Tips for Traveling With Pets

Most of you leave your pets with neighbors or in institutions that specialize in caring for them when going on vacation, but this will not always be the case. 

Sometimes you just have to take it with you, you have to or you just want to because your pet is much more than an animal.

For you, he is a member of your family, which is why many people have so much love for their pet that they do not want to leave it alone when they go on a trip. 

That’s why we bring you tips on how to travel with your animal buddy as easily as possible.

Preparations for a traveling with pet

Start preparing a few weeks back, especially if you have a cat. 

Cats have a much harder time with travel than dogs because the cat is generally more sensitive to everything. 

She is less tolerant of driving and changing environments because you walk the dog and he is somehow more naturally adaptable, but again it all depends on the race and how often you take him out into the world. 

So our advice is that no matter if you have a dog or a cat, make preparations for the trip.

The preparation consists of getting the animal used to the car. 

If you do not normally drive a pet, you will have to drive it several times before the trip. 

If you do it often, then even better. 

We recommend that you take your animal buddy to a veterinarian for advice and some pills for nausea and sedation, as animals may often experience intolerance to driving in terms of nausea and vomiting. 

Give him minimal food before setting off.

If you are traveling by plane you must call the airline and inquire about the conditions they offer for the transport of animals. 

Almost all airlines have the possibility of transporting smaller animals with you (you will not be separated from it if the animal does not weigh more than 8 kg. in most cases). 

So your pet will be able to be close to you, it is usually a place under your seat, in a transporter.

kitten in bagIf its weight exceeds that weight, it will be placed in a prepared place in the trunk of the plane, which can be a bit stressful. 

So try to tire your pet with play to get him to sleep most of the way. 

Please note that this will cost you, depending on the tariffs of each individual airline.

Do not forget that when booking a hotel you must mention that you also take a pet because some hotels do not allow animals to stay. 

However, most hotels, especially more modern ones, allow.


Pet in transport

When you go on a trip, bring water, some food, and documents for your pet, you will need them especially if you intend to cross the border. 

Be sure to pack everything, passport, a certificate confirming that the animal has been properly vaccinated, and if your pet has a microchip, make sure that the information on it is accurate and up-to-date before departure.

You may need extra to vaccinate an animal e.g. rabies, which again depends on the policy of each country. 

Just in case, check the rules with the country you are entering, because the rules sometimes differ (although they say that they are unique for the EU).

When driving a car, make sure you place your pet properly. 

You can put the dog on the seat, it would be best in the passenger seat at the feet, but you can also in the back. 

Put a comfortable blanket on him and stop more often so that he can perform his physiological needs regularly. 

As for the cat, avoid driving it without a transporter because the cat can be very restless while driving and jump on you which can be dangerous.

Extra tips

dog in the car

Avoid listening to loud music while driving as this can be irritating for your animal buddy because they have very sensitive ears. 

Never leave it in a parked vehicle because enclosed space and loneliness are stressful and a sudden change in temperature in a parked car can even be fatal!

When traveling by plane, this can be much more stressful for the animal, so try to pay more attention to your pet during the trip because anxiety can occur in response to changes in altitude and confined space.

Always have a small bowl of water to give him during the trip. 

During longer journeys, give the animal very little food and if the journey is shorter, do not feed it at all.

If you decide to take your pet on a boat trip, you may encounter obstacles because a small number of boat carriers allow travel with pets. 

Also, to travel by bus or train, you need to find out which carrier allows the transport of pets and under what conditions.

Hotels for animals

If for some reason, you can’t take your pet with you as much as you want, for example, because of a business trip, then you can always leave it in safe hands, in some of the dog hotels.

Here your buddy will be fully protected and well guarded. The people who work in these especially specialized hotels will provide him with attention and the best care.

Remember that you never, absolutely never leave your beloved pet alone at home for more than a few hours! 

During this period while you are away, prepare food and water available to him, and tie him up just in case.

Enjoy traveling with your pet

traveling with pets

When you take your pet on a trip it’s like taking a child. You will have an obligation but it will be a sweet obligation. 

We hope these tips have helped you travel and vacation with your animal buddy.

If you have any additional advice or suggestions for a table flattering trip with a pet that you feel we have left out feel free to email us in the comments below.

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