Gifts for Valentine’s Day


What a wonderful word and an even more wonderful feeling. 

he meaning of life is to love and only when we love our life is fulfilled even though we have nothing else.

Valentine’s Day is approaching and it’s time to think about gifts for your loved ones. 

Libellule brings you some interesting ideas on how to make even the simplest things delight your other half. 

We bring you the best gifts for Valentine’s day!

Let's Talk About Love First

We all know how important love is to our lives. 

Love has brought us into the world, it sustains us and drives us to be better. 

It is the only spark in this rather bad world that gives hope…

Love manifests itself in various forms. 

She can be maternal, fraternal, friendly, emotional. Since the topic is Valentine’s Day, then we will talk a little more about this emotional one.

Falling in love

You probably remember that first moment when you met the chosen one of your heart. 

That feeling of butterflies in the stomach and sweet anticipation is very intense and pleasant and we can say that it is the initial capsule to trigger the feeling.

That chemistry that arises or passion is very important for the connection between two people. 

However, not the most important. If a relationship is based only on passion, it does not lead to love, because it takes a lot of time, effort, and even sacrifice for the other to create true and sincere love.

Of course, it is your right to choose whether it will be just a passing connection that serves the most to satisfy lust or you want something more.

However, be careful, because if you constantly have this type of relationship, regardless of the fact that it does not last long and that you do not bond, it can still create emotional problems of a long-term nature.

The euphoria phase

At this stage all the fingers of passion! 

You still know almost nothing about that other person, you can’t wait to see him, for the message to arrive. 

Everything is beautiful and rosy to you.

This phase is sweet but very short-lived. 

If you decide to do something more with that person then you will also want to learn more about him. 

This is where the obstacles come from.

Acceptance phase

You have already learned quite a lot of things about your loved one. 

His character, habits, manners, past. 

And that’s where the point comes when you’ll decide if it’s worth deepening the relationship or ending it.

Why does shooting occur at this stage? 

Because the euphoria passes and you face partner traits that you don’t like. 

You feel like someone woke you up suddenly from a dream and you are faced with reality.

Why does this phase seem so disappointing? 

Mostly because our expectations of the other person are unrealistically high. 

We usually idealize our partner and since we are perfectionists by nature we want everything to be perfect.

But it can’t be. 

We are all born with some flaws and we are just looking for a person who will complete us. 

As the great Dostoevsky said, “A woman dreams of a complete man. 

But they do not realize that God created them to make each other complete.”


The Birth of Love

gifts for valentine's day
True love is about always finding the perfect reason to sacrifice anything for another person's happiness, it's consistent selflessness.

When does true and sincere love begin to be born between two people? 

Then when you see some truths that are not sweet but also seeing in that other a man eager for love, who wants to be loved despite his shortcomings. 

It is a bit like pity, but not humiliating, but true human pity that gives birth to love.

When you decide to stay with someone knowing about the problems you will face then you can feel that you have given birth to love. 

But don’t think you’re done with that. 

As when a child is born it is a baby, it is weak and needs a lot of food and attention to grow and develop.

So is your love at this stage, a baby who still has a lot to experience and learn in order to grow and strengthen.

A common struggle and enjoyment

gifts for valentine's day

Raising and strengthening love is common work. If he fights only one thing then it leads to the death of love.

At this stage, which is also the most difficult, you may face serious crises, disappointments, and hesitations, whether you are already married or not. 

These are usually long-term relationships that are constantly experiencing some experience but with the goal of further strengthening your relationship.

It is a real treasure to have a person with you who will be your helper in life, who will stay with you when everyone leaves, and who understands you and loves you just the way you are. 

It is this love that heals all sorrows and all wounds.

But in order to reach that stable and strong love, you must be ready to eat a lot of salt with the chosen person. 

Suffering is painful but gives birth to the most beautiful flowers.

That flower will be your love that is watered with tears and sweat and that you water all the time so that it does not wither. 

This phase is also quite risky because there is a possibility of oversaturation and breaking into the routine.

To prevent this it is very important to keep those moments from the beginning of the relationship to nurture and maintain love. 

You must first work constantly on yourself, to improve your personality so that your partner is always interesting and new. You nurture yourself both physically and spiritually.

Remember to surprise your partner even if you have been in a relationship for a very long time. 

Give each other that zeal and tenderness from the beginning and thus refresh your relationship again.

