Is Thailand Worth The Money? (Thailand Revealed!)

Today Libellule reveals Thailand and answers your dilemma is Thailand worth the money.

We will take you through the unrealistically beautiful parts of this wonderful country which is a very popular tourist destination.

We will also reveal where and how you can have a dream vacation while saving money.

Enjoy it!

Is Thailand Worth The Money?

One of the most exotic Asian countries enjoys increased popularity among tourists from all over the world. 

Thailand is really worth your time and money because the beauty of this country is blow minding.

We will mention some of the most beautiful and most visited spots and give you the best accommodation deals and tips for saving money.

Is Thailand Worth The Money? (Thailand Revealed!)

Phuket is the largest and most famous Thai island.

Swimming, massages, white sand, turquoise, warm sea, phenomenal sunsets and trips to nearby islands will make you feel like in paradise.

For those who want a beach holiday on a budget Phuket offers many cheap places to stay.

Beaches are truly beautiful! The famous are: Patong, Kata, Karon, BangTao, Kamala

We recommend Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach hotel to stay.

The hotel is surrounded by exotic greenery and as close as possible to the beach.

Not far from the beaches there are several shops 7-Eleven, a small market where you can buy food at reasonable prices.

Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach is very popular accommodation where you can enjoy many facilities to enrich your stay in Phuket for $38 + $7 taxes & fees (the price is current and may vary depending on the time you book).

The hotel offers many unique recreational opportunities such as a fitness center, water sports, and a hot tub. 

Another accommodation close to the attractions of Phuket Big Buddha and Chalong Elephant Retirement is the lovely Garden Home Kata.

For only $29 + $5 taxes & fees you get everything you need for a quality vacation.

The hotel’s strategic location ensures that guests can quickly and easily reach many local points of interest.

It is best to visit Phuket from November to April. During this period the waves are not so high and the weather is most favorable for rest.

If you don’t like crowds then bypass Phuket beaches because it is crowded with people on the beach during the day, and at night practically the whole place is a crazy disco.

In Phuket, you don’t have to look exclusively for accommodation around the beaches – you can also stay in a town.

So, if you want to stay in a town then the best solution for accommodation is Royal Phuket City Hotel.

Several shopping malls, night markets, as well as a good selection of local restaurants are all within walking distance from the hotel.

The guest rooms are clean, comfortable, and equipped with all the modern conveniences.

And all that at the cheapest price of $28 for two people!

Book it easily and fast by clicking on the images.

Besides Phuket, the most visited and liveliest island in Thailand is Ko Samui.

Accommodation here are more expensive and includes luxury villas and bungalows.


Is Thailand Worth The Money? (Thailand Revealed!)
Grand Palace in Bangkok

The majesty of Thailand, its capital Bangkok is ideal for exploring and getting to know Thai culture, life, architecture, customs.

Numerous temples and cultural centers promote Thai culture and religion.

Bangkok proudly guards and shows off its opulence and wealth.

The recommendation is to visit the famous Grand Palace, the temples of Wat Pho and Wat Arun.

Also, don’t miss out The National Museum in Bangkok which is the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia.

The best accommodation on a budget where you can stay is Samran Place Hotel.

For only about $13 + $2 taxes & fees per night, you have clean and tidy accommodation to enjoy.

The hotel is located in the heart of Bangkok close to business centers, shopping areas and Bangkok attractions.

The hotel is five minutes walk to the BTS sky train station and about forty minutes drive to both Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang airports.

Another modern but equally affordable accommodation is FuramaXclusive Sathorn.

This hotel has a perfect location. Banks, convenience stores and shopping malls surround the area.

Transportation via the BTS and MRT train systems would be the most efficient way to get around the city – Chong Nonsi and Sala Daeng stations are only a few minutes’ walk from the hotel.

At the current price of only $13 per night this accommodation ranks first among the best accommodations on the budget in Bangkok!

Book both accommodation by clicking on the images!

Chiang Rai

Is Thailand Worth The Money? (Thailand Revealed!)
White Temple - Wat Rong Khun

The northern Thailand will bring you the most beautiful experience if you want to see the culture and history of Thailand.

We especially recommend you to visit Chiang Rai , which is a real cultural treasure with its many magnificent temples.

White Temple is the biggest attraction in the north, listed on many famous tourist portals.

Although it acts as a sanctuary, this castle is primarily a work of art.

It is a complex of several buildings and a central castle with a bridge and a small lake.

Tickets for this attraction cost only 50 baht or $1.50.

There is also the Blue Temple, which is already a real Buddhist temple, very special in the whole of Thailand because of its distinctive blue color.

See more Top Attractions in Chiang Rai.

