How to Improve Your Life and Become a Happy Person

Happiness…how amazing it sounds and so unattainable. Especially nowadays it seems like there is no happy person. We are pressured by various worries and misfortunes. This is visible on sad faces of the people we meet on the street and the growing presence of the black chronicle in the media.

If we ask people individually about happiness, a small number of them would say that they are truly happy. Most of them will say that they are unsuccessful, unloved, and so on. The problem is that people who complain that their lives are unhappy usually do nothing to change that.

 To improve our lives, we must be ready to improve ourselves. Nothing falls from the sky, constant and hard work on yourself is necessary to reach happiness. To make your path to happiness easier we bring you tips on how to improve your life and become a happy person.

Practice Gratitute

Gratitude is the number one factor for a happy life. It’s a life-changing magical feeling. A grateful heart will not miss anything, even if it does not have what the masses signify as happiness. Although there is nothing good in life, a grateful person is content to still breathe and live. And really, is there any greater happiness than waking up every morning and realizing that you have another day ahead of you? And while we are alive, there is hope that our problems will be solved and that we will have a happier life.

Many will say thHow to Improve Your Life and Become a Happy Personey have nothing to be thankful for. They will list their failures, job losses, breakups, or some tragic family events as the reason for their ingratitude. But there is no reason for that. No matter how much trouble we have, we also have beautiful moments in life. The problem is that we are focused only on the negative sides. Even if we are currently surviving some bad things, it does not mean that always will be difficult. A grateful person will remain calm even in the greatest troubles and see an opportunity to learn a lesson and become stronger. 

To maintain a sense of gratitude when you are pressed by trouble, you should think that something good will come out of that. And indeed, when the storm passes you will realize that trouble was necessary for some reason. You will no longer be the same, which is useful for your further life. This gives rise to a sense of gratitude for everything that happens to us.

Indeed, it is not easy to be grateful when we are constantly beaten by troubles. But gratitude is a feeling that is practiced, sometimes for a very long time until it starts to give its positive effects on our lives. Start being grateful for everyday things. For example, thank the sun in the morning for coming out, or for a glass of coffee you drink, or for a man you meet on the street. 

During the day we have so many opportunities for gratitude but we don’t notice it because we take them for granted. That’s not good. We need to understand that we are here on earth temporarily and that we have received everything as a gift. Life is like a friend who brings you a birthday present and you protest or reject it. A friend will surely never bring you a gift again because you are ungrateful. So thank life and expect more gifts.

Raise a Cheerful Thoughts

One wise old man said that our life is as our thoughts are. What you think you become. What you think about your life is exactly what your life will be. You shape your world with your thoughts and you affect everyone around you. Thoughts are an invisible force that moves our lives in either a positive or negative direction. How thoughts have so much power? 

Thoughts are the energy that vibrates from your body. If we accept that everything has energy, that everything is energy, then it is easy to understand the energy of thought. When you are focused on a problem, you think intensely — and we usually do this when we are worried and when we are in fear — the energy of thought is stronger and gathers around what you are thinking about. This is how the problem you are focusing your energy on grows.

Visualization is one of the basic instruments of the law of mental attraction — when we want to achieve something, to attract something into our life, we need to imagine it strongly and vividly, with a lot of details. Strong visualization evokes feelings, so if you want success and abundance, you should imagine yourself in abundance and success, to feel fulfillment, triumph, and satisfaction. This is how you shape the energy matrix of success and abundance, you adjust your attractive energy to the frequency of what you want in your life.

How to Improve Your Life and Become a Happy Person

As proof that thoughts affect our lives look at the people around you. Notice that a calm and loving man can’t bring negativity. Likewise, we cannot get anything nice from a man who has upset and bad thoughts. Such a person will only make himself and the people around him unhappy because he does not vibrate with good energy. Also, good but pessimistic people who constantly complain vibrate very low and some awkward situations happen to them all the time and they don’t progress in anything.

So always try to have good thoughts. Think about how wonderful your life is by focusing on beautiful things. When black thoughts appear, reject them because they are not realistic since you are thinking about something that does not exist. It’s one kind of exercise. 

When black thoughts come to you, make some special movement or sing a verse of your favorite song. Repeat each time the movement or song as a sign to change its mind. If, on the other hand, you cannot change your thoughts on your own, then seek professional help. Perhaps there is anxiety and depression that require treatment.

