Dead Sea – The World Mysterious Place

Dear ones, Libellule flew to one of the most mysterious parts of the world, visited the Dead Sea, and brought various interesting facts about this natural phenomenon. Learn more about the beautiful world we live in and enjoy!

A natural phenomenon

The Dead Sea is located on the border between Jordan and Israel, although most of it belongs to Jordan. It is the deepest high-salt lake in the world, which is located at the lowest natural point on the surface of the Earth because it is located as much as 400 meters below sea level.

In Hebrew, the Dead Sea is called Yam ha-Melah, which means “sea of ​​salt,” or Yam ha-Mavet, which means “sea of ​​death.” The Dead Sea is located about 400 m below sea level. Its greatest depth is 330 m, its greatest width is 16 km, and its greatest length is 67 km. The area of ​​the Dead Sea is 810 km².

The Dead Sea is naturally closed. This means that nothing flows out of it, and its main source of water is the Jordan River. There is very little rain and the flow of the Jordan River, combined with the high rate of evaporation of the Dead Sea, means that it is becoming shallower. 

The waters in the southern part of the sea have already evaporated and only salty plateaus remain there. This wonder of nature is much smaller than its original size and is predicted to disappear over time. So hurry up and visit this phenomenal destination!

Legend v.s science

Religion and science are intertwined about the origin of the lake.

According to world religions, there once stood two great cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. By God’s command, they are destroyed because of the accumulated sin. Only Lot and his family escaped. But fleeing the city, Lot’s wife could not bear not to turn around and see what was happening. So it turned into a pillar of salt.

Dead sea – the world mysterious place

According to religion, the Dead Sea was formed in this way, but scientists are more inclined to believe that it was created by tectonic disturbances. The formation of mountain plates or depressions occurs due to their movement in relation to each other. If two plates collide, mountains are formed, if they diverge, depressions are formed. 

Some depressions are filled with water, which remains there and thus lakes and seas are formed. Other depressions become valleys in which riverbeds pass, like the valley in which the Jordan River flows.

In every respect, it is one of the greatest wonders of our world.

Why such a creepy name?

Dead sea – the world mysterious placeThe Dead Sea has such a creepy name because it contains large amounts of salt, there are no fish or other aquatic organisms that usually live in the seas. Only a very small number of bacteria and microbial fungi are present. The Jordan River flows into it, but the fish it brings die immediately.

So, there is no life in the Dead Sea, so it is literally dead.But the surrounding mountains are home to many animal species, including camels, ibex, rabbits, jackals, foxes, and even leopards. Hundreds of bird species also inhabit the area.

A wealth of salt and minerals

The Dead Sea is one of the saltiest sea in the world! Six times saltier than ocean water! Ocean water normally contains 4 to 6 percent salt, while Dead Sea water has over 30 percent! The already high salinity of this sea is further increased by the thermo-mineral springs located on its western shores.

The Dead Sea is one of the most important “salt mines” on the planet Earth, and even so, its wealth is underused. The reason for this is the frequent conflicts and riots that take place on the border that the lake crosses.

                                                Healthy destination
Dead sea – the world mysterious place

Salt water and mud on the shores of the Dead Sea contain many minerals that are considered to be medically useful and therapeutically healthy. It, therefore, attracts people from various parts of the world. People come to see this unusual attraction but also to cure their diseases because the water is rich in clay, sodium, potassium, and magnesium, while it is generally known that salt water has a beneficial effect on the skin.

The Dead Sea helps treat psoriasis, skin problems, as well as bone diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

Interesting facts about the Dead Sea

1. The ancient Egyptians used mud in the mummification process, which is still used today because it is extremely rich in minerals, and Cleopatra herself, who enjoyed cosmetic products made from Dead Sea products.

2. The water temperature in a few meters of depth in the Dead Sea is from 19 to 37 degrees Celsius, while it is impossible to enter the water to the door because the body only rises above the surface as soon as a person enters. It is also not possible to open your eyes in the water.

3. The Dead Sea, however, is not the saltiest lake in the world. It is saltier than Lake Assal in East Africa (35 percent salt) and Don Juan Pond in Antarctica (salinity 40 percent).

Dead sea – the world mysterious place

4. It is considered a particularly important archaeological site. Over time, as the level of the Dead Sea dropped, the caves near Qumran saw the light of day. And with them, “Dead Sea Scrolls.” More precisely, 900 documents belonging to the Hebrew Bible, carefully preserved in closed jars. They are considered documents of great religious and historical importance.

5. In floods, the salt content drops slightly, so it can happen that the Dead Sea is temporarily revived. It happened in 1980, after one such rainy winter when the normally dark blue Dead Sea turned red. Researchers have discovered that the Dead Sea is full of algae called Dunaliella, the presence of which caused a change in color.

A paradise for non-swimmers

Due to the high percentage of salt, the water is very thick, so it makes swimming impossible, so you cannot sink, which is ideal for non-swimmers. However, that does not mean that this place is not dangerous.

The rescue service regularly warns tourists not to drink water from the lake, because larger amounts can upset the balance of electrolytes in the body, which can be fatal. Diving and jumping into the water are forbidden, in order to avoid salt contact with the eyes.

Dead sea – the world mysterious place

What to visit

The Dead Sea is very popular with tourists and one of the biggest attractions in Israel. We recommend that you visit attractions such as the Mineral Beach (Mitzpe Shalem) where is a large amount of healing mud and sulfur pools that allow you a real spa treatment.

Ein Gedi public beach is one of the alternatives if you don’t have a lot of money and don’t want to pay the entrance fee to swim in the Dead Sea. There are no service facilities here and the beach is much more rocky than sandy. 

Another beach excellent for therapeutic purposes is Ein Bokek where there is a healing mineral spring that has existed since ancient times. In Ein Bokek there are many hotels and spas, both for those who come to treat the skin and for tourists who just want to enjoy the Dead Sea. 

Also, there is the Neve Zohar where is a spa, restaurant, and several hot mineral springs, as well as two beautiful lookouts where you can enjoy the view of the Dead Sea. 

If you are tired of the beach, we recommend you to visit Wadi David, Wadi Bokek, and Wadi Arugot valleys where you can hike and enjoy the greenery and clear springs. In the Wadi David and Wadi Arugot valleys, there are plenty of pools and waterfalls along with mountain trails so they are ideal for hiking.

Dead sea – the world mysterious place
Waterfall in Wadi Arugot

Here you can see the experiences of the people who visited them to make the right choice.

When to visit

Temperatures during the tourist season can be extremely high, from 30 ° in the spring to 50 ° C in the summer. There is an average of 330 sunny days a year in this area, and rain falls only in winter and very little. So our advice is to visit this pearl of nature from October to May.

In the end there is nothing more to say except that the Dead Sea is a destination worth visiting.

We are interested in whether you have already visited the Dead Sea and what your impressions are. Write in the comments below.

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  1. very interesting article

    I have never thought of going to Isreal due to the commotion that we see in the news however it looks like a very beautiful place.
    You got me interested in visiting the Mineral Beach some day as I want to experience the healing mud spar.


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