The City That Never Sleeps

Libellule takes you on a tour of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, which many who have experienced it say is a city that never sleeps. 

And indeed, this beautiful city will keep your eyes open day and night. 

During the day, enjoy the rich historical and architectural buildings and in the evening experience the charms of one of the best nightlife in Europe.

So, Belgrade is the city for everyone, from 7 to 77!

A city on the rivers

Belgrade lies on two large rivers, the Sava and the Danube, which is the second-longest river in Europe. 

The riverbank of Belgrade stretches for 200 km and in that area, there are 16 river islands, the most famous of which are Ada Ciganlija and Danube key.

These are places of rest, sports, entertainment, and meetings. 

Live at all times of the day and night, from dusk to dawn. 

A place that attracts people of all generations and different affinities. 

When you climb at Kalemegdan and, a magnificent view of the confluence of two rivers  and the entire city.

The climate in Belgrade is temperate, which means that winters are not too cold and summers are warm. 

It is characteristic here that there is often a wind called “kosava” which is a cold, very squally southeastern wind found in Serbia and some nearby countries.

Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan

Belgrade Fortress consists of the old citadel and Kalemegdan Park in an urban area of modern Belgrade and it is located in Belgrade’s municipality of Stari Grad. 

Fortress is the best witness to its turbulent and rich history. Many nations, tribes, and kingdoms passed here and left their traces, and many times they destroyed it and raised it from the ashes.

To this day, there are numerous material testimonies that speak of ancient times, but also of those more recent times that marked the Belgrade Fortress and Belgrade. 

For foreign visitors, there are organized tours and during this walk, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the Fortress and many monuments, buildings, and intriguing buildings, learn all sorts of interesting things, legends and stories.

Magnificent view of Belgrade from Kalemegdan

Kalemegdan Fortress is the most beautiful and largest park in Belgrade, and at the same time, it is the most important cultural and historical complex, which covers an area of 53 hectares of a magnificent park.

This is a favorite place to walk and enjoy the view of the city. 

On fine days, you will want to go all the way to the Lower Town, near the Monument of Gratitude to France, to the Gate of Charles VI, and further to the Nebojsa Tower, while the Victor guards his back from above, with his sword lowered, ready for any kind of defense. 

It is interesting for the Kalemegdan that archaeologists have explored only 15-20 percent of it, so even today it hides many secrets and piquancy.

The Temple of Saint Sava

the temple of saint sava
With a richly decorated interior, it is the largest and most beautiful church in the Balkans

This temple is one of the most important cultural buildings and represents the religious center of Serbia. 

One of the largest temples in Orthodoxy was named after Saint Sava, the largest and most important Serbian Orthodox monk. 

An interesting life story is connected to him. 

Born as Rastko, he was a Serbian prince and heir to the famous Nemanjic dynasty. 

He escaped from the castle when he was very young and left his family and wealth to settle in the monastery and from there enlighten the Serbian people by introducing them to Orthodoxy. 

Thus he gained great respect among the people through the centuries who honored him and built this magnificent temple.

saint sava
Sava as a monk among his people

Nicola Tesla Museum

Museum of one of the world's greatest scientists

The Serbian people respect another great man and in his honor, there is a museum in Belgrade. 

It is the well-known scientist Nicola Tesla who made an immeasurable contribution in the field of physics and electrical engineering. 

The original documents of Tesla’s rich correspondence with relatives, famous scientists, and companies are kept in this museum. 

Tesla’s original works, patents, and patent documentation, plans, and drawings are also kept. 

In Museum there is an urn with Nicola Tesla’s death ashes.

nicola tesla
Nicola Tesla

Knez Mihailova Street

knez mihailova street
Knez Mihailova Street, a street that has a soul

If you want to walk and shop, then Knez Mihailova Street is the right place for that. 

The wide walking area around which there are interesting buildings is pedestrian zone and shopping center.

Knez Mihailova Street is protected by law as one of the oldest and most valuable city monuments, with a series of representative buildings and civic houses created in the late 70s of the 19th century.

Skadarlija Street

Skadarlija, a street that constantly echoes music and laughter

For bohemians and romantics, there is a special street in Belgrade. 

Skadarlija is one of the oldest and most beautiful streets in Belgrade, and in addition to the beautiful cobblestones, lighting, and the ambience itself, it is also adorned by a very large number of restaurants. Here you can listen to the wonderful melody of old town music and try the most delicious food and drinks. 

We are trying to bring you closer to the atmosphere that reigns on this street, but it is difficult to describe, it should be experienced. 

Skadarlija is a street that never sleeps and starts waking up at dusk.

 Ada Ciganlija

ada ciganlija
The famous Belgrade rafts are the liveliest at night

At a distance of only 4 km from the center of Belgrade, there is a former island, now the Ada Ciganlija peninsula. 

Overgrown with dense deciduous forest, dotted with meadows and meadows, Ada has become the most beautiful and most visited picnic area, swimming pool, and resort of citizents.

The beach around Sava Lake is fully arranged and equipped with the necessary infrastructure facilities, so it is one of the largest and most beautiful beaches on artificial lakes in Europe. 

On Ada Ciganlija there are over 50 different outdoor sports fields, including a golf course and a cable car for water skiing. 

There are football, tennis, handball, volleyball, and basketball courts, as well as baseball, rugby, and field hockey courts.

There are also courts for beach volleyball and aqua soccer, and from extreme sports, we single out bungee jumping. 

Ada Ciganlija is also the cultural and entertainment center of Belgrade, especially in the summer when numerous events are organized.

Marakana stadium

Marakana Stadium

Football fans will be happy to hear that Belgrade has one of the largest stadiums in the world with a capacity of 55,528 spectators.

The City That Never Sleeps


We have come to what Belgrade is widely known for, and that is the nightlife. 

Belgrade is the best option if you want crazy fun. According to the “Lonely Planet” portal, the Serbian capital offers tourists a diverse nightlife every night during the week. 

Parties usually last until dawn. Find here which are the best places to have a fun and quality night time.

We reccommend you Garni Hotel D10, Holiday Inn Express Belgrade City, Metropol Palace, The Boutique Hotel Museum… 

Belgrade's rafts

The famous Belgrade rafts are the liveliest at night

If you are planning a night out you must visit the rafts. 

Rafts are boats and boats equipped in cafes and restaurants and moored to the banks of the Danube and Sava. 

Pop, rock, dance, and folk music is played live here and is a favorite place for young people.

But sleepless, noisy and crazy nights are not just on rafts. 

Belgrade is full of well-equipped nightclubs and discos where you also don’t sleep until dawn. 

For those who do not like noise, you can visit isolated rafts where you can dine in silence.

Final Thoughts

Belgrade is a great choice for everyone, young and old, those who love history and tradition, and those who love modernity in every sense. 

It is also good for those who like passive rest but it is even better for those looking for crazy actions until dawn. 

So, be prepared,  if you want to sleep in Belgrade, know that you will find it difficult to do so.

We are interested in whether you have already visited Belgrade and if so, what are your impressions. Leave a comment below.

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