The Most Amazing Trees in the World

Dear nature lovers, the following text will treat you especially. This time we are talking about trees. We will see how precious every tree in the world is and reveal to you the most amazing trees in the world.

The importance of Trees

It is generally known that trees are the lungs of the planet and produce oxygen. A mature deciduous tree produces so much oxygen in a season that 10 people breathe in a year.

They also act as air purifiers by intercepting particles in the air, reducing heat, and absorbing such pollutants as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide. But wood also provides other vital benefits for our health and survival in general.

Did you know that trees form effective sound barriers? Trees shape urban noise almost as effectively as stone walls. Trees in or around the house can reduce major noise from highways and airports. Also, in the summer months, shade with wood reduces the need for air conditioning. In winter, trees break the strength of winter winds, lowering heating costs.

No less important is to know that real estate values ​​increase when trees adorn a property or neighborhood. Trees can increase the value of your home’s property by 15% or more!

But even though we know the exceptional importance of trees, we do not try to preserve and restore them, but persistently and for decades intensively and ruthlessly destroy forests and other green areas

The Consequences of Tree destruction

By destroying forests, especially tropical ones, which have suffered great damage from deforestation and fire, man has caused huge, harmful, and far-reaching consequences, which seriously endanger all living things on Earth.

Destruction of forests causes ecological changes with great consequences, among which are primarily changes in soil and climate, as well as the extinction of many plant and animal species. After cutting the forest, the soil remains bare and without the protection of trees and their roots, rivers, and winds gradually carry them away. In addition to being exposed to erosion, it largely loses its ability to absorb moisture, where it dissipates and becomes infertile.

Now that trees have been sacrificed because of industry and technology we are slowly becoming aware that we are actually destroying ourselves.

Every Tree is important

However, all is not lost and we are in time to save life on our planet, by raising the awareness of each individual about the importance of trees.The most amazing trees in the world

Research conducted over the past years has confirmed the enormous value and benefits that mature trees provide to cities. Organizations such as American Forests and Trees Forever are actively running campaigns that support the planting of trees in urban areas. The more mature the tree, the greater its contribution – so it is important that the trees are planted with the aim of reaching that maturity.

Every tree is important, so don’t think that you as an individual can’t change the world’s circumstances. Why not join the various tree planting actions that every community surely has or plant one in your backyard?

If you plant only one tree, you have already contributed to the improvement. There is an important task for each of us. 

To learn more about how to save trees visit this page.

The most amazing trees in the world

Every tree is wonderful. But, we singles out the most unusual.

Let’s see what all the amazing trees in the world exist and enjoy watching these beauties.

Boabab Tree

The baobab trees originate from Madagascar and look as if they have been driven into the ground upside down – with large roots, thick and tall trees, but small and puffy canopies. Their trees are like sponges because they store all their water in them during rainy periods.

The baobab is spread across South Africa in the state of Zimbabwe and the province of Limpopo and is a trademark of the state of Madagascar, where the Boulevard of Baobabs is also located.

A special experience of baobabs is during the night when they bloom. Their flower has the smell of milk, which attracts bats that feed on rich nectar and thus help the plant to reproduce.

Dragon’s Blood Tree

The most amazing trees in the world

The isolated Yemeni island of Socotra is a unique opportunity to enjoy an unusual forest.

This island is home to dragon trees, which look as if they are thousands of years old. They have canopies in the shape of an inverted umbrella, which allows them to absorb every possible drop of rain that rarely falls here. It is named after the resin that has the color of blood, which in the 17th century in Europe was believed to have healing properties. The resin serves the trees to protect them from pests and diseases, and today it is used in making air fresheners and scents.

Japanese Wisteria Tree


The most amazing trees in the world

This Japanese beauty can reach a height of 6 to even over 20 m. Its decoration is a flower that appears in large hanging clusters. Hence the name for this plant “blue rain”. There is also wisteria in white and pink and in all shades between these three colors. Its flowers have an intoxicating scent and appear from May to June.

Extremely fragrant flowers attract bees and other insects that cannot resist the honey nectar of this plant. After flowering, in places where there was a flower, long and plush beans full of seeds are formed. They stay on the branches during the winter, so they are an additional decoration for this climber.

Old Tjikko and Methusalem

Methuselah is a specimen of bumpy pine that grows only in Eastern California, in the United States. Its age has been accurately determined: it is 4,846 years old and has long been considered the oldest non-cloned tree and living organism in the world in general, until in 2013 an older pine, which is 5,064 years old, was discovered in the same area. However, he has not yet been named.

