The Pearls of Nature

We live in a beautiful divine world. Nature is so amazing that it never ceases to amaze. No matter how much we travel we will never be able to see and discover enough. That is the charm of travel and that is why passionate travelers and nature lovers are such happy and enlightened people.

Libellule brings you 15 pearls of nature in pictures for your senses to enjoy.

pearls of nature

Surrounded by untouched nature, filled with crystal clear water, Wuhua Hai or Lake of Five Flowers is the pride of China’s Jiuzhaigou National Park (‘Valley of Nine Villages’). Only 5 meters deep, this shallow lake shines with different shades of color, and due to the great purity of the water, all the ancient trees (hundreds of years old) that lie at the bottom are clearly visible. In fact, the whole of Jiuzhaigou is full of enchanting blue, green, turquoise, and multicolored lakes.

It also features crystal clear rivers, a 300-meter-wide waterfall, and rich flora and fauna.


Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Seventy kilometers from the Swiss capital in the Alps, the unique Lauterbrunnen valley is hidden, it is considered one of the most beautiful valleys on the European continent. The Lauterbrunnen Glacier Valley is surrounded by steep cliffs 1000 meters high: it is the deepest valley in the world.

Climbing into the mountains, you gradually reach the magnificent Oberland alpine peaks, among which the “Alpine trio” has the main role – Jungfrau, Eiger, and Monch. Their height is 4158, 3970, and 4107 meters above sea level. The valley stretches for about eight kilometers and is not more than a thousand meters wide.

There are 72 waterfalls in the valley, the most famous of which is Staubbach, located about one kilometer from the village of Lauterbrunnen. The cliffs and waterfalls of Lauterbrunnen have inspired many artists and writers such as Johann Goethe, Franz Schubert, etc. Due to the fact that there are seventy-two waterfalls in the valley and its beauty, the Lauterbrunnen valley has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List for fifteen years.

cinque terre, italy

Cinque Terre, Italy

These are five villages located on the coast of Italy and together with the surrounding hills make up the national park of the same name. Rio Maggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso al Mare make up five memorable stories bound by a common name, Cinque Terre.

These five villages stretch for twelve kilometers of beautiful coastline. Nature really played here and merged the most beautiful and the most cruel – the beauty, bathed in breathtaking colors, and the cruelty of the steep cliffs and the relentless cyclones in the bay in front of Genoa. The villages are connected by a “blue path”, as the locals call it, which is also known for many requests that took place during the walk, so it is often known as a love path. Simply, even the hardest hearts soften in the face of such scenes and find a dose of romance in themselves.

bora bora

Bora Bora, French Polinesia

Bora Bora, the emerald blue pearl of nature is an island of French Polynesia, located in the Pacific Ocean. The perfectly white sandy beaches are splashed with emerald blue water. The main island and several smaller islands of Bora Bora, of volcanic origin, are completely surrounded by a coral reef, where fish in all colors decorate the coral gardens, welcoming huge manta rays.

Mount Otemanu, like a castle, is steaming the sky, and the seductive tropical slopes and valleys are covered with hibiscus flowers. Palm leaves, covered with bungalows, surround the glistening lagoon. The island has a large number of luxury resorts, spas, and bungalows, which tower over the water and each provides unique moments of enjoyment.

pink lake

Pink Lake, Australia

Wonderful and beautiful Australia never ceases to amaze with its natural beauty. A natural phenomenon, which attracts a large number of tourists with its unusualness. Mysterious and beautiful, it belongs to the group of lakes, which is completely different in color from everything known in the world. There are several related ones, and on this occasion, we present to you Pink Lake Hillier, in Australia. The origin and color of this lake have remained a partial mystery to this day.

Namely, the group of scientists, after an extensive examination conducted in 1950, remained at the level of speculation about why the lake is pink. They believed that it was due to the presence of algae that give watercolor, however, it was determined that such algae do not exist in this lake. The salinity, scientists say, is approximately the same as in the Dead Sea, but this shallow lake is certainly safe for swimming. Since the reason why the lake is pink is not revealed to us, we can only admire it.


Iguazu falls, Brazil

Iguazu Falls is located on the border of Argentina and Brazil, on the Iguazu River. In the Guarani language, spoken by the indigenous people of the area, the word Iguazu means Great Water. This waterfall system is gigantic in every way – it is the largest in the world and includes about 275 individual waterfalls, which are a total of 2.7 kilometers long and up to 80 meters high. Almost 80% of the waterfalls are located on the Argentine side, and only 20% on the Brazilian side.

The Guarani legend about the origin of this waterfall speaks of the intention of God to marry the beautiful girl Naipi, but she escaped with her lover Tarob in a canoe. In anger, the god split the river, creating a waterfall and condemning the lovers to eternal fall. The beauty of Iguazu Falls was officially confirmed, when they were inscribed on the list of 7 World Wonders of Nature.

zlatni rat croatia

Golden Horn, Croatia

There is a beach in Croatia that fascinates millions of tourists. Paradise beach Zlatni rat (Golden Horn) is one of the most beautiful pebble beaches on the Croatian coast. Under the influence of winds, waves, and sea currents, the peak of “Zlatni rat” constantly changes its shape, making it different and interesting every time. This area is otherwise a protected natural area and a favorite place of surfers and kite-surfers from all over the world.

