The Magic of Durmitor

Dear ones, this time Libellule takes you to one amazing destination that will enchant you. Less known, but beautiful mountain Durmitor and its fairytale area will surely fascinate you. It is beautiful in summer and magical in winter when it is covered with snow creating magic. Let’s get to know you better with this top destination.

Magic mountain

Durmitor is a mountain and national park in Montenegro, a small country in the Western Balkans. The park includes the Durmitor massif with the canyons of the river Tara, and Susica and one part of the canyon valley Komarnica, occupying an area of 39,000 ha.

The relief of Durmitor is magical. The spacious plateau stretches at 1500 meters above sea level, which is intersected by deep canyon valleys and from which rise imposing mountain peaks, 48 of which are over 2000 meters above sea level and among them the highest Bobotov Kuk with 2522 m.

It is believed that the mountain got its name from the Celtic word dur-mi-tor, which means “water from the mountain”. Durmitor is really rich in water (in the first place the river Tara, “the tear of Europe”) and lakes – about twenty glacial lakes, scattered throughout the area.

durmitor at night
Durmitor at night, visible all stars

Due to the richness of flora and fauna, and the presence of over 1300 plant species, which is an exceptional concentration with a large number of endemic and relict species, Durmitor is an exceptional natural value and a constant inspiration for scientists and nature lovers. Due to its beauty and untouched nature, Durmitor has declared a national park in 1952.

Durmitor National Park abounds in a significant number of cultural monuments from the ancient period to modern times. The most characteristic us the medieval monuments: the ruins of cities and fortifications and monastery complexes in the valley of the river Tara. Find more about National Park of Durmitor.

Snow magic

snowy durmitor
Durmitor is is especially magical in winter

Durmitor is beautiful in both summer and winter but is especially magical when this beautiful area is covered in snow. Durmitor is among the first mountains in Montenegro in terms of the height of the snow cover and its duration. 

In the highest parts of the mountain, the first snow appears at the end of September, and the last at the beginning of June. The highest parts of Durmitor are covered with snow for about 200 days a year!

Zabljak, the magical town

Zabljak is located at an altitude of 1456 meters, and as such is the highest urban settlement in the Balkans. Surrounded by the highest mountain peaks, Bobotov Kuk and Savin Kuk, below which is the most famous Durmitor lake, Black Lake, is an association and synonym not only for Durmitor, but also for the entire Durmitor area.

Due to all its characteristics, the tourist season in Zabljak lasts all year round, and summer and winter tourism are equally developed. Including all elements of the urban settlement, there is a cable car, ski slope, a dozen hotels of various categories with a wide range of services, dozens of private houses designed to accommodate tourists, two car camps, a large number of restaurants and other catering facilities.

Lakes – Crno, Zminje, Vrazje, Skrcka…

Durmitor has about twenty glacial lakes to be proud of. The lakes, at altitudes above 1500 m, give a special charm to Durmitor. They are called by name – mountain eyes. We single out the most beautiful ones.

view of crno lake
Beautiful view of Crno lake (Black lake)

The largest and most attractive is the Black Lake. It is 2 km away from the mountain town of Zabljak, the winter tourist center of Montenegro. The altitude of this lake is 1416 meters, and the depth is 49. The emerald green color of the lake and the dense coniferous forest of this lake are breathtaking in their beauty.

vrazjeNear the Black Lake is, no less impressive, Zminje lake (Snake Lake), sunk in spruce-fir, and Vrazje lake (Devil’s Lake) located between the vast meadows which is extremely rich in fish. Vrazje lake (Devil’s lake) has a creepy name but is a paradise place.

The view of Skrcka Lakes is breathtaking

Skrcka lakes, Malo lake (The Little Lake) and Veliko lake (The Big Lake) lie at the highest point of all lakes, at as much as 1700 meters above sea level. Twisted in the valley of this lake that offers the most beautiful views of the Durmitor massif!

Canyon of Tara

Here, in the magical Durmitor area, flows the river Tara, known for its beauty and strength of its waters,.

Tara Canyon, as a unique phenomenon with its greatest depth of 1,300 m, ranks just behind the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in the United States.

Compared to the glorious but desolate Colorado, the Tara Canyon,  Tara Canyon, known as the “Tear of Europe”, tara canyonis extremely green and lush, rich in evergreen and deciduous flora. The water in the river canyon is of the first category and is completely drinkable! Together with the Durmitor National Park, it is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Things to do on Durmitor

Durmitor region is perfect for various types of activities and sports. Tourism on Durmitor is specially developed so you will never be bored here, especially if you are a fan of winter sports and adrenaline. On Durmitor there are numerous ski trails such as Bosaca, Savin Kuk, and Javorovac, so it is a favorite winter ski destination in the country and the region and lately, a lot of international tourists have come. 


For fans of jeep safaris, tours of picturesque areas are organized and adrenaline lovers will love rafting on the wild rapids of the river Tara.


However, Durmitor is the most exciting for hiking, so there are organized numerous tours for hikers and nature lovers from the easiest to quite demanding such as the climb to the highest peak – Bobotov Kuk. A hiking tours that offers the most beautiful views of the Durmitor massif  are the real hiking pleasure and experience!

smrcevo brdo - spruce hill
Smrcevo brdo (Spruce Hill) looks fabulous in winter

Ethno village Smrcevo Brdo (Spruce Hill)

For complete enjoyment and relaxation, we recommend that you visit an ethno village with nice wooden houses with overlooking the area of ​​Durmitor, popularly called Smrcevo Brdo (Spruce Hill).

logcabinEthno village Smrcevo Brdo  is located in the most beautiful part of the Durmitor National Park and has an extremely attractive location. It is located at 1560m above sea level and only 8km away from Black Lake and 6km from Zabljak.

Smrcevo Brdo is the center of rest, enjoyment, and hedonism for all the senses. It is a privilege to wake up in such a fairytale place with the first coffee and breakfast served in bed or on the terrace. During the day you can walk through fragrant meadows and glades. Swim in the clear mountain lakes and drink water from cold mountain springs. Fishing, horseback riding, or rafting on the Tara River. And at night you can follow the Milky Way and count the stars with the sounds of a guitar…

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