Spa Resorts and The Healthy Destinations

What do spas offer today other than healing water, mud, healthy air, and pure nature? 

They give you the opportunity to achieve complete satisfaction in terms of improving your physical and mental health. 

They strengthen your body with treatments based on what nature has given them. 

But much more is needed for the harmony of body and spirit. 

In that sense, today in the spas you can engage in numerous activities of entertaining, sports-recreational, artistic character. 

Spas ennoble not only your body but also the spirit in you. 

They make you physically and mentally stronger. 

Therefore, let’s get acquainted with the best spas, which can be an ideal destination for each of us.

Karlovy Vary - Czech

karlovy vary

Karlovy Vary is a combination of natural beauty and rich culture and tradition. 

This spa is a little less than 120 km away from Prague. 

Legend says that it was named after the Czech King Charles IV, who discovered deeds of mineral water while hunting deer.

Karlovy Vary has 79 springs of thermo-mineral water, and 13 of them are used for drinking and therapeutic purposes. 

It is especially interesting that the spa has different effects on human health due to different water temperatures.

Karlovy Vary has a long tradition when it comes to spa tourism. 

The tourism of this spa is characterized by a large number of healing thermo-mineral springs, rich culture and history, and a long tradition in the development of classical health tourism (treatment and rehabilitation), the diverse structure of accommodation facilities, and catering and culinary offer.

In addition to the rich offer, there are also accompanying contents (film festival), which complete the experience of tourists in the destination.

As far as health tourism is concerned, the offer is dominated by medical treatments, although it has a large number of swimming pools, while the spa & wellness program includes classic forms of relaxation such as massages, saunas, and baths. 

See and book accommodation in Karlovy Vary here.

Baden - Baden, Germany

baden baden

If you want your vacation to be unforgettable, then Baden-Baden is the ideal destination in Germany. Baden-Baden is a city in southwestern Germany, but also a well-known spa resort for tourists of high purchasing power. 

It is located at the western foot of the Black Forest, on the banks of the river Os.

Some of the most famous people who have lived or lived in Baden Baden are Klara Schumann, Dostoevsky, Johannes Brahms… 

Baden-Baden is a combination of spa and sports-recreational tourism.

 It has been known as a spa tourism destination for about 2,000 years. 

There are a total of 12 thermal springs in Baden-Baden with therapeutic properties. 

The water springs from 2000 m below the ground. 

A special natural attraction are the woods on the slopes of Florentinerberg and 400 varieties of roses in the Gönneranlage rose garden.

Baden-Baden is a great spa resort and healthy destination. 

It has a large number of swimming pools, which are not only intended for swimming but also for other activities such as underwater aerobics and the possibility to choose sports and recreational activities for every tourist, who can choose between: horseback riding, golf, water sports, climbing, skating, ballooning.

Baden Baden has a total of 65 hotels, 20 hotels and boarding houses, 6 spas, 4 youth hostels, and 110-holiday apartments. 

See offers for booking on Baden Baden and also on Agoda.

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai - Thailand

thai massage

Thailand is known for its world-renowned spas which have become so popular because of their unique spa healing methods that are all derived from the deep roots of the harmony of Buddhist teaching.

The treatments really revitalize and provide not only an energized body but also a spiritual sound and a fishy mind. 

Meditations and spiritual healing techniques have also been adopted which leaves you with a sense of spiritual nourishment and rejuvenates the well-being of mind, body, and soul.

The distinctive “Thai touch” delivered in each spa experience is based on traditional herbal and holistic remedies and generations of folk wisdom and it is this factor combined with affordable prices that makes visitors come back for more.

In every spa in Thailand, you will also experience a top-quality Thai massage that originates from India, where its use began 25 centuries ago, is performed on the floor, on a mattress, and lasts from 60-120 minutes. 

There are two variants of Thai massage, plain and oil massage and both are really healing.

Chiang Mai in this country is home to some of the best spas in the country! 

If you are in need of some pampering, look no further for the Four Seasons Resort Chaing Mai which offers a rich offer for exotic enjoyment.

See offers on Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai and also on Agoda.

Chiang Mai offers a wide range of spas, all you have to do is choose. 

See the list of the best.

Vrnjacka banja - Serbia

vrnjacka banja

Today, Serbia has over 60 spas, and spa tourism is one of the most represented in that country. 

Thanks to their healing springs, rich nature, and pleasant air, they are a frequent choice of both domestic and foreign tourists.

From the long list of healing spas, we single out the most famous spa which is a real gem.

If you have not visited it yet, we suggest you do it as soon as you feel the need for a real peaceful vacation next time because it will surely meet your expectations.

This is the famous Vrnjacka Banja, which is located in the valley of the river Zapadna Morava and is about 200 kilometers away from Belgrade.

It is characterized by linden forests, but pine and fir are present. 

The Romans also spoke about the healing effect of its water. 

There are seven hot and cold mineral water springs in the spa area. Here the temperature of hot water is the same as in the human body – 36.50 ° C.

The mineral waters of Vrnjacka Banja treat diabetes, diseases related to the abdomen (bile, pancreas, stomach, intestines, bladder, kidneys), rheumatism. Water is drunk, inhaled, or bathed in it.

In addition to the specialized treatment center Mercury, here you can afford whatever accommodation you want – hotels, hostels, villas, houses.

The hotel offers swimming pools, congress halls, rooms for recreation, sports, and massage. 

See offers on Vrnjacka banja and also for on Agoda.

Breitenbush Hot Springs – Oregon, USA

oregon hot springs resort

The beneficial effects of natural thermal water sources establish a balance between health, beauty, and well-being. 

This water also has a favorable effect on reducing the negative effects on health and the consequences of stress, which accompanies the modern way of life.

Baths in thermal water release tension in the muscles and increase the blood circulation of the tissues and revitalize and strengthen the body’s defense mechanisms. 

It is a natural remedy that has a beneficial effect on our well-being. The whole USA is known for that, and we especially single out Breitenbush Hot Springs in Oregon.

The stunning hot springs found in Breitenbush are only part of the attraction of this remote sanctuary and resort. 

The three baths in Brietenbush, equipped with smooth river cliffs, ranging from warm to hot and all provide a great view of the surrounding forest meadows. 

One of the three tubs is specially reserved for quiet soaking. 

Breitenbush is open for one-day visits, overnight stays, and multi-day resorts.

Other relaxing and refreshing services offered by Breitenbush include a wellness program, hiking trails, massage therapy, and organic fresh dishes. This is a place where you will combine beautiful and useful and fully enjoy. 

See offers on Breitenbush Hot Springs.

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In turbulent living conditions, we increasingly neglect our health. 

We see spas as places for rest for the elderly and the sick. 

While we thought so, the spas reached a high quality of services and attracted us to look for an oasis of physical health and spiritual peace in them. 

The connection between health and tourism has always existed, and it is up to us to turn the tourist globe and look for the spa that suits us best and achieve harmony of mind and body in it.

Have you ever experienced one of these spas or another. We would like to hear your impressions in the comments below.


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