Norwegian fjords

These sea bays are located between sharp rocks that sometimes reach a height of up to 1000 meters. They can be seen all over the world, from Chile to Russia, but most people think of Norway, as most of the fjords, and some of the most beautiful fjords in the world, are right there.

These natural monuments will take your breath away with their majesty, incredible combination of uniqueness and harmony, natural beauty that is not spoiled by the progress of civilization, and pure water of incredible colors.

amazon forest and river

Amazon rainforest and river, Brazil

Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world, covering more than six million square meters, and 60 percent is located in Brazil. It is named after the Amazon River, which is the longest river in the world, and it is associated with the legend of Amazon women warriors.

Along the seven thousand kilometers, as long as it is, the Amazon River has no bridge. On the opposite side, ie. the Amazon coast can only be reached by boat or raft. The Amazon rainforest is the largest and oldest plant formation on Earth. It is the area with the world’s largest biodiversity and makes up 25% of all forests on Earth. There are no seasons, there are only wet and less humid periods.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is the most visited tourist place in Greece, and rightly so, because nature did not spare the white facades, blue roofs and carpentry, along with dark volcanic rocks and the blue of the Aegean Sea make the typical color of Santorini, which nominates each photo for the postcard of the year. Santorini is even more fascinating if you know something more about the island itself – origin, history, legends…

Warm sun rays illuminate this ancient island during most of the year, and even during the so-called “rainy season” from November to March. Warm and dry weather reigns from April until October, so this period is ideal for fully enjoying the picturesque region of Santorini. Santorini is becoming more and more famous for the large number of weddings that are organized there since fairytale sunsets are an ideal scenery for romantic souls.

tara canyon pearl of montenegro

Tara Canyon, Montenegro

Tara Canyon in Montenegro is one of the most fascinating scenes in Europe, if not the whole world. This turquoise blue strip of crystal clear water intersects the northern edge of the Durmitor National Park and forms a 1300 m deep canyon – a wonder of nature that in itself is enough of an invitation to explore for all lovers of adventure and nature.

Also known as the “Tear of Europe”, Tara Canyon is the longest canyon in Europe, and globally it comes only behind the Grand Canyon. Tara Canyon is under the protection of UNESCO and is one of the scenes that really leaves you breathless.

vietnam pearl of nature

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long is a popular tourist destination located in the northeast of Vietnam in the South China Sea, famous for its breathtaking beauty. The bay includes more than 3,000 islands, islets, sea rocks, and caves. Ha Long means “where the dragon landed in the sea.”

According to legend, the islands were formed by a large Halong dragon. Ha Long Bay is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. Several feature films have been made in the Gulf, and the most famous is about James Bond, “Tomorrow Never Dies”.

blue lagoon iceland

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon, located in Grindavik, a fishing town south of Reykjavik, is today one of the biggest tourist attractions in Iceland. The geothermal spa offers a unique experience of enjoying the warm mineral pools whose bottom is covered by volcanic lava. The water is constantly heated to 37-39°C, while the average outdoor temperature is around 5°C. Rich geological layers bring to the surface an abundance of minerals that give the water healing properties.

The pools were created in 1976 when water from a newly built power plant spontaneously poured into a depression lined with extinct volcanic lava. The complex was not used until 1981 when people started coming to cut it. It was soon discovered that water has an extremely good effect in the treatment of skin diseases, especially psoriasis. Only in 1992, after extensive research, the complex was opened to the public, and today the Blue Lagoon is one of the most visited spas in Iceland.

fuji japan

Mount Fuji, Japan

This magnificent mountain is one of the three sacred mountains of Japan. With its regular conical shape, the highest mountain in Japan (3776 m) confirms its volcanic origin. Although the last time the volcano was active was in December 1707, it is still considered a potential threat, mostly to Tokyo. Like Mount Vesuvius, near Naples.

When Japanese cherry blossoms at the foot of the mountain in the spring, and dark black Fuji with snow at the top can be seen in the distance in the distance, there is almost no more magnificent place to enjoy those typical Japanese landscapes than from a postcard.

jeju island

Jeju Island, South Korea

This unusual island is located only 130 kilometers south of the Korean Peninsula and is the largest island located on this peninsula, and is known for having a dormant volcano and the highest mountain Halasan. There are over 200 indigenous plants, 33 endemics, 17 species of mammals, 8 species of amphibians, 198 species of birds, and more than 900 species of insects on the island.

By the way, Jeju Island is a three-time UNESCO winner: it is a part of the world natural heritage, in 2011 it was declared one of the seven world natural wonders, and since 1966 it has been a national park.

Looking at these pictures we can only be thankful that we live in such divine beauty.

Have you been fascinated by some special place? If so, send us your impressions or leave a comment below.

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