New Year – The Show Must Go On

Well, we finally got out… 2020 will be remembered for many things, unfortunately, not good ones. We met with unexpected things that we as humans were not ready for. In spite of everything, it is new year and the show must go on…

new year

The show must go on

An amazing Year

Something we could not even imagine happened. We all know those Hollywood science fiction movies that show apocalyptic versions of the end of the world. The most popular among them are those with the theme of a virus that kills half of humanity. Well, we just experienced one such film this year in reality.

The New Year is hopefully a sign for the completion of that film.


welcome 2020Fortunately, not as deadly as in the movie, but the coronavirus has left immeasurable consequences for human life and health, the economy, and the functioning of the world in general.

Not only did millions die but everyone also felt great psychological pressure, isolation, and fear. It also leaves consequences on the personality if there is no good defense system, which we should first of all look for in returning to nature.

There will be those who will need help after the end of the pandemic, and do not hesitate to go to your psychotherapist. Take care of your mental health just as much as you think of your physical health. Your loved ones need you.

Two sides of story

Every story has two sides even when it is most tragic. One should never view an accident as something negative because, as they say, the sea clears in a storm.

Although the pandemic has undoubtedly brought a lot of negative things, we cannot ignore those positive sides that are reflected in stopping the fast life and restoring nature. See positive effect of pandemic here. 

What we learned

No misfortune comes without a lesson to us humans. Just remember what kind of life we ​​led before the coronavirus pandemic started. We stared at material things often neglecting our loved ones and what is really worthwhile in life.

We have also polluted our beautiful planet by reckless behavior in the race to improve the comfort of life. And then, the quality of life has improved but we have paid a high price for it. We do not have a place with clean air and an ecological environment but we live in polluted cities eating unhealthily.

And of course, this way of life makes us vulnerable to all kinds of diseases, especially viruses, so what is happening to us is not accidental …

Nature rebelled

Due to such a way of life and behavior, nature decided to rebel and put us to the test. Suddenly, we stopped all our usual activities for fear of spreading the virus, neglecting the material because health had become a priority.

Nature loves us and wants us to return to what we once were – an inseparable part of it. Nature tells us that we are doing everything wrong and that the last chance is to get out of the way without returning.

It is not too late

Fortunately, it is still not too late for things to change. We just need to see where we are wrong. What we need to correct may seem like a global thing but it is not, it is an individual thing and it starts from each of us.

Rules for the change we want

Libellule brings rules on how to improve life in 2021 in order to minimize the risk of nature getting angry with us again.

Rule no. 1 – Think positive

think positive

As one wise old man and ascetic Thaddeus said, what our thoughts are, such is our life. And indeed our thoughts affect our lives because mental decline impairs physical health and makes it susceptible to various diseases. Look at the connection between ways of thinking and illness at Alchemy of healing.

We need to understand that life is not just black but black and white. So let’s focus more on that white side, on what has been given to us in life, and be grateful because gratitude brings an abundance of blessings.

love, faith, hopeRule no. 2  – Slow down

Why are you staring so hard and in that hurry you forget what’s really important? The virus forced us to stay at home with our loved ones. Many of you would not watch them differently because of that rush. Slow down to hear their voices and the sound of your soul.

We realize that we are missing our loved ones, and that money is not the best thing you can give to your children. They expect your attention and love much more than that. From now on, you try harder to afford it.

Rule no. 3 – Material is not the most important thing

You spend half your life to earn materially, a house, a car, a pension, and when you get sick then it loses its significance and you would give it all to get well.

But it is often too late. So while we have time we should strive to live a normal life, without greed. Let us provide a comfortable life without exaggeration, raising awareness of the spiritual side of life in order to improve its quality.

Rule no. 4 – Connect with nature again

spirituality and health

We now realize that moving away from nature to which all beings belong will lead us to ruin. Separating everything from the natural way of life pays the price for our health.

Let’s set aside more time for healthy activities this year, stay in nature as much as possible, take care of it, and respect it. Set aside time for outdoor physical activity and include as many fruits and vegetables as possible in your diet. This will strengthen your body so that diseases will be an extreme rarity for you.

By adhering to these rules and balancing and balancing between the material and spiritual way of life, we will surely see positive effects on every segment of our lives.


Dear ones, let animals like a dragonfly teach you what is really needed for a happy life. The Dragonfly (Libellule) symbolizes transformation and renewal and is associated with spiritual renewal and self-realization. In Native American legends, the dragonfly is a symbol of resurrection and restoration after hardship.

Well, may the new year bring you the much-desired change!


What is it that is important to you personally and how do you think you should live life?

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8 thoughts on “New Year – The Show Must Go On”

  1. The dragonfly is one of my favorite animals. I love watching them and I love their different colors.
    I think that mankind has been busy for centuries to remove and separate itself from nature, forgetting that we are a part of it and not a separate entity. We cannot exist without nature but nature can exist without humans …
    Although the coronavirus has caused millions of deaths and it has been a hard hit on economy, it has given nature a much deserved relief from us humans, a relief it was desperate for … There are positive things too, and throughout this pandemic I have focused on the good things instead of letting the news news pull me down.

    • We absolutely agree with you Christine, very good thinking. We look forward to hearing this from you. We wish you a lot of greetings and a successful 2021!

  2. After the year we’ve been through your post was so refreshing. I think we all needed a positive outlook and new options to tackle this new year. It would be so easy to be in a rut after 2020 but this post reminded me how precious and enjoyable life can be. For me slowing down and enjoying nature will be my priorities this year.
    Thanks again for such a refreshing post. Perfect timing !
    Stay healthy!
    Jamie L.

  3. Hey,

    Such an inspirational article. 2020 was a very tough year for everyone, especially for people who lost loved ones. It is a year we must reflect on and learn from, as every year is. But, I think your rules for the new year should be followed. Changing our thoughts from negative to positive can be life changing. That is what I want to do over the next year or so, change my life.

    I want to help so many other people change their lives too, and I am on a mission to do just that. In a similar way to you.

    Keep helping others and changing lives.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the amazing work.

    All the best,


    • Thank you dear Tom on your encouragement. We are glad to hear that you want to help other people. Very humane and commendable. Just keep going. Greetings!

  4. Every dark cloud has a sliver lining and I as you mentioned, positive thinking during calamity is incredibly important as well as to learn lessons from our experiences. The positives for me about lockdown was getting out of the rat race, being able to stand still and reflect about my life and what is really important to me and really important in life. Lockdown also provided me with a lot more time in order to establish my online marketing business.


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