Never, but never take your partner for granted!

What to Do to Experience True Love

First of all, be happy with yourself. 

Never expect someone to change you or you to change someone. 

Be the change you want to see. 

Don’t jump from link to link quickly. 

Take advantage of that time even though you have been alone for a long time to work on yourself and improve your inner state. 

You are so satisfied and fulfilled that you appreciate yourself, so the possibility of making a mistake is minimized. 

Your self-satisfaction will attract others like a magnet and you will have healthy and stable relationships.

You must also have the ability to sacrifice for others. Great sacrifices give birth to great loves.

Gifts For Her


Classics never go out of fashion! 

Guaranteed all women love flowers and whenever you don’t know what to buy this is always a good alternative.

Listen to your sweetheart and find out what kind of flowers she loves, so surprise her with a huge bouquet of her favorite flowers. 

If there is a message with you, then it is a complete success!

If your partner is a lover of nature and natural gifts then you could look for suggestions on Gifts for nature lovers.

Box with sweets and message

A heart-shaped box with sweets and messages will melt her heart

What will surely delight your partner much more than expensive gifts is a simple box whit sweets or messages or both. 

It is very easy to make and causes a wow surprise effect.

Just buy or make a box with a heart-shaped lid and roll up a piece of paper with some words written on it that will mean to hear it. 

You can also add some sweets and there is no more beautiful and significant gift for her.


And with this classic gift you can never go wrong. 

Perfume is always among the top gifts for your loved one because every woman loves to smell nice.

Just make sure you choose the right scent, it is best to consult a friend or saleswoman or follow the signs your partner gives you regarding scents. 

If you have no idea what scent she would like then Coco Chanel or Dior are the flawless choice.

Romantic atmosphere

gifts for valentine's day
Spice up the atmosphere with simple, loving things

All women in the soul are romantic even if they don’t show it. It is known that we men are not like that and that it is sometimes difficult for us to make romantic moments, but make a little effort and your sweetheart will be grateful.

We suggest that you do not organize a traditional dinner with candles and champagne, but that you step out of the routine and prepare something simpler that will have a greater effect. 

For example, you can place a few candles and a soft rug, a small canteen, wine, and some light music in your house or apartment. 

Relaxing and romantic. 

She will surely be delighted!


If you are braver and know that your sweetheart loves such things, you can buy her underwear in the style she loves.

Today, there are so many models on offer that attract with their unusualness and extravagance. 

If your lady is not such a big fan of such things, then a nice nightgown or bathrobe can be a good choice.

For Him


Men are known to love simple things and the simpler the gift, the more they will be surprised. 

And what could be simpler and more useful than comfortable and warm socks?

Pack them nicely and you have one good gift! 

You will not spend much and you will have a positive reaction.

gifts for valentine' day
Men love simple and useful things and without exaggeration in gifts

Match tickets

Sport is very important to men, ladies, it is in second place, right after you. 

That is why he should be given attention and not be uninterested in his most important side thing in the world. 

You will delight him if you buy tickets for a match of his favorite club or maybe even a jersey.


Almost every man has a hobby, whether it is motoring, hiking, cycling, playing an instrument. 

Find out what his passion is and buy something that will either benefit him or remind him of his favorite activity.

For example, if he likes to ski then a helmet will be a good choice, hiking poles for a mountain lover or a guitar pick for a musician. 

The choice is great.

Unusual glass

An unusual glass and bottle can easily become his favorite souvenir to keep in his home. 

There are various cute shapes on the market that even empty ones act as a beautiful decoration.

Love Letter

gifts for valentine's day
An honest letter full of warmth is one of the best gifts

Writing a letter in which you will express your feelings to the ladies is not difficult because they are great at expressing feelings in words. 

Maybe men aren’t so romantic but don’t be afraid to think it’s pathetic, they’ll probably read it many times.

In the age of technology where messages are sent electronically, the old forgotten letter has gained in importance. 

Go back to the old and wonderful paper and see what power it has.

If you still lack an idea you can find a large collection of suggestions here.

Celebrate Love!

Don’t burden yourself with pressure to find the perfect gift. 

He will be perfect if you add the spice of love to him and even if you do not buy anything material, give your heart and it will be enough.

Not just for Valentine’s Day, give love every day and you will be happy!

We would like to hear your opinions on what love means to you? Write in the comments below.

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