Living in a Camper Trailer

Why would you have to live in one place when you can live everywhere a bit! 

Walking through beautiful unexplored landscapes, sleeping on a sandy beach, watching the starry sky every night instead of the ceiling is reason enough to want to at least try this way of life.

How tempting is that life outside of civilization, that feeling of complete freedom and connection to nature, right? 

If you are on the verge of starting a life in a camper or just imagine, read the following text about life in a caravan.

Why it is so tempting to live in a camper trailer?

living in a campervan

The first association of living in a camper is freedom, absolute, and inviolable freedom. 

Freedom is a priority for every human being and something that many have paid dearly for. 

Because it is so precious, we keep it and always want more. 

Many of us feel captured in some way and would rather break those chains and run away somewhere far away.

Sounds familiar, right? 

Especially when problems press. 

Some of us bravely decide to leave their permanent habitat, perhaps even a warm home, to roam the world in a camper. 

To some, it sounds crazy but the feeling that people living in a camp trailer have is hard to describe. It is a feeling of complete freedom that we all essentially long for.

The Pros and Cons

Living in a camper trailer has its advantages and disadvantages, after all, like everything in life, right. Here are some.

The Pros

1. It is much cheaper

When you live in a civilization you are doomed to pay hundreds of dollars for rent, plus huge expenses for gas, insurance, bills… 

In a campervan, you are exempt from that, the costs are much lower since you have no rent and you don’t have to pay bills. 

You are on your own!

campervan in the nature
2. You spend time in nature

To live as far away from polluted cities and noise as possible is the dream of a modern man. 

How many health benefits are complete surrender to nature, a natural diet, and a healthy lifestyle. 

In the camper, you have the opportunity to merge with nature and get to know its core.

3. Longer life

By eating healthy, breathing clean air, and living without stress, you stay young for a long time and prolong your life.

4. Personal growth

Living on the road away from home and security puts you in various trials. 

You become responsible and forced to cope and adapt to your circumstances because your life changes every day. 

As a result, you experience great personal growth and development.

5. You live your dreams and get rich
camper life

Yes, but not in a material sense! 

You do what you love the most – you travel, and while traveling you get to know other countries, cultures and so you gain a great experience.

Also, you meet a lot of people who teach you something, many of these acquaintances turn into wonderful friendships. 

If you embark on the adventure of living on wheels on your own, it often happens that you get a roommate who shares your lifestyle, which is really great!

6. The smell of freedom

You breathe the smell of freedom every day and it is a luxury on which millions envy you.

The Cons

inside camper trailer
1. A small space

Well, you will have to forget about the spacious living room and wide bathroom. 

Everything in the camper is miniature and there is really little space. 

As a result, things get cluttered fast and you have to clean more often.

2. Climate and other issue

Since you are in a thin (made of wood or tin) trailer that does not have insulation, it is challenging to maintain the temperature. 

Even if you are equipped with air conditioning, you will often struggle, when it is hot you will not be able to cool down completely and vice versa. 

Also, there is an adaption to some things that are easily implemented in the world, such as showering and waste disposal.

campervan life
 3. Apartness

Perhaps the biggest flaw of living in a campervan is a lonely life and separation from your loved ones. 

But it’s also individual because there are people who don’t have something that specifically ties them to one place.

Experiences of those who have tried

Everyone who has gone to the world on four wheels has not repented and is truly enjoying life. 

For example, a man in his fifties from Serbia who looks at least fifteen years younger, decided to start living in a house on wheels. 

He bought a camper, left the city, and started living on the borders between nature and people. Vladimir thus became a “digital nomad”.

He says that he decided on this kind of life because he always wanted to knock and now he feels much healthier and more vital. 

There is also a married couple from the United States sold their house in Washington, bought a camper trailer, and went out into the world with their five children. 

They say that the family has never been happier and more connected and that they live the life of their dreams.

modern campervan

Modern camper life

The modest life of campers was not spared of modern changes. 

The tentacles of technology also affected life in the camper trailer. 

So, at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, one camper attracted special attention: equipped with high-tech devices and mechanisms, the “sCarabane” has the ability to triple its surface and function independently “offline” collecting solar and wind energy. 

With all that, the camper even rotates 360 degrees, following the movement of the Sun. 

The master bedroom has an area of 7.5 square meters, and 5.5 square meters has been set aside for a smaller one with two beds. 

The equipped kitchen extends to the terrace, while the dining room can be transformed into an additional sleeping space. 

It only takes one person and 30 minutes for the “sCarabane” to be repackaged and ready to go.

Top places for stay in campervan



Alberta, Canada

There is no better way to get to know the beautiful wilderness of Canada than to be in it literally. 

What a wonderful feeling to wake up in the morning and drink your first coffee with a view of the lake and the mountain peaks. 

Real nirvana!

campervan in the wood

Scotland’s North Coast

scotland coast

For those who adore the sea, there is no more beautiful view because you can enjoy the pristine beaches and coves where you will have complete peace. 

Amazing 516-mile route joins the dots between crumbling castles, fishing towns, and middle-of-nowhere distilleries.

Highway 101, California

california highway

Rarely does any experience provide such a sense of unrestrainedness as driving on a highway that has no end and have the opportunity to pass through various landscapes, from almost desert to coastal. 

When you get tired of driving you can always stop to enjoy the beauty of nature. Let your heart wander!

Mount Fuji, Japan

This is one of the country’s most scenic view. If you are a curious exhibitionist of a restless spirit who loves distant lands and different cultures then Japan is the right treatment for you! 

Spending time overlooking the beautiful mountain giant Mount Fuji and Lake Ashinoko will take your breath away.

campervan on the beach


Life in a camper is extremely exciting and fulfilling, but it is still decided only by the bravest. 

Yet nothing prevents you if not to live then at least to spend some time in it, traveling where you want, and living at least some time in harmony with nature and yourself. We are sure you will be reborn!

Write in the comments your experiences related to the topic. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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