The Best Places to Travel In December

The coldest month is coming, but for many, it is also the most beautiful month of the year. 

December is the month of snow spells, gifts, and holidays, children especially love it, but also adults. 

December is really magical, both when you can travel somewhere and when you can’t, as is the case this year. 

It doesn’t matter if you spend it in the warmth of home or on a trip, the feeling will be incredibly beautiful.

However, we bring you suggestions on where to spend it if you decide to travel. 

Most destinations will be richly decorated for the Christmas and New Year holidays for complete enjoyment.

Please read COVID-19 Alert before you go anywhere.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is no.1 best place to travel in december in 2020

First on the list is the unsurpassed Berlin, which is famous for the Christmas and New Year bazaars held in this city every year. 

Berlin really stands out for its tameness compared to other German cities. 

Here you can feel the spirit of the East, which throughout history mixed with the West, German. 

December in Berlin is cold but not too much, the average temperature is about 4 degrees Celsius, which will allow you to enjoy the drowned attractions such as the Berlin Bazaar.

There are many such bazaars and you will not go wrong with whichever you decide to go. 

Libellule recommends a visit to the magical Weihnacht Sauber Gerdanmermarkt for those who love gastronomy because this bazaar can be found with all tastes, from French specialties to Austrian cuisine. 

If you choose this destination, we guarantee that you will enjoy it to the fullest.

Strasbourg, France

Fairytale Strasbourg is even more magical in winter

Here is another destination you must not miss. 

The magic of the holidays is nowhere more magnificent than in Strasbourg, France. Although the French city of Strasbourg exudes German history and culture. 

Beautiful and unusual Gothic buildings from the Renaissance building take us back to a mystical past.

In winter, before the holidays, it looks magically decorated with red and white hearts, angels, and snowflakes. 

For its beauty, Strasbourg won the “Best Christmas Fair in Europe” award. 

Don’t forget to try the famous biscuits at the bazaar, which can be found in various phenomenal shapes and flavors, which you can keep on the Christmas tree even after eating.

London, United Kingdom

london pigeons
London has everything for a dream holiday

The capital of the United Kingdom is beautiful in winter. 

There are locations in London that you should not miss such as Hyde Park where annual  Christmas event Winter Wonderland is located, which is the perfect place for winter magic. 

There is also an outdoor skating rink from which to shoot. 

And when you want to walk around the city at night, don’t miss the breathtaking Oxford and Regent streets with their gorgeous New Year’s decorations and lights.

If you want a real holiday and winter spectacle but in a slightly more modern outfit, then the Canary Wolf district is the right choice for you.

Innsbruck, Austria

The romantic atmosphere at the bazaars will enchant you

Here is a suggestion for incorrigible romantics. 

If you do not like the noise and crowds of big cities and want an intimate place for yourself and your loved ones then the town of Innsbruck in Austria is a perfect choice. 

This small Austrian town is under snow and lanterns unreal like fairytale towns. 

Wherever there are beautiful mountain peaks surround you and a multitude of colorful buildings from turquoise to pink.

The most romantic bazaar is located in the center of Innsbruck with stands lined up next to medieval houses. 

Here you can find gingerbread, wooden decorations, and other unique souvenirs, and to make the magic even greater, the residents of Kiebachgasse will make sure that they always display various motifs from fairy tales and musicians who sing the most beautiful Christmas and New Year songs.

Prague, Czech Republic

For many, the most beautiful city in the world is always an unmistakable choice

This list of destinations would not be complete without Prague, that “Golden City” which rightly got this name. 

It is truly golden, a city with a soul that attracts millions of tourists with its beauty and attractiveness who enjoy its cultural and historical heritage which is extremely rich. 

On the other hand, Prague is a modern metropolis, so this combination of traditional and modern makes it so irresistible. 

Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Golden Street, everything in it is worth seeing and visiting and in winter it gets a new enchanting note.

December in Prague is cold but dry so you will be able to enjoy the outdoors. Be sure to visit New Year’s Bazaar if it is open because it is one of the best bazaars in Europe. 

There is also the Old Town which is under the protection of UNESCO. 

Libellule advises you to take accommodation near the Old Town so that the bulls are close to the center of events and make the most of the holiday.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

saint petersburg
Because of the beauties offered by St. Petersburg you will not feel the Russian winter

St. Petersburg or as it is also called “Venice North” is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and that is reason enough to visit it during the winter holidays. 

It is the cultural, gastronomic, and bohemian capital of Russia for years, and even more beautiful during the New Year and Christmas holidays. 

The charm of this city will enchant you. 

We recommend that you visit the parks and castles of the Peterhof complex, which are located 20 km away from the city and are protected by UNESCO and the magnificent and lavishly built Church of the Resurrection of Christ.

Enjoy but just pay attention to bring adequate warm clothes because the winter in St. Petersburg is extremely cold and harsh.

Bangkok, Thailand

Let the wilderness of Bangkok shake you

This exotic destination will give you a dream vacation. 

December is the most popular holiday month in Thailand because the weather there is much better than in previous months. 

The rainy season ends and the sun begins to shine on the blue sky. If you want to get to know its culture better, we advise you to visit Wat Phra Kaew Ii Grand Palace and try the famous Thai massage.

Bangkok is a great destination for New Year’s holidays because then the city is richly decorated and reflects various events. 

It is interesting that Thailand is a 98 percent Buddhist country, but celebrates Christmas as part of the holidays on the occasion of the end of the year. 

You won’t feel like you’ve stepped into an unfamiliar eastern culture. 

Just keep in mind that temperatures in Bangkok in winter can vary from extremely high during the day to extremely low at night.

Cancun, Mexico

Feel the summer in December

If you are winter tired and want a slightly warmer December then Cancun is the ideal destination for you.

In this popular and luxurious tourist resort of Mexico which is stretches along the turquoise blue sea with many hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls, the tourist season begins already from mid-December.

Beautiful, long, and sandy beaches will give you the feeling of summer and you will almost never want to sleep because Cancun is a city that never sleeps! 

There are more than 350 restaurants with international cuisine and some of the largest disco clubs in the world so that all young and old can find a vacation, both those looking for an active and those looking for a passive vacation. 

Pack your bags and let yourself go!

Wherever you decide to travel stay safe and sound.

And where do you plan to travel in December? Write to us in the comments below.

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