreme sports, more and more people are involved who are testing their abilities and embarking on extreme endeavors. 

In this, often monotonous, world, people need something more, and extreme sports provide something more. It is becoming an increasingly common case that business people, after leaving the office, turn into adrenaline addicts, because that is the only thing that gives them a real pleasure. Once you get into extreme sports, you stay forever caught in that sport.

Hiking, mountaineering, sport climbing, rafting, mountain biking, paragliding, and many others – all are extreme sports that attract the determined and brave, eager for a real challenge and ultimate pleasure. Following the world trends, there are more and more fans of extreme sports who, once they feel the adrenaline, provoked in this way, always come back.

Libellule brings some of the adventure suggestions for everyone’s taste, which you can try in the United States.

Also, take a look at the list of extreme sports that every adventurer should try in 2021.

Jump for the bravest

American Adventure Tours

We’re starting hard! This adventure is only for the bravest who crave as much adrenaline as possible. Dare to thrilling tandem BASE jump and experience the most exciting adventure ever. Perrine Bridge located at Twin Falls, Idaho, in is an ideal structure for jumping.  Equip yourself with the right gear, then jump off the 486 ’bridge with a professional tied to you and feel the adrenaline rush through your veins.

BASE jumping is the most extreme discipline of parachuting. The BASE is an acronym composed of the initial letters of the nouns Buildings, Antennas, Spains, Earth, which represent four groups of locations from which jumps are made. The heights from which one jumps are small, so there is less time to do anything. It sounds funny, but the lower it is, the more dangerous it is.

The jump itself lasts 10-15 seconds, so only one parachute is packed because there would be no time to open it for a spare. Parachute packing and technique are crucial for BASE jumps, if the moment of the jump is not performed properly the jumper enters the turn so the parachute does not have time to open properly and gravity turns the jump into a free fall.

This adventure is risky, so if you are brave and want to feel the strongest adrenaline ever peek here.

Adventure camping

American Adventure Tours

Here’s something for hedonists who want to combine peace and excitement. Camping can be a real dream adventure if you choose an attractive location with as little comfort as possible. You can camp in a tent, but also in camping trailers, caravans (RV vehicles), and the like, but you can only stay in a sleeping bag. This activity became popular in the 20th century, although the second half of the 19th century can be considered the beginning of modern camping.

When camping, it is important to choose a place to camp, but you should also take into account the camping equipment without which this activity is unthinkable. Camping is in all seasons, but the most popular camping is in spring, summer, and autumn.

There are many organized camps, but many like to camp freely, which all depends on the desire for adventure. If you are more extreme you can find a remote, wild location and with as little equipment and food as possible try to survive. This can be very useful because it tests your endurance and you get used to living in nature.

America is full of unexplored locations that take your breath away. See here all the camping locations in the USA where adventure is guaranteed.

Carousel on the water

Legend has it that rafts originated in Vietnam during the war. They were used for their exact purpose – to transport food and equipment through the earth’s watercraft. Once on the Mekong River, during transport, one of the boats separated and entered the rapids together with the soldiers. Whether that was the case or not, we cannot confirm, the only thing that matters is that from that moment on rafting began to be called commercial travel and rafting on uneven rivers, as well as a direction in sport. As you can see, rafting was one of the earliest forms of transportation.

Rafting competitions as an extreme sport first began to take place in the mid-1990s. Today, rafting as a sport is available to everyone. Going down the course of a stubborn river with rapids on the inflatable boat has become very popular. As a type of water tourism, it aroused admiration among fans of extreme sports and adrenaline. For rafting, you will need to have such equipment as: kelmet, life jacket, boots (because the water is pretty cold in most cases) and protective jacket.

This is not only a way to stir the blood, but also to have fun in nature. Rafting rivers are divided into six categories, depending on your training, skills, and experience. The first two are intended for beginners and beginners, and the rest for people who have undergone several trainings and have extensive experience in this matter.

One of the best water adventures you can find in Colorado. See more details here.

Rocky temptation

american adventures

Escape from everyday life into exploring new heights and testing one’s own possibilities, which sports climbing provides, is for many a way of life and a way to get to know themselves, but also the world around them.

Climbing sports develops almost all the muscles in the human body and is considered very important for human development, and it is very important to fight with yourself, which increases the focus. After one day of climbing, the man is very calm, calm, as he says, everything is beautiful to him and he lacks nothing in life.

This sport develops all the muscles, and it often happens that people who are actively involved in some other sports come and realize after climbing that there are muscles that they have not yet activated. They would especially emphasize the spiritual state, because here people meditate, calm the organism and then start climbing.

As for sport climbing, if you do everything according to the rules, and there are three or four rules, you can’t hurt yourself. There is a higher percentage of injuries in football, where you can injure almost every part of the body. Climbing is for those who do not want to take many risks and still want to feel the adrenaline. In the USA, there are many natural places perfect for climbing, such as Red Rock, Yosemite, and Indian Creek, and for organized climbing with coaches and equipment, we suggest where you can book your adventure.

Here you can find which tour suits you according to the degree of readiness in the entire territory of the United States.

Wild ride

This is an extreme sport. Drive at speeds of 40 to 70 km / h, the track is full of steep slopes and terrain that is not easy to cross – with dangerous obstacles, slippery sections, and jumping ramps. Also, like any extreme sport, this one carries with it high degrees of risk of injuries, so the protective equipment is different.

A “full-face helmet” is mandatory, and the rest, as who likes, there is protection for the knees, lower legs, the so-called “turtle” for the upper part of the body, and even for the neck, so that in case of a fall there would be no fracture. Of course, professional drivers have a lot of experience, and injuries are not so common. So pay attention to the equipment when you adventure with a bike.

Downhill or mountain biking, however, can be practiced on any hill, mountain or challenging terrain. Riders have to rely on themselves, know everything about their bike, learn to change parts. It takes endurance, self-confidence, a sense of cycling and balance. Like all sports from the adrenaline group of sports, this one brings a special feeling – it tests its own range, strength and ability, masters nature … and experiences a special and unique feeling of freedom.

See here which are the destinations in the USA where you can experience an exciting adventure on two wheels.

Challenge or danger

Adventurous and extreme sports are so appealing and interesting because they challenge us to push our boundaries, overcome ourselves and nature.

One thing is for sure, extreme sports are very attractive, but don’t forget that they are dangerous in the first place, so you should always be careful and not indulge in something if you are not completely ready.

Do everything according to your physical and mental abilities and enjoy.

Have you already tried any of the American adventures and have you tried any of the extreme sports at all. Write to us in the comments or Share your story. We would love to hear about your adventure!

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