Should You Plan Your Trip In The US? (+Top 5 Safest and Cheapest Places)

Should You Plan Your Trip In The US (+ Top 5 safest and Cheapest Places)

You wonder should you plan your trip in the US? The same question is asked by domestic and foreign hosts eager to travel and rest. Yes, yes, we know you would say that is risky to travel in a time of the pandemic. But the risk always exists regardless of …

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Is The Maldives Worth the Money? (5 Maldives Money-Saving Tips)

Is The Maldives Worth the Money and Time?

We all want to know, “Is the Maldives Worth the Money?” I’m sure you realize that the Maldives are a dream destination. White sandy beaches, turquoise seas, palm trees, perfect temperatures, blue lagoons, and world-class water sports. Okay, you’re probably already sold on what a wonderful place the Maldives are …

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