Is The Maldives Worth the Money? (5 Maldives Money-Saving Tips)

We all want to know, “Is the Maldives Worth the Money?”

I’m sure you realize that the Maldives are a dream destination.

White sandy beaches, turquoise seas, palm trees, perfect temperatures, blue lagoons, and world-class water sports.

Okay, you’re probably already sold on what a wonderful place the Maldives are to visit.

However, let’s face facts, this will also happen to be one of the most expensive vacations you’ll ever take.

This begs the question as to whether the Maldives are worth it.

From a personal perspective, yes, very much so.

Trust me, as this is the trip of a lifetime, and one that you’ll never forget.

Nevertheless, the Maldives doesn’t have to be as expensive as you may think.

So, allow me to explain how you can get even more value for money.

Due to the situation with the coronavirus, travel to the Maldives is possible with a negative PCR test not older than 96 hours or confirmation of vaccination.

Is The Maldives Worth the Money and Time?
This amazing beauty is really worth your money and time

Is the Maldives Worth the Money?

The Maldives is worth the money if you’re looking for an idyllic vacation to relax and unwind. It’s all about world-class water sports and beach life, without having to contend with hundreds or thousands of other tourists. However, you can certainly make the Maldives more value for money. Firstly, the difference between All-Inclusive and Half-Board can save you a few thousand dollars. Consider booking your trip through a Maldives specialist, as prices for accommodation can dramatically vary. Plus, many resorts require costly transfers.

What Are You Really Getting with All Inclusive?

Firstly, I’d be wary of what you’re really getting for “All-Inclusive”.

Most Maldives holidays are for a romantic getaway.

In fact, the Maldives are one of the foremost honeymoon destinations in the world.

So, I’m sure that you and your partner want to bathe in luxury and be waited on hand-and-foot.

This will typically mean that you choose the All-Inclusive option.

But is it worth it?

All-Inclusive doesn’t always mean “every single thing is paid for”.

You may even find that in certain resorts this simply means full board with drinks thrown in if you’re using a buffet restaurant.

Let’s look at some of the differences between All-Inclusive and Half-Board. 

Half board is breakfast and dinner, full board is breakfast, lunch and dinner. It doesn’t usually vary from resort to resort.

All inclusive is usually breakfast, lunch, dinner, some snack like afternoon tea plus drinks including some alcoholic drinks. AI packages do vary from resort to resort.

Let’s let’s compare the prices of one-half board and one all-inclusive resort in the Maldives, to find out how much money you can save.

We will compare all-inclusive resort with half-board resort Jumeirhah Vitavelli and Salt Beach Hotel at Maafushi.

By the way, both resorts you can book on the pictures below.

                    Jumeirhah Vitavelli

         Salt Beach Hotel at Maafushi

Jumeirhah Vitavelli

And that pleasure will cost you about €1,197 or $1400 dollars per person per night plus airport transfer which costs between $25-80 per person dependent on the distance to be travelled.

We know what you’re thinking now – No way, the Maldives is not worth that money!

Maybe, but again it depends on preference. Some people like luxury, but if you go to Maldives to rest for as little money as possible, then you will definitely bypass this offer.

Let’s see what you get at half board Salt Beach Hotel at Maafushi.

Salt Beach Hotel at Maafushi

This highly demanded hotel is rated the highest by visitors. The value you get for the money is great, which means that for very little money you get a dream vacation.

At only from €64 or about $75 dollars per person makes it one of the cheapest hotels in the Maldives! And it is an extremely rare discount of as much as 44% with included breakfast.

Salt Beach Hotel offers quality accommodation and great service with no extra costs of transport because the Male airport is close to only 27 kilometers away. 

The hotel offers an excellent variety of recreational facilities, including boats, canoe, watersports equipment rentals, windsurfing, snorkeling. 

Salt Beach Hotel at Maafushi is an ideal place of stay for travelers seeking charm, comfort, and convenience in Maldives Islands.

So how about this offer?

Still wondering is the Maldives worth the money?

Comparing the price with the previous all-inclusive resort the answer is clear.

