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For you travelers and adventurers, there is no better way to recharge your batteries than to travel to a place where you will truly enjoy. 

So what better way to raise energy than a journey that is a blend of excitement and glorious peace. 

Yes, Ulcinj, a small town in Montenegro, can give you that pleasure!

Our dear DaniJela visited this place last summer and wished to share her enthusiasm with you. 

Danijela comes from Montenegro and Ulcinj is only an hour away by car from her place of residence. 

The town is small, with only 10 thousand inhabitants who are mainly engaged in agriculture and renting accommodation for many tourists.  

Ulcinj is adorned with a beautiful old town, a large sandy beach called literally “Great Beach” and a pearl, without exaggeration, of the whole of Europe – Ada Bojana.

So, lovely Daniela send us her travel story through Share your story program to share this amazing part of earth with you.

The Old Town

The old town of Ulcinj is located in the southern part of the coast of Montenegro and occupies a fairly large area. 

It is well preserved and does not look like other ancient settlements of Montenegro: a special medieval atmosphere is felt here and surprisingly there are not a large number of people. 

You can reach the fortress through the gates on the beach. 

To enter, you need to walk along the promenade to the walls of the fortress and climb the small steps.

the best natural energy booster
View at Ulcinj Old Town

Ulcinj Fortress is located on a hill, from where you can see the magnificent panorama of the coastal part of the city, the stunning nature of Montenegro, and the Adriatic Sea. 

The thickness of the fortress walls reaches 20 m, and in some places, there is a cyclopean masonry of large stones without gaps and mortar for fastening. 

Ulcinj Fortress has a rich history, and the proven facts are intertwined with fiction. For example, they say that at the end of the 16th century, after the capture of pirates, the famous Miguel de Cervantes lived here for five years.

Hotels in Ulcinj are ready to offer their guests accommodation at different levels. 

There is a large selection of modest hotels, intended for impartial travelers. 

But, regardless of the price of accommodation, hospitality and kindness await you in all hotels. 

In Old Town, there is also the possibility of accommodation.

The doors of many cafes, restaurants, and bars are open almost every day: they all work “to the last customer”. 

The menu is usually based on local products, very fresh and delicious. 

As in other coastal cities, there are a large number of restaurants offering a wide selection of seafood dishes.

For a special atmosphere, it is recommended to visit the beach cafe at the top of the fortress, symbolically called “Sunset” because you can drink delicious cocktails while the view of the open sea and the magnificent sunset.

A picturesque and very different city, like all coastal cities in Montenegro, Ulcinj has its own special face.

Its own special color, and the night lighting of the streets in Ulcinj is considered the brightest and most beautiful on the entire coast.

The Great Beach

the best natural energy booster
Place whit the most beautiful sunsets

It is a natural phenomenon. Only five kilometers away from Ulcinj, Great Beach is about 13 km long, on average about 60 m wide. 

Due to its fine sand and size, it is also called “Ulcinj’s Copacabana”. It is covered with the finest fine sand, and it is estimated that it can accommodate about 150,000 bathers.

The quality of sand is such that it is attributed to a healing property – it is rich in minerals, has a beneficial effect on the treatment of rheumatism and other diseases. 

Great Beach is characterized by a very long shallow belt of seawater.

Various sports equipment can be rented on the beach. If you are addicted to adrenaline, you can: sail, surf, water ski, play football or beach volleyball.

Passive holiday enthusiasts can ride a horses or rent a camper cottage or take their tent and set it up in a place where they can enjoy themselves with friends by the campfire.

This beach is often full of campers, but they do not disturb each other because the beach is spacious enough. 

Also, you can visit the nudist beach as a small part of Great Beach is intended for that.

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The place where the river kisses the sea

Ada Bojana is a peace of paradise on earth. 

The island is created by a river delta of the Bojana River. 

Legend says it was formed by gathering river sand around a ship sunk at the mouth of Bojana river, but it is more likely to be a delta in formation.

The New York Times included Ada Bojana and Montenegro’s South Coast (including Great Beach) in a ranking of top travel destinations for 2010 – “Top Places to Go in 2010”.


It is a popular tourist destination, with 3 kilometers (2 miles) long sandy beach with traditional seafood restaurants. 

Ada Bojana offers kitesurfing and windsurfing locations on the Adriatic Coast due to the strong cross onshore winds during summer afternoons. 

Ada Bojana’s main income is from camping.

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Camp houses on the water are offering you an unforgettable vacation

On both sides of the river bank are cottages for rent. 

There is a variety of them, from luxury ones that are fully equipped to smaller and simpler ones, specially equipped for a more intimate atmosphere. 

This used to be a place of crazy parties, but recently Ada Bojana was declared a quiet zone, so now you can enjoy the silence of the river.

Danijela spent a wonderful few days in this paradise and recommends to everyone who wants to naturally recharge their batteries and regain the energy that there is no better place for it. 

The best part of the year to do that is from April to October.

best natural energy booster
Our reader and follower Danijela on the bridge over the turquoise blue river Bojana

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We spread positive energy and love!

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