The Colorful Heaven of Cappadocia

There is one place that takes your breath away and that attracts visitors from different parts of the world with its mystical spirit and its colors. 

Libellule recently wrote that Turkey is one of the top travel destinations in November (see post Top 5 destinations to travel in November), but not only is its capital magical but also a place in the interior, which is a blend of the ancient and the modern.

The Cappadocia is an unreal complex and a unique wonder of nature that irresistibly reminds of the land of Flintstones. 

This is due to the fairy chimneys, rocks of strange shapes, formed about 30 million years ago after the eruptions of once active volcanoes, whose activity stopped at the beginning of the Neolithic.

But what is especially attractive and what Cappadocia is famous for are its balloons, which, when hundreds are released into the sky, paint the sky with the most beautiful colors. 

Fairy chimneys

volcanic rocks fairy chimneys
Volcanic rocks irresistibly remind of fairy chimneys

The most impressive are the fairy chimneys, mushroom and cone structures made of sedimentary stone with caps on top that emerge from the sand-covered soil of Cappadocia. 

In these rocks, the ancient Christians carved their churches so that Cappadocia is a tourist paradise with over 3000 temples, mostly Orthodox.

Goreme National Park

national park of cappadocia
There you have a feeling like you are in a fairytale

Goreme is a small village located among fairy chimneys, about ten minutes drive from Nevsehir. 

The Goreme is an open-Air Museum has located about 2 km from the village and consists of a series of fairy chimneys in which Byzantine churches, chapels, and monasteries are carved. 

Due to its great cultural and historical significance, the area is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The greatest value of these churches is their frescoes, which connoisseurs classify as the most beautiful works of early Christian art. 

Some frescoes are well preserved but, unfortunately, under the influence of erosion, most of them are damaged to a greater or lesser extent. 

The most famous and largest church is Tokali Kilise (Button), which contains frescoes from the 9th and 11th centuries, mostly with depictions from the life of Christ.

churches in rocks
Houses, churches, and monasteries are carved into the rocks


Many of the rooms recessed in the rocks of Goreme where people once lived have today been adapted to tourism and converted into accommodation facilities. 

Although due to the stone environment, this unusual type of accommodation seems uncomfortable at first glance, you are wrong, because such pensions and hotels in the rocks offer superior comfort and excellent food.


Urgup and Avanos

Cappadocia is full of contrasts, so in addition to enjoying the unusual nature and ancient historical monuments, you will also be able to find places to spend time.

Urgup is the tourist center of Cappadocia, with an excellent choice of accommodation offered by charming hotels carved into the rocks, numerous shops, cafes, restaurants, and nightlife until dawn. 

Be sure to try the top quality homemade wine. There is also Temeni hill, whose lookout puts the whole of Urgup in the palm of your hand and offers a breathtaking view.

Also, there is Avanos, a city that is a great option for rafting and horseback riding lovers, and has been known for centuries for pottery and handmade ceramic items, so if you want souvenirs from Cappadocia, buy them here.

colorful heaven of cappadocia
Cappadocia is is lively and interesting even at night

The underground cities 

Dozens of underground cities have been discovered in the area of Cappadocia, among them the largest being Derinkuyu, which is considered to be the largest underground city in Turkey.

There are no reliable and reliable data on its origin, but it is assumed that it was first founded in the 8th or 7th century BC. 

So far, 8 floors have been explored, up to a total depth of 85 meters, and the lowest three floors are still being explored. Only the first two levels are available for tourists to tour.

It is estimated that Derinkuyu had between 25 and 50 thousand inhabitants, it had a ventilation system, a water supply system, a school, a church, bedrooms, kitchens, toilets, and many other rooms that enabled the normal life of the inhabitants underground.

Colorful heaven

Hot air balloons creates colorful heaven of Cappadocia

What will surely leave the biggest impression on you is riding colorful balloons with hot air. 

There are 20 to 268 people in them, and when dozens of colorful balloons soar into the blue sky in the morning with the first rays of the sun, the scene looks really unreal. 

Nothing is less unreal in the early evening hours.

The feeling of observing this wondrous array of natural actions and human hands from a bird’s eye view as the sun rises and colors the sky with its rays in magical shades cannot be described in words.

ballon on hot air

The organizers give breakfast before the summer at the gathering place. 

The price is different, and the level of service depends on the price. 

The base price is $100 per person. Includes transfer from the hotel, pastries and coffee, and a place in the balloon basket that holds max. 28 people.

The flight takes about 45 minutes and balloons climb to a height of about 600 meters. 

The higher the price, the richer the service. 

Other options include bicycle rental, quad biking, horse, or camel riding.

sunset in cappadocia

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10 thoughts on “The Colorful Heaven of Cappadocia”

  1. The pictures show a story of a beautiful area with amazing architecture! The rock formations are so unique, they look almost unreal, and the balloon event absolutely stunning!
    If I were to book a European trip, Turkey would be on my list!
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you for your impressions Chris! Glad that you like article and that Turkey will be your next trip. Follow Fly With Libellule for more amazing posts. Cheers!

  2. Wow!! It looks stunning and amazing! I definitely want to go there! I’ve never been to Turkey and I’ve always wanted to visit. Now I am going to add Cappadocia to my places to see when I visit Turkey. Those stone chimneys really look as if they belong to the Flintstones ;-)
    I would love to stay in a hotel room carved in one of those rocks. I can imagine that it must be very cool in those caves during summer. Are those carved hotel rooms expensive? Are these hot air balloons released all year or only during certain seasons?
    The underground city is impressive, 85 meters deep and 8 levels?? Incredible!! There is a whole story there. It provides the perfect setting for a fantasy fiction book :-)

    • Hi Christine, carved hotels are not expensive at all, it can be found for everyone’s budget. Eg the current price of phenomenal Cappadocia Cave Suites is only $ 86 or 74 euros with up to 12% discount for solo travelers on Agoda!
      As for the adventure with balloons, it is best to experience them during the season, that is, from April to October. Keep following and enjoy!

  3. Wow, another fantastic memory for me.
    I spent 6 weeks backpacking in Turkey in late 1996.

    Fortunately, Cappadocia was a place I choose to spend a few days. I laughed when you mentioned it looks like something out of the Flintstones because that is so true. Very surreal and other worldly.

    Goreme national park was a highlight. The frescos were amazing at that time, some of the best I have ever seen.
    The underground cities are mind-blowing. To consider that tens of thousands of people lived here, underground, for years, if not for their whole lives, makes me a little sad. Maybe they never got to see the beautiful surface of the earth that was above their heads?

    I still have and use a Turkish rug that I brought in Goreme. It cost me about US1000 at the time and I paid to have it shipped home to New Zealand. I remember thinking I had been ripped off because when I arrived home six months later, the rug still had not arrived. I called them and they assured me it had been sent. It arrived two months later in perfect condition :-)

    I can’t remember if ballooning was an option all those years ago, but if I can make it back, I will definitely give it a go, and also stay at the awesome looking Tourist and Resort, Cappadocia.

    Thanks for inspiring the great memories :-)

    • Hi Andrew, thank you for sharing your beautiful memories. So why don’t write a story about this wonderful trip and send it to us at [email protected] and we will publish it! Let the beautiful memories be heard. All the best and keep follow!

  4. I will do that one day…… but first I will have to get back to my country, where my trip diaries are in storage.
    It was 25 years ago you know, and some of the memories aren’t as fresh as they used to be, :-)


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