Northern Thailand is certainly the cheapest, including transport and accommodation.

Chiang Rai is popular with its traditional local means of transportation, namely tuk-tuks and samlors

We suggest to stay in 777 Food & Bed which is only 0.4 km away from The White Temple.

The nearest airport is Chiang Rai International Airport, around 19 km from 777 Food & Bed.

You can book his popular accommodation by clicking on the image below.

For just a few dollars by bus you can visit another fascinating place – Chiang Mai.

See more about transportation in the north Thailand.


Wat Phra Sri Sanphet

Ayutthaya is a city with a great history and one of the most significant tourist attractions of Thailand.

Ayutthaya is located about 86 kilometers north of Bangkok.

Today it is one of the most important archaeological complexes of the Asian kingdom and UNESCO was declared a World Heritage Site.

To visit it, see the best and very cheap transportation from Bangkok.

There are so many accommodations on a budget in Ayutthaya region such as: Aiyara House, Baan Are Gong Riverside Homestay, Niwas Ayutthaya Hotel…

We single out decent Banchan Hostel for only $6 a night!

In this clean and friendly hostel with an excellent breakfast you will be just a kilometer from the main sights of Ayutthaya such as Wat Phra Sri Sanphet.

Isn’t that great?!

Book is fast and easy by clicking on the image below!

Is Thailand Worth The Money? (Thailand Revealed!)
Erawan Waterfall

The park occupies an area of 550 square kilometers of forests, limestone hills and numerous streams and rivers full of smaller and larger waterfalls and natural emerald pools.

The main attraction of the park is the eponymous series of seven waterfalls that flow over the limestone terraces.

At each level of Erawan, there are natural pools where tourists love to swim.

The waterfall is surrounded by beautiful tropical forests and many species of trees and wild orchids.

To fully enjoy the charms of the beauty of this wonder of nature, it is better to start the walk in the early morning hours, when it is not hot and there are few tourists.

You can find the cheapest accommodation in the Erawan region – Shanti Organic FArm for only $10 per night + $2 taxes & fees, which is an extremely rare price on Agoda.

There are 5 bungalows on the property that give nature lovers real enjoyment.

Cozy cottages will give you a feeling of full belonging to nature because they are built in a traditional style using renewable and recycled products.

The best way to get it from Bangkok is by minivan, which costs $7 and the ride takes about 4 hours and 39 minutes.

The distance from cottages to Erawan National Park is only 7.5 km and there are convenient taxi services.

For booking click on image!

If you want a slightly different and more modern accommodation that is also affordable then Erachon Raft Resort is the right choice for you!

Erachon Raft Resort offers accommodation with a restaurant, free private parking, an outdoor swimming pool and a bar.

The accommodation offers a sun terrace. Guests at Erachon Raft Resort will be able to enjoy activities, like canoeing.

This very popular resort has an amazing rating of 9.4 and a great price of just $53 + $4 taxes & fees!

Other Useful Information


Transportation in Thailand is very affordable.

Inexpensive buses, taxis and trains make it easy to get around within Thailand’s cities and to travel between different parts of the country.

One of the unofficial national symbols of Thailand, the tuk-tuk, has grown in popularity because of its cheapness and speed of driving through the crowd.

At the moment, the going rate for a short tuk-tuk ride is about 150 baht (US$5) for a journey that would cost 50 to 70 baht (US$2) in a metered taxi.

See all you need to know about transportation in Thailand.

Payments and language

The currency in Thailand is the Thai baht (baht – THB). 

Payments are only possible in local currency. It is desirable to carry cash.
In the exchange offices, it is possible that during the exchange of money, they will ask for some of the documents for inspection.
The official language is Thai, English is in use and is the second most important in the country.
Read the conditions for entering the country here.
The best time to visit Thailand
The best time to visit Thailand is from mid-November to the end of March.
As great climate changes have taken place in the last decade, it is possible to travel out of season.
The tropical climate prevails throughout the year, the average annual temperature is 27 °C.
Flights to Thailand are mostly realized with transfers in Doha or Istanbul.

The Kitchen

Is Thailand Worth The Money? (Thailand Revealed!)
Tasty Khao Soi, a famous traditional dish

The food is typically Asian, in Thailand a lot of rice, noodles, fresh fruit (mango, pineapple, papaya, dragon fruit) are used. curry, basil, coriander, lime are characteristic spices for this area.

Street food is among the most delicious according to many, the prices are affordable.

The most famous dishes are Massaman Curry, Pad Kra Prao, Kao Ka Moo, and Khao Soi.

Find some great and affordable restaurants where you will have a real gastronomic sensation!

Don’t be afraid of street food, none of us had any problems and it is drastically cheaper than in a restaurant.

