Find a lifestyle that suits your character. Extremely funny!

Find a lifestyle that suits your character through simple and extremely fanny test we prepared for you!

If you have not yet begun to live a life that is in line with your character and desires, Libellule is here to help you.

Why is it important to find a lifestyle that suits your character?

Simply to be happy.

If you live in a way that is not in line with your personality then you are not living torture.

You need to choose one of the four options (answers) that best fits your attitude and personality profile. Finally, look at the test results to see your type of personality.

Then you will find advises for lifestyle that suits your character.

Let’s get started!


1. You are on a trip and after a long walk you suddenly come across:

a) A very attractive person.
b) Cave.
c) Crossroads.
d) An unusual house.

2. You are offered four tickets to choose from, which one you will choose:

a) As diamonds
b) As spades
c) As a clubs
d) As hearts

3. You are tormented by a terrible nightmare and suddenly you wake up from sleep, because:

a) Burning in a passionate fire or flame.
b) You fall from an invisible height and fall into infinity or darkness.
c) You are haunted by a passionate monster, bloodthirsty killer or strangler.
d) You dive into the water.

4. Someone gave you:

a) Pendant.
b) Watch.
c) Hat.
e) Perfume.

5. An unusually important “detail” in your house has:

a) Mirror above the bed.
b) Huge Jacuzzi in a great bathroom.
c) Discreet lighting and windows.
d) Large and warm fireplace with a comfortable sofa or bed.

6. You are offered four things to choose from, which one to choose from.

a) Old coins.
b) Hourglass.
c) Lamp.
d) Antique key.

7. If you could punish your worst and greatest enemy, you would do the following:

a) You will send him to the monastery.
b) You will take away from him what he loves the most.
c) You will torture him with the worst torture devices.
d) You will condemn him to eternal solitude.

8. There is a deck of cards in front of you, you will surely draw:

a) As.
b) The King.
c) The Joker.
d) The Queen / Jack hearts.

9. You would feel completely helpless if:

a) That there is endless darkness around you.
b) To remain completely immobile and sickly paralyzed, like a plant that vegetates.
c) That someone locks you in a labyrinth from which there is no way out.
d) To be left alone after the judgment of the apocalypse.

10. Due to a terrible fire or accident, you can make only one movement and on that occasion save:

a) Sister/brother. 

b) Ten celebrities.
c) Forty unknown persons.

d) Your lover.

11. You have received a goldfish that can fulfill only one wish, you will choose:

a) Complete and perfect change of appearance, success, and power.
b) Time travel.
c) Infinite youth.
d) Happiness and love.

12. Your unfulfilled fantasy is:

a) To have power and to be a master.
b) To have mythical power and to become a wizard.
c) To become invisible if necessary.
d) To have wings.

13. Occasionally you feel fear of:

a) Failure and impotence.
b) Loss and poverty.
c) Betrayals and frauds.
d) Solitude and disease.

14. You have the opportunity to receive a divine gift, you will choose:

a) The elixir of eternity.
b) Argus’s – all-seeing eye.
c) The magic wand.
d) The stone of knowledge and wisdom.

15. If you could you would like:

a) To rule the world.
b) To visit other worlds.
c) To meet and experience the mysterious/mystical.
d) To visit the “Garden of Eden”.

16. You want to relax in your house with a good movie, which genre best suits your mood:

a) Action/erotic.
b) Comedy/musical.
c) Science fiction.
e) Psychological drama/love.



If you have the most answers under “a”:

For you, the greatest life challenges lie in other people and in relationships with them; through their actions, behavior and actions. You are driven by great passion, an impulse based on sensuality, sensuality, touch. You allow others to make you happy, but also to disappoint, frustrate and hurt you.

You like to be surrounded by people. Friendships are at the top of your priorities so you are happiest when you can travel with friends in some beautiful and affordable places in the Maldives or the United States.

lifestyle test

If you have the most answers under “b”:

You have a pronounced need to explore the world around you, but primarily for the sake of satisfying personal urges. When you achieve your goals and satisfy your wide appetites, then others can be satisfied as well. This is not so bad because who is not good for himself cannot be good for others.

You strive for material security and you are quite a hedonist. You enjoy small things as much as you enjoy luxury. Maybe you’ll find your perfect lifestyle enjoying in some luxury hotel, or hotel for hedonists.


If you have the most answers under “c”:

You know how to draw attention or leave an impression, at first sight, or through an unusual style of behavior and originality. You are attracted to unusual situations, bigger extremes, sometimes you want to exceed the rules or “set limits”. You have tremendous energy, but it is not easy to control that oscillating power. 

You love freedom the most, you do not like to be in some kind of cave. That’s why for you the right lifestyle is a solitary and liberal way of life. You would like to try living in a camper trailer for example. 

romantic lifestyle

If you have the most answers under “d”:

You emphasize great imagination and emotionality, but it is this deep emotionality (hypersensitivity) that represents your biggest and at the same time the weakest side of your personality. If you direct your energy towards affirmation and satisfaction, if you are accompanied by a harmonious relationship with others – you are an endless source of joy. But if you experience disappointment, pain and suffering you turn away from others and become prone to (self) punishment and autistic performances.

You dream about ideal love. The fulfillment of your wishes is when you could make your love nest with someone in one of these extra places for glamping.

Final Thought

We hope we have been able to help you find a lifestyle that suits your character.

You may have found an interesting ideas for your next vacation.

In any case, it is important that you had fun :)


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8 thoughts on “Find a lifestyle that suits your character. Extremely funny!”

  1. Wow, my answer is mostly b and I am a hedonist! I stopped traveling for years due to my family commitment and also due to pandemic. How I wish to go traveling again:) Usually, finding a nice and cozy hotel is my priority during my travel. A nice view from the window is even better. I will definitely check out your travel guide for my future travel.

    • Hi Jessie, so glad you will check out our website for your future travel. Keep following for more articles about spending your vacation time in the best possible way!

  2. Haha, interesting questions and choices.

    I didn’t get a clear outcome, so I’m wondering what that say’s about my personality?????
    Am I a ‘lost soul,’ or just a ‘hopeless case?’

    Either way it’s OK because I still like the holiday options provided. It means I can indulge in all of the options instead of just picking one lifestyle.

    Thanks for injecting some fun into the serious business of picking a great holiday :-)

  3. That is an amusing idea, Libellule.
    I have to say that most answers have been under d), but I love to travel anyway, and I love freedom and nature. So, there is much to find on your site.
    But I really have to say that I enjoyed your questionnaire very much. My lifestyle would be absolute freedom, seeing as many countries I can travel to, and feeling like a citizen in this country, being home. And yes, I would take my husband with me, my best partner.
    Thank you very much for this lovely test! :)

    • Dear, so glad you like the test Sylvia. Yes, we are all a mix of everything and on our site you can find many places that suit your character. But we have just started, follow us for more great holiday suggestions! All the best.

  4. Spot on, I do love glamping. Hahahah nice of you to make a fun quiz like this. I feel that I’m a subset of A and B too! Anywhere that I can admire the beauty of nature and enjoy the company of good friends or new strangers.

    Totally going to check out your recommendations and bookmark your site the next time I get to travel!


    • Hi SAM, thank you for your comment. So happy to know you have fun and found our travel recommendation useful. Your kind words encourage to be even better. Keep following for more interesting and useful articles. All the best!


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