The Gem Tour of Biogradska Gora

Biogradska Gora National Park

One of the most beautiful places you can visit in Montenegro is the Biogradska Gora National Park. 

It is one of the most impressive forests and national parks in Southern Europe. 

It is located on the mountain Bjelasica, in the central part of Montenegro, within the municipality of Kolasin. 

It is surrounded by the towns of Mojkovac and Berane, located between the rivers Tara and Lima.

Biogradska Gora National Park encompasses 54 square kilometers of phenomenal nature such as six amazing, clear glacial lakes, high mountain peaks and slopes, hundred-year-old forests, green pastures, and fast, clear streams.

The national park is under the UNESCO network of world reserves because it is one of the few untouched forests in Europe in this area. 

Here is the story of the magnificent Biogradska Gora National Park and its incredible beauty.

Lakes of the National Park – beautiful gems of nature

The reason why Biogradska Gora attracts many tourists around the world is among other things, the enchanting glacial lakes. 

The most famous is Lake Biograd on the mountain Bjelasica, at 1094 meters above sea level.

Biogradsko Lake is the largest mountain lake in Montenegro with a depth of 12 meters, 261 m wide, and 870 m long. 

Lake Biograd is filled with the Biograd River and periodic streams, which makes it one of the most beautiful glacial lakes in the area.

Gem Tour of Biogradska Gora
Wonderful Biogradsko Lake

The surface of the clear, Biograd Lake shines with a blue-green color due to the surrounding forests that surround it. 

Many people come to visit this place to enjoy the idyllic landscape of the lake. 

Legend has it that Lake Biograd was created by fairies, dancing.

In Biogradska Gora there are other glacial lakes, circuses, and waves that contribute to the unreal beauty of the National Park. 

In addition to Lake Biograd, there are beautiful glacial lakes such as Ursulovacko, Pesica, Sisko…

Flora and Fauna of the National Park

The flora of the Biogradska Gora National Park is rich in beautiful, coniferous, and deciduous forests, meadows, and pastures. 

The nature of this park is untouched because it is under the protection of the authorities. 

There are more than 2000 species of plants, 86 of which are trees.

Gem Tour of Biogradska Gora
The rainforest of Biogradska gora is a world gem

Biogradska Gora National Park is full of various animal species which, thanks to the favorable climatic conditions, have found their refuge in this enchanting area. 

The fauna of Biogradska Gora is rich with more than 37 species of mammals, which mainly consist of deer, otters, and wild boars.

Also, there are different species of bats, rodents, 350 species of insects, of which 80 species of butterflies and 150 species of birds.

The forest ecosystem includes birds such as gray falcons, mice, hawks, while the most famous wild animals are deer, wild boar, and deer.

Start of The Gem Tour of Biogradska Gora

In order to bring you closer to the beauty of this gem, our faithful reader decided to share with you her experience from this wonderful tour, along with a couple of photos.

The tour of the amazing Biogradska Gora National Park was organized by Montenegro PhotoTrekking, a licensed organization that takes groups on a tour of the jewels of Montenegro.

The weather that day was sunny and very warm and the dense forest was a real escape from the heat. 

The tour route was from the lake to the Bendovac lookout point (1774m). 

The road in between led through the beautiful Katun Lalevica Do.

A group of about fifty mountaineers and nature lovers started this gen tour from the beautiful Biograd Lake (1094m).

Enjoying Beautiful Gems

The group began to climb through the dense rainforest of Biogradska Gora. 

The air here was clean and healthy, pleasing to the lungs and refreshing the whole organism. 

Through the forest is shade and you can enjoy the endless greenery and wilderness that is unique in Europe and perhaps the world.

The climb was quite difficult in some places and required a fitness advantage, so the group made short breaks.

After a two-hour walk through the forest, we came out on a clearing and the path led through the fairy-tale areas of the Lalevica Do Katun.

This hilly area surrounded by forest and bathed in the sun is breathtaking in its beauty. 

Here the group rested and enjoyed the gastronomic specialties of the Katun hosts who offered them only organic food.

Beauiful Katun Lalevica Dolovi
Amazing Bendovac viewpoint

After a break, the group continued to climb to the lookout Bendovac (1774m) which will enchant you. From this point, you can enjoy the view of the whole gem Biogradska Gora National Park. The surrounding mountain peaks and the emerald lake in the middle will give you an unforgettable view.

After enjoying the view of the group, it descended a very steep path back through the forest, so this game tour was a real combination of enjoyment and adventure.

After the descent, everyone had free time to go around the path around the lake, which is several kilometers long. This trail is ideal for recreationists, hikers and families with children because in addition to the possibility of walking, it also offers educational content.

More Activities in the Biogradska Gora

If you are wondering what is available from the activities in the National Park Biogradska Gora Montenegro, you will be glad to know that the list is  long and interesting.

For adventurers who love to spend time in the heart of nature, camping in Biogradska Gora is something they must experience. 

In the magnificent environment of the natural beauties of the Bjelasica mountain, the Biogradska Gora camp is truly a wonderful adventurous experience of Montenegro for everyone.

Gem Tour of Biogradska Gora
Sunrise in camping of Biogradska Gora

In The End

We hope you enjoyed the report from this gem tour! 

If you also have experience from one of the tours or trips that you have left in your indelible memory, share it with the world!

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  1. What a beautiful place! I love the pictures and the descriptions of all the places in the national park. I also enjoyed hearing about the adventures from the tour group. This sounds like a place I would like to visit one day. Honestly, I wasn’t sure where Montenegro was until I looked it up. I am hoping one day I will get there. I would like to start traveling abroad once Covid is under control, whenever that will be!

    This is a wonderful site. Very inclusive and thorough. I will definitely safe this site as part of my bucket list.
    Thanks for the post!

    • Dear Nina, thank you for such a wonderful comment. We are very happy that you like our site and our work. It obliges us to be better. As for travel in the time of Covid, these are ideal destinations where is very small risk of being infected because they are located in the heart of nature. Montenegro is a country rich in natural resources and is an ideal place to escape from the hustle and bustle. If you also have an interesting story from travel or lifestyles, write to [email protected] and it will be published.
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  2. You’re right, it is a huge gem. How I wish I could travel and head down to Biogradsko Lake. Amazing, untouched surrounding all around. I especially like the fact that this park is untouched, with more than 2000 species of plants,

    My friend and I are total nature lovers and always enjoy a good trail hike. This would definitely be on the list. And we’d probably camp out too. It’ll be a wonderful retreat that one will never get bored of.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Hey SAM, so glad you like article about Biogradska Gora and that you plan to visit it. You can’t go wrong when it comes to nature like this and your friend and will surely enjoy. Follow us for more beautiful places and hidden gems that are really worth visiting. Greetings!


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