Yes, it is worth it. Because for little money you get almost the same treatment as in any all-inclusive.

Otherwise on Agoda are now reduced prices for some of the best resorts up to 75%.

Catch these great discounts!

Reconsider Your Accommodation

When it comes to accommodation, the quintessential Maldives attraction is a water villa.

However, I’d like to compare a beach villa to a water villa and explain some of the savings you could potentially make.

Is The Maldives Worth the Money?
The idyllic atmosphere at the water villas is often only in the photos

The villa on the water looks fabulous in the pictures, doesn’t it?

You are fascinated by the possibility to take a bath in the bathtub with a sea view or to go down the slide directly into the turquoise ocean.

It looks tempting but it just looks that way.

Let’s break the myths about fairies on the water. Honestly, the owners of water villas try to make the pictures look amazing but the reality is different.

Staying in water villas can be problematic for several reasons.

The Separation between the terrace of two adjacent rooms is minimal and due to poor sound insulation, it is not uncommon to hear voices.

Secondly, you are surrounded by water in which different reptiles float, which you will admit is not at all romantic.

Also, since the weather in the Maldives is changeable, deafening waves can spoil your atmosphere.

Water villas are acceptable in the case if you have plenty of money and pay thousands of dollars for that pleasure.

But if you had so much money available for a holiday in the Maldives you would not read this article…

You want to save your money and have a good time.

Therefore, we advise you to choose a beautiful and cheap villa on the beach like Crown Beach Villa.

On Agoda, you will find the cheapest prices you have ever seen. Book your dream holiday in Crown Beach Villa for incredibly low price from about €174 or about $200 and even lower from September!

    Crown Beach Villa

Crown Beach Villa

Rated exceptional by guests it offers three meals a day, clean and nicely decorated rooms overlooking the beautiful sandy beach and ocean.

Also, you will not have to pay additionally for transport as Male Airport is only 36 km away and it is free organized by Crown Beach Villa.

And that’s not all, it is completely free for children under 13, so this is an ideal choice for family people as well.

Are You Paying Extra for Transfers?

When you consider that the Maldives is a chain of around 1,000+ small coral islands you’re spoiled for choice.

However, something to be wary of is the additional costs of transfers to your resort.

In fact, many of the islands can only be accessed by seaplane or a domestic plane transfer.

And of course, this can significantly increase the costs of your dream holiday.

The seaplane transfer to your hotel from Male’s airport impresses with breathtaking views of the Maldives.

Seaplane - Exciting but extremely expensive

The price of a seaplane transfer varies by Hotel but is usually a flat fee of $270 to $450 per person.

 Domestic flight may be required to travel from Male international airport to a local airport located next to the island you have chosen.

 Prices range from $110-300USD per person dependent on distance to travel. 

 If your island is located close enough to Male, you can reach an island by a speedboat. The resort organizes a private speedboat transfer to pick you up from Male International Airport and immediately following to the hotel.

Speedboats operate 24 hours per day and transfers are priced between $25-80USD per person dependent on the distance to be traveled…

Find more detail at Maldives Magazine.

Some hotels near Male airport will save you extra money.

Some of them are Marble Hotel, Haatha Beach MaldivesTourist Inn Maldives


Find and book easily by form below!


Book Through a Maldives-Specialist Travel Agent

When it comes to booking your Maldives vacation you may want to consider using a Maldives-Specialist Travel Agent.

What does a travel agent do?

Travel Agent is a person whose job is to arrange travel for clients on behalf of suppliers (hotels, airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, travel insurance, package tours). 

His task is to simplify the travel planning process for their customers in addition to providing consultation services and entire travel packages.

Travel agents are even more important to luxury travelers, who ironically often think they know a lot about travel and rely on their own misguided sense of expertise.

Plus, a travel agent who specializes in vacations to the Maldives will have far more knowledge of the islands.

At first glance this may appear to be a little more expensive, but the eventual savings you make could be astronomical.

You could get to learn all the secret tips, tricks, and hacks to saving money while having the time of your life. 

A warm recommendation for the best travel agent Purely Maldives. 