Here is an example. When black thoughts come to you, make some special movement or sing a verse of your favorite song. Repeat each time and your brain will perceive the movement or song as a sign to change its mind. If, on the other hand, you cannot change your thoughts on your own, then seek professional help. Perhaps there is anxiety and depression that require treatment.

How to Improve Your Life and Become a Happy Person
Happiness lies within ourselves and blessed is the man who has understood it… — Nectarious of Aegina

Spread the Love

Love is the most beautiful feeling that ennobles our lives and gives everything meaning and value. For one who has love, life is incomparably happier than one who has never felt love. But don’t rush to be loved because it seems desperate. It is better to give love first. Love everything around you. Nature, animals, and other people. You should love even when it doesn’t come back to you because that’s how you keep the inexhaustible source of love, harmony, peace, energy. 

If you spread love, you will be and you will shine. You will have peace in your soul, it will not depend on someone else’s love. People will start to love your positivity, your energy, your smile, and your personality. And suddenly the whole world will finally turn to you — not just people but events. You will be surrounded by love and attention. The more you love, the more love will grow in you, and the more you will have it.

Many suppress this feeling because of the disappointments they experienced and the fear of being hurt. Only love can heal our wounds. When you awaken the love that we all have within us, you realize that you cannot lose that peace and harmony in yourself. That’s how you get rid of fears — because it didn’t matter to me anymore if someone would love me because I already have love in me. 

The moment when the fears become meaningless and unnecessary and they disappear from you, that moment love enters you. Fear keeps you closed in spasm and love can’t reach you. As long as you are in fear you are completely away from love and positive vibes. Fear is the opposite of love, and where fear has a presence — there is no love.

To awaken love in us, we must forgive others. For your own sake and your peace, expel resentment from yourself and fill yourself only with love. People who have sinned against you have already been sufficiently punished by the lack of love in them. As long as you feel that injustice that has been done to you, you will not be able to feel peace and love in yourself. 

Forgive sincerely the people who have hurt you, so someone will also forgive you your mistakes. Also, forgive yourself for not being perfect and for making mistakes. You deserve to love yourself, because you are a being who has a beautiful soul, full of love for everyone.

Take Off Pink Glasses

Do you know that disappointments and dissatisfaction with life have a cause in our over-expectations? We often set unrealistically high goals for ourselves and suffer a lot on the way to achieving them. Then when we don’t realize them the only thing we end up getting is resentment at life and a sense of guilt. We are never satisfied with life even though it is pretty good. While we

 were going to school, our goal was to finish college one day. When we finished college we wanted a good job. When we got hired we aspired to find a partner. When we found a partner, our wish was to have children. While we were going to school, our goal was to finish college one day. When we finished college we wanted a good job. When we got hired we aspired to find a partner.

When we found a partner, our wish was to have children. And when we achieved that, we focused on building a career. Even then we feel that we are not whole and that we still have a lot to achieve. Maybe this process did not go the same way for everyone, but whenever we make one wish come true, we realize that we have more and more. There is always something left that we long for. We are never satisfied and we always want more and better.

This is because the nature of the human being has always strived for perfection. We would like nothing to hurt us, to have everything we need, and for everything in life to go smoothly. But life is not ideal and none of us is perfect. Our lives are full of imperfections. We all have flaws and something to change. It is good when we try to feel better, but if we start to despair because we cannot achieve something, then a problem arises. 

We become very unhappy that our plans and dreams do not come true. We fall into disappointment and depression and lose life energy. That cramp to make everything perfect is a burden that makes our lives difficult and unbearable. Stress and tension increase and this affects our overall health. Stress is known to be the trigger for the most serious illnesses. Our physical being is completely connected to the mental. Therefore, if we are constantly annoyed because we cannot change some things in life, we directly cause disease.

Save your health by realizing that nothing in this world is perfect and never will be! Here are some tips on how to simplify your life and feel better. Strive for what you can change and what you cannot accept with calmness and gratitude. These imperfections serve a purpose and make you special. When a plan doesn’t come true, don’t despair, but turn around and find what you are happy with. 

Sometimes it is not good for us to make all our wishes come true. Reduce expectations. Understand that people are not perfect and rely primarily on yourself. Read or watch shows about other people’s real lives. Their sad stories will help you realize that your life is good. Don’t blindly believe in the standards imposed on us by the media. What you see in a magazine or on Instagram is far from reality. Relax and enjoy your life!

