Be Healthy and In Harmony With Nature

Dear creatures, Libellule is in contact with nature every day and can help you to be healthy and in harmony with nature. 

This is especially important today when life is fast and unhealthy and nature is increasingly polluted.

Also, Libellule brings you tips on how to take care of nature and the planet in general. 

The planet would be grateful to you and send you gifts in the form of feeling good and healthy.

Follow our rules to significantly improve your health and improve your quality of life. 

Your life is one and there is no replay, then why not enjoy it better and longer?

So let’s see what these are the main steps to a healthier and happier life.


How healthy are we at all?

Today’s time brings many challenges, which is why we cannot dedicate ourselves and our loved ones. Primarily in terms of habits.

The fact is that we all eat very unhealthily and have a bad lifestyle. This shortens our lifespan and the quality of life itself.

The percentage of obese people and those suffering from some diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, and asthma constantly increasing. 

No less negligible are the mental problems that many people lead to, the worst possible things like e.g. suicide.

Such things can be prevented if we change the course of our life habits in time. 

It’s not as hard as it seems at first. It only takes a little willpower and determination. 

That is why we put them first on our list, which leads to the goal of being healthy, fulfilled, and happy.

Rules on How to Be Healthy and In Harmony With Nature

Be Healthy and In Harmony With Nature

Rule no.1 – Promise Yourself

The most important thing in the process of improving life and healing is the will and firm determination to change lives. It is not an easy job at all.

Imagine what a smoker who has been smoking cigarettes for decades and now needs to stop doing so forever. 

He will list thousands of excuses and resist you tirelessly, and even if he tries, he will encounter the first obstacle in the form of increased nervousness and other accompanying withdrawal symptoms.

But there is crucial willpower and determination to go all the way. 

You should always have a higher goal in life, which is more than health, prolonging life, and feeling good every day.

Remember, what habits you create, especially in your youth, will be easier for you when you grow old because you will be healthy and in shape. 

By doing so, you will be productive and fulfilled and thus make life happier for the people around you.

Everything has cause and effect. As we treat our body, nature, and the world around us, so will they treat us.

Rule no.2 – Strengthen the Psyche


You’ve all heard that “In a healthy body a healthy mind”. 

True, a good mental state is a prerequisite for the health of the body. 

People who care about their mental health need much less effort around the needs of the body because it is nourished by a healthy mind.

Many studies speak of a connection between the body and the psyche or soul. 

We can see this in everyday examples. 

Look around you and look at the people around you.

Aren’t they depressed usually neglected physically and often suffering from various diseases. 

Medicine and science are increasingly talking about the connection between emotions and the appearance of even the most serious diseases such as cancer.

And indeed, people who are smiling, cheerful, and have a positive life attitude have better physical health and happier life.

To strengthen your psyche and feel inner satisfaction, dedicate yourself to the things in life that fill you with peace and contentment. 

For example, dedicate one part of the day to writing a diary in which you will write down your feelings.

Be Healthy and In Harmony With Nature

Practice prayer and thanksgivings a connection with God, the Universe, a higher power, whatever they call it, is also very effective. 

Trust in someone or something gives us great strength, peace and restores overall health.

Rule no.3 – Take Care of Your Nutrition

Be Healthy and In Harmony With Nature

Now that you have made a promise to yourself that you will not give up and you have started to think about life, it is a positive time to increase your nutrition.

If you omit the previous steps and concentrate immediately on nutrition, you may not succeed because the body will not be prepared. 

For example, if you are so depressed, you suddenly eliminate sweets from your diet, which can lead you to even greater anxiety and lead to even bigger problems.

So with a positive mind, you enter the diet. It doesn’t need to be strict unless your goal is to lose weight. 

And even then, all you have to do is eliminate sugars and carbohydrates. 

Also, forget about fast food restaurants, snacks, and fizzy drinks.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and by no means skip breakfast! 

Increase your intake of water and vitamins and provide yourself with enough sleep. 

We know, it is difficult, but everything that is right in life requires effort and sacrifice. The results will be worth it. 

Your organs will be grateful to you and the feeling will be wonderful.

See more nutrition tips on the Healthline website.

Rule no.4 – Be Active

Be Healthy and In Harmony With Nature

Our body is not created for passivity but for movement. 

And what do we do every day? 

We sit at work at the computer then when we get home we sit in front of the TV or cell phone. 

How much wasted time we spend surfing the internet! Unfortunately, we have become captives of our own product – technology.

That time we spend in front of the screen and in the virtual world can be replaced by a walk or a stay in nature. 

Your spine and whole body will be grateful if you are only active for one hour a day.

Just walk or do short exercises. 

When you have plenty of free time you can enroll in a dance, gym, or go hiking. 

Check out light body exercises for each body part on the Healthline website that you can practice daily.

Rule no.6  – Clean Up the Energy Vampires

Even if you follow these rules, you will not achieve the right effect and maintain your health if you do not clean your environment. 

We all have people around us who drain our energy with their demanding and unreasonable behavior.

They are easy to recognize. 

They are selfish,  they criticize you excessively, and after talking to them you feel tired and nervous. 

All this is stressful for the body that wants to lead a healthy life. Energy vampires are usually our closest ones, the ones we love.

It is difficult for us to distance them from ourselves and we often suffer because of that. 

But sometimes it’s okay to say no, to choose to leave for your health. He who does not understand this sincerely does not love you. 

And it will be a great filter for people!

Rule no.6 – Lead a Planet-friendly Lifestyle

Be Healthy and In Harmony With Nature

We depend on our planet. If it gets polluted and dies and we will die, so caring for nature is caring for ourselves.

You don’t have to go to extremes by starting a vegan lifestyle (which is even the best way) but we will admit it is not for everyone. 

The most important thing is to be aware of the need to change some harmful habits. 

Such as e.g. throwing garbage or cigarette butts into nature.

One way to help improve the health of the planet is to cycle to work (unless your workplace is too far away) or to join some work action of cleaning or planting trees.

Someone will say what an individual can do when large systems irreversibly pollute the air and nature. 

Don’t think you can’t do anything. 

As long as there is one man who is ashamed to throw a piece of paper on the grass there is hope. Your little one is full!

Read more about how to save the planet in our post Who Said Is Not Easy Being Green.


In The End

Adherence to these rules certainly leads to the desired result. 

You will feel better, your health and appearance will improve and it will be very visible.

We encourage you to send us your stories. 

We want to hear how you have improved your health, what healthy lifestyles you lead, and how you protect the planet. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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2 thoughts on “Be Healthy and In Harmony With Nature”

  1. If every individual makes small changes, then we can all together achieve enormous change. No individual’s action is in vain.
    Healthy nutrition is great and it tastes good. I think that most people equal vegan food or just healthy food in general with boring salads when it couldn’t be further from the truth. Because of this misconception many may avoid a healthy lifestyle or nutrition, don’t you think?
    Especially in these times now we must pay attention to a healthier lifestyle, nutrition, environment, practice gratitude as well. Excluding energy vampires from our lives isn’t easy. I actually did it recently, and I won’t lie, I miss him, but at the same time he mentally exhausted me and I often felt drained which is not a healthy relatioship either no matter how close you are. Sometimes, those tough decisions need to be made …

    • Yes Christine, I agree with you that because of this misconception many may avoid a healthy lifestyle or nutrition. There are so many foods that are not only related to salads and other greens that are also very tasty. Here, even meat can be replaced with a quality substitute such as e.g. soy!
      And complete health is achieved not only by taking care of the body but also by taking care of our mental health. We are glad to hear that you take care of yourself in the right way. Just keep going! Greetings and all the best.


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