The most popular chain of the market is called 7-Eleven and you can buy absolutely everything there, from sandwiches, food, fruit, water, alcohol and the like.


Whichever city you go to, Thai massage is at every step.

Foot massage dominates and the price per hour is 200 baht/15 dollars.

Massage salons are more or less similar everywhere, and just pay attention to the inscription “NO SEX” if you do not want an erotic massage.

Some Things You Must Be Prepared in Thailand

Although Thailand is a destination that is worth a visit, you must be prepared for some things that can be irritating.

Thailand is a country of contrasts, where you enjoy the beach from a postcard during the day, and in the evening a rat runs past your feet, so the hygiene is not at a high level.

The traffic is also very stressful and there are almost no sidewalks.

Be patient when it comes to communication because English is pretty bad for Thais.

Is Thailand Worth The Money? (Thailand Revealed!)
Traffic crowd in Thailand


Hope this text has helped you to solve the dilemma of whether Thailand is worth the money.

As we could see it is extremely worth it if you invest your money wisely.

We suggest you where to make the best vacation while saving money.

You will be amazed by the exotic beauties of Thailand!

If you like this article add your impression in the comments below.

Also, if you have already been to Thailand and have helpful tips share them with us and other readers.

Do not forget to explore another great exotic destination Is The Maldives Wort The Money (5 Maldives Money-Saving Tips).

If you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact us!


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  1. Wow! Thailand looks beautiful! You described it so well. I like how inexpensive it is to stay in remarkable hotels.

    My son is getting married this weekend. He and his fiancee have not yet booked a honeymoon. Actually they’d like to go away mid-November.

    I will definitely share this post with them. Perhaps they will book something through your article.

    Thanks for sharing. I learned a lot about Thailand. Maybe someday I’ll make it there!


    • Hi Nina, thank you for kind words. So glad you like the article about Thailand and find it useful. Congratulations to your son and we hope that he and his fiancée will have a nice honeymoon wherever they go. If they remember to send a story from their trip that would be great! Keep follow and all the best!

  2. Thailand is my favorite destination in South East Asia. And I have been stuck here due to covid for the past couple of years….. but I am happy about that :-)

    The country is beautiful, the people are awesome, and it is not expensive to live and travel here.
    You are right about the tuk tuk’s in Bangkok. They are great for an experience, but they are expensive and uncomfortable compared to the air-con taxis….. but it is something that everyone needs to try at least once.

    The White Temple in Chang Rai is stunning. It’s unlike anything I have ever seen anywhere else, so well worth a visit. I love all the temples and The Thai culture.

    One thing to be aware of is that: If you ask a question like “where is….” and the Thai person doesn’t know the answer, they will just makeup an answer, even if it means telling you to go in the wrong direction! They would rather say something to ‘safe face’ that let you know that they don’t know the answer.

    All in all, Thailand is a great place to come for a vacation!

    • Hi Andrew, thank you your comment, you have presented some interesting facts. Have you been to Thailand before? Also, you mentioned air-con taxi. Have you ever ridden it, what kind of experience you have whit it?
      Otherwise, thanks for pointing out another fact regarding communication with Thai. It can be useful. Keep follow and all the best.

      • I am from New Zealand, which is so far away from most other countries in the world. Therefore to go for a holiday anywhere I normally have to fly very long distances.

        Thailand is about half way to Europe for me, so I would always stop here for a few days, weeks, or even months at times on the way to somewhere else, or even make Thailand my holiday destination. I have holidayed in Thailand more than 20 times now.

        It’s become a lot easier now that I speak some Thai and have some friends living here as well.

        By air-con taxi, I mean the metered taxis that you mentioned. It’s just a local term for air conditioned…. because without the air conditioning, it is extremely hot here, and you don’t want to be in a vehicle without it!
        The food is great… lots of fresh vegetables and herbs to add flavor, and if you eat where the locals eat, it is not expensive. Maybe only 2 to 4 dollars for a great tasting meal. I love it!


  3. Hello Libellule,

    It is so great reading about these beauties and the so many things that Thailand has to offer at a such low price! I have never been to Thailand, actually I have never been to Asia but I see how much I am missing out on! To me that would be a completely new world opening up with a new culture, cuisine and nature.
    So funny reading about tuk tuk :D In Moldova (where I am from) and Romania tuk tuk is the sound we attribute to the train making. It is also something playful to say, almost like you say it to a child. That is why reading the name of this Thai national symbol made me smile.
    Those noodles in the picture look so tasty, I am sure that is exactly how they taste! I can almost feel their smell too.
    Thank you for the massage warning, as I can imagine these things are not so known for the newbies tourists.

    Thank you for taking us around the world!



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