Rejoice In the Little Things

Loss of joy is one of the biggest problems of modern man. When we were children we were much happier than we are now. That joy we felt in childhood was lost when we grew up. Do you know why children are happy? Because they look forward to small things in life. They are happy when you give them a toy or take them for a walk. 

They admire everyday things like a flower or an animal and they watch everything as a game with a lot of laughter. But we adults can also be as joyful as they are. In all of us lies a childlike soul pressed by the worries and obligations we have imposed on ourselves. That child in you is waiting for you to release him and when that happens you will become a happy person.

You note that it is not those who have money, intelligence, health who are happy, but those who know how to enjoy the little things. The joy of life lies in the simple moments and small joys that everyday life brings. The first step to regaining that joy is to change your attitude. Relax and enjoy some of the little daily rituals that give you comfort and pleasure. Like drinking your first-morning coffee, for example, or buying your favorite candy. This will increase the amount of serotonin — the hormone of happiness in your brain and will help you cope with life’s challenges more easily. That little happiness will attract the bigger one, so you will have more and more reasons to rejoice.

Do What Makes You Happy

One of the main reasons we are unhappy is that we do not live our lives. We depend on the influence and opinions of others much more than we think. So many lives have been ruined because others have imposed their will. There are many examples. Many parents have ruined the future of their children by forcing them to fulfill their unfulfilled desires. Many unhappy marriages have been made for fear of what others will say or think. 


How to Improve Your Life and Become a Happy Person

When people realize that they have lived wrong, then rebellions, divorces, and many other problems in life begin. Then they wish to turn a new chapter in their life. But it is often too late for that.

No one knows better than you what you need and what makes you happy. There is no universal recipe for happiness or the same paths that lead to it. We are all different and that makes us special. Some want to study medicine while others find it very difficult. Some enjoy devoting themselves to motherhood while others find fulfillment in their careers. It is important not to judge and to have respect for everyone’s choice. 

Even if you are a young person at the beginning of your life and you are quite confused, there is one way not to make a mistake. Listen to your heart and your feelings. Find what you are good at and work on it. Listen to everyone’s opinion but do what you think is best for you. Even if you make a mistake along the way you will not blame anyone and you will have peace within yourself.

Believe in the Good

People who believe in a higher power, the Universe or God have a much more positive attitude towards life and consider themselves happy, which results in better health. Why is that so? Faith gives meaning and purpose to life. Those who believe in the ultimate good are less depressed and less lonely than other groups of people. Also, such people feel that there is someone or something bigger than themselves, on whom they can rely in difficult times. This gives them the strength to deal with all of life’s troubles.

Believe in something good, in something or someone who protects and loves you is very useful. You will reduce anxiety and excessive stress which will positively affect your mental health. Also, you will be motivated to do good things. Don’t despair when you see that there is more evil in the world. It’s just an illusion. It is much more good, but it is mostly done in secret. So take the time to do a good deed. Feed hungry birds or visit an orphanage. Your heart will open and your optimism will increase. That will make you feel happier.

In a healthy body a healthy mind

Take Care of Your Body

We are so happy when we are not bothered by illness. A sick man has only one wish — to be healed, and a healthy man has a thousand! We take health for granted, doing nothing to preserve it. Our body is not a trash can. You can’t put all kinds of trash in it and expect it to thank you. It is important what physical and mental food we eat. 

Body health is closely linked to positive thoughts, feelings of love and inner peace. This means that when we have bad thoughts, hatred and restlessness in us, it negatively affects our physical health. Likewise, when we radiate love, peace, and a sense of gratitude within ourselves, our organs work perfectly.

Physical health has great importance on our lives and feelings of happiness. Unfortunately, most people ignore their body and the signs it sends out until it gets sick. But it is better to prevent than to cure. 

Regulate your diet by adding more fruits, vegetables, water and reducing your intake of sweets and sodas. Have a minimum of seven hours of sleep and go to bed at the right time and not too late. Spend less time on your phone or computer. Engage in physical activity. Do exercises or just walk. It is important to be on the move often because the human body was created to move. Find a hobby that fulfills you. Love your body and it will reciprocate. Then you will be the happiest person in the world because health is the greatest wealth.


Following these tips will surely make you improve your life and become a happy person. Keep in mind that the path to happiness is not a process that ends, but a wonderful journey full of constant learning and working on yourself.


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