They have some of the lowest prices and a really useful personal service.

Check out its website for more details.

What Are You Looking for From Your Maldives Holiday?

From what you will see and experience the Maldives is really worth the money.

There are many activities and experiences that you can try just the question is what are you looking for from your Maldives holiday.

The possibilities are endless.

You can have lazy days on the beach, or feel an adventure of diving or playing with dolphins.

Yo can fishing, snorkeling, try a lot of watersports, or have a relaxing wellness treatment.

Of course, these pleasures will cost you some extra money.

One of the main attractions of Maldives is diving.

You must be wondering – Is diving worth the money?

As for everything you can see and experience by diving then definitely yes!

Magnificent coral reefs and rich colors of unusual fish will leave you breathless.

The point is just to choose the most favorable diving arrangement.

is the maldives worth the mony
Diving is really worth the money

Scuba diving in the Maldives cost $70- $85 (Rs 5300- Rs 6400) per dive in the Maldives. It includes the Boat Trip, Tanks and Weights.

If you want to save extra money, then we warmly recommend cheap diving at Fulidhoou in the Maldives.

What is great about this offer is the possibility of taking packages (diving packages + accommodation included).

Regarding transport there is no flights between Male capital city and Fulidhoo. The only transfer is by speedboat.

Local Dhoni (Boat) Transfers operate from Male to Fulidhoo on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursday at 10:00 am from Villingili Ferry Terminal in Male.

And return Ferry from Fulidhoo island on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday at 11:00 am.

The Price per person is US$3.50 each way. (Travel time is 3 hours 20 mins)

Currently, there are 10 accommodation options on the island with a great gust reviews.

Prices do vary from low to high season so make sure you check out the current prices before you travel using the links below.

But even if you don’t have any of the paid activities you can enjoy with full lungs.

You can swim, relax or walk on the long, sandy, and beautiful beaches, have a romantic dinner under the stars, or get to know the rich Maldivian culture and tradition.

Enjoy traditional music and dances such as “boduberu” or drum dancing, delicious national cuisine, and traditional crafts whose souvenirs you can take with you.

Final Thoughts

Keep this short, no more than 150 words.

Just give a summary of what you’ve mentioned above, e.g. All-Inclusive vs. Half-Board, Accommodation, Transfers, Travel Agents, Things to do, etc.

Let’s summarize.

Choose before the half board, which often provides almost the same service as all-inclusive,  choose and villas on the beach rather than villas on water.

Hire a travel agent who will give you the best advice on the best way to transport and stay.

If you stick to all of the above Maldives is really worth the money and can be your dream trip.

We invite you to send us your story from a trip to the Maldives. See instructions on Share Your Story.

We are looking to hear from you!

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  1. This place looks amazing!! I would love to visit one day, that’s for sure. The last vacation my husband and I took was on a cruise. The most fun I’ve had in a very long time, but man, I sure could use some beach time again now!

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    Also, although you recommend a cheaper plan compared to the all inclusive one for a destination that is preferred for honey moons, would not an all inclusive still be better just to avoid any money related stress and discussions?

    End of the day I believe that Maldives is pretty much similar in terms of different properties offering different services to their guests as many other holiday destinations. Where there is good weather and good food there will most likely be tourist destinations with varying prices. As tourists we need to be smart about our travels and make sure to spend our money wisely.

    Many thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Hi Tatiana, thanks for your praises and so happy to hear you like the article. Regarding your first question, you will not spend so much money on food outside of your accommodation. In Male, and now even on small islands, a huge number of cafes with affordable food offer, mainly designed for the locals with money, and of course tourists. So you can eat sandwiches for 1,6 – 2,9 USD or burgers for 2,3 – 3,2 USD. And regarding your second question, honeymoons are most often all inclusive because people don’t usually look at money when it comes to this type of travel. Anyway, if couples opt for half board accommodation on Maldives then they are certainly aware of what to expect. :)
      Also, as you said we must spend our money wisely, so it is important to have a quality and right information. Keep follow to be in touch with this and many others kind of information regarding your journey. All the best!


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