Through The Colorful Mountain of Blueberries

Have you ever walked through a colorful mountain of blueberries? Have you had the opportunity to breathe the clean mountain air and admire the view of the magnificent mountain scenery?

Even if you’ve never had such an experience, Libellule will take you right there to feel it and enjoy it.

Passionate mountaineer and photographer Milan Markovic sent us a story and photos from the tour we called The Colorful Mountain of Blueberry.

Let’s fly together!

How The Tour to The Colorful Mountain of Blueberries Started?

A group of nature lovers and mountaineers set off by bus in early morning from the capital of Podgorica in Montenegro.
The tour was organized by Montenegro Phototrekking and they are organized tours every week in different locations. These are always beautiful and even rugged landscapes like mountain peaks and fairytale plateaus.
This time the group planned to visit Black Mountain which is one of the mountains of the region called Kuci.
Kuci region is a spacious plateau from which groups of mountain ranges, individual peaks, and mountains rise. It is a habitat of numerous plant and animal species.
There are also two beautiful and picturesque mountain lakes – Bukumirsko and Rikavacko lakes. Lake Bukumirsko is located in the center of the mountain ridge and its reflection contributes to the unique and recognizable beauty of the Kuci region.
Through The Colorful Mountain of Blueberries
Emerald Bukumirsko Lake

It is a place of miraculous beauty and history full of legends. Bukumirsko Lake is located at an altitude of 1448 meters, and its maximum depth is 16.8 meters. 

It represents one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes of Montenegro.

Trough The Colorful Forest

A group of smiling people of various ages equipped with all their hiking equipment set off to walk from the famous resort of Verusa.

By the way, the journey from Podgorica to Verusa lasted two hours and was quite long, narrow and full of curves, which made the trip even more exciting.

The weather forecast was ideal, sunny with some clouds, temperature 10-15 degrees.

From the starting point, the group set off on a macadam road uphill. The road mostly led through the forest.

Occasionally the road went out to the clearing so the group could enjoyed the view of the surrounding forests.

The combination of various shades of yellow and green with the blue of the sky was ideal for a relaxing walk and photography.

Through The Colorful Mountain of Blueberries
Entry into the forest

After about two hours of easy walking, the group reached the Katun, a place ideal for a break.

Katun is a settlement located at high altitudes and is usually located near hiking and biking trails. 

The special architecture of the katun, completely integrated into the ambience, as well as the special culture that can be found there, are something that tourists from Western Europe and other countries rarely have the opportunity to see.

The food that is eaten here is domestic, extremely tasty and high quality, so fans of active holidays, after great all-day efforts, enjoy the local gastronomy, which can rarely be found in the offer of local restaurants.

After the break, there was an option that whoever wanted could stay to chill on the katun. Those who were rested and fit continued their journey to Black Mountain.

The Colorful Mountain of Blueberries

Through The Colorful Mountain of Blueberries
Endless red fields of blueberries

Black Mountain has one of the most beautiful lookouts in Montenegro – wherever you turn you enjoy the view.

It is interesting that Black Mountain is actually not black, but extremely colorful because of the red blueberry bushes.

Yes, endless fields of organic and incredibly delicious blueberries! Sounds amazing!

But there is a little problem… Every year since the beginning of August, the mountain is flooded with blueberry pickers. Harvesting is done mechanically, with “ridges” and other tools.

Although for hundreds of families this is the only way of income, the blueberry harvest in this way tends to be suppressed because it is unacceptable from an ecological point of view.

As we walked along the ridge of the mountain our mountaineers often stopped to sweeten with sweet blueberries.

Also, they enjoyed the combinations of red, green, and earthy colors on the slopes of the mountain. It was a real sensation for all the senses!

Then a slightly demanding climb to the top began.

Through The Colorful Mountain of Blueberries
Climb along the Black Mountain

The peak of Black Mountain is mild, grassy, very accessible and suitable for hiking and mountaineering.

The terrain is beautiful, clean and clear, so hiking to the top is a real pleasure!

Stronger winds caused less inconvenience, but that did not affect the enthusiasm that the group encountered when they climbed to the very top.

Through The Colorful Mountain of Blueberries
Breathtaking view of amazing mountain peaks

From the top of Black Mountain, there is an breathtaking landscape of giant Komovi, the neighboring exciting peak Maglic and the fascinating massif of Prokletije also called the Balkan Alps.

Komovi is one of the highest and most impressive mountains in Montenegro. The Komovi massif consists of several peaks, of which Kucki Kom (2487 ​​m) is the highest peak of Komovi.

hrough The Colorful Mountains of Blueberry
Happy hiking team and giant Komovi in the background

Our cheerful team took advantage of this beautiful sight to take some great photos. Amazing nature, clean air, tasty blueberries and good company…

That’s what a perfect day should look like!

In The End

We thank Milan for sending us these fantastic photos and sharing with us his experience on the tour through the colorful mountain of blueberries. 

So you could at least visually enjoy these amazing scenes and experiences.

If you liked the text or want to share your impressions write in the comments below.

Also, if you have a story from a tour or trip, send us the material via Share Your Story and we will publish it!

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    • Hi Milan, so glad you like the article! It is a mutual pleasure. Thank you for sharing such a fantastic tour. Keep following and wish you all the best!


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