The exact location of Methuselah is not known to the public, it is hidden to protect itself from vandalism.

By the way, the oldest clone tree is Old Tjikko, a four-meter high, lonely Norwegian spruce that lives in Sweden and is an incredible 9,550 years old!

Hyperion Tree

The most amazing trees in the world

In the California National Park, the 800-year-old Hyperion giant tree was discovered, which has become the park’s biggest tourist attraction.

To be able to measure the height of Hyperion, the scientists had to, by a very complicated method, climb to the very top of the tree and lower the rope to the ground. In this way, it was measured that Hyperion is 115.61 meters high, which earned it the title of the tallest tree in the world.

Experts also say that this tree is relatively young and is still growing at an incredible speed, so it is expected to reach even greater heights. However, there is a fear that this tree will not be able to overcome the gravity of the earth and that it will break if it continues to grow.

El Arbol del Tule Tree

The most amazing trees in the world

El Arbol del Tule is the Spanish name for the widest tree in the world, which grows in the Mexican state of Oaxaca.

Around 1,400 years old, this tree is believed to have the widest tree in the world, with a diameter of 11.62 meters. There were suspicions that the tree was actually made up of several trees, but after careful examination, it was proven that it was indeed a single tree.


Having learned all this, we can no longer admire this wonderful artist who created this world. Everything is made so that we depend on each other, primarily on plants.

So let’s not destroy our green friends but help them multiply and grow. Let us nurture them and talk to them and love them as living beings, which they are. So she will return our lives with love.

If you also helped in some way with planting trees and afforestation, write us your experiences in the comments below.

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18 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Trees in the World”

  1. Hey,

    This is such an important and interesting article. I agree that trees are so important in the world and that every tree counts. Trees provide us with oxygen, so if we were to keep cutting trees down then our oxygen supply would weaken. They are also beautiful to look at and make people feel great. So, if we were to continue to keep cutting them down, then it will depress a lot of people all over the world.

    The trees that you describe in this article are beautiful and amazing as you say. This article is very uplifting and at 7am here in the UK, I am in a good mood to start my day.

    Thank you for the amazing article and amazing trees. Please keep up the amazing work.

    All the best,


    • We are so glad that we made the day better and raised your energy! That is the goal of our site. Follow us further for interesting and useful texts. Thank you and all the best!

  2. Libellule,

    Trees are amazing! I live in Alaska, and up here, our trees are really small because of the permafrost. Basically, several feet below ground, the ground up here is frozen year round. So, our trees can’t grow tall, or wide because of it. Many that come up from other states refer to our trees as bottle scrubbers.

    When I moved to Hawaii, I was amazed by the trees there! They were wide, they had roots growing out of them above ground – it was the coolest thing I had ever seen!

    Oregon was the same! I loved the trees there. So many wonderful things to see in our world, that like you said, people like to destroy. I like to keep trees around, as well as all plants! They serve a purpose and we need them.

    Great article! Thanks for sharing these trees!


  3. Hi there!

    These trees are freaking incredible. I’ve always felt a connection with nature stronger than most other connections I’ve experienced in my 29 years. I grew up with 6 acres of land that were basically just trees. I would spend hours and hours playing outside running circles around the trees in my backyard.

    I’ve recently just moved from Iowa where there’s little to no trees, back home to Arkansas where I’m surrounded by them and it really does feel like home.

    I can’t believe the Old Tjikko is 9,550 years old! That’s insane and crazy to wrap your head around. Trees were here before we were and it’s wild to think how long they could be around if we’d stop tearing them down.

    I also can’t get over the width of El Arbol del Tule tree. It makes me want to travel so bad! I can’t wait for safer days and now I’ve definitely got some trees to see on my bucket list.

    • Hi Haley, we are glad that you like this article about amazing trees and so happy that real nature lover like you left a comment! All the best and keep following for more interesting texts.

  4. Hi there, Libellule.

    Thank you for this great article. Obviously I knew the importance of trees in our eco system and the adverse effects of the deforestation happening right now, but I learned a lot from your article. I had never heard of most of the trees you mentioned, and how amazing they are! I especially loved the Dragon’s Blood Tree—how amazing that they grow in that natural shape, and that their resin is the color of blood. I would love to see one in person someday! Your article gave me a new appreciation for trees and how magical they truly are.

    Thanks for sharing!

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