The Top 5 Destinations to travel in November 2020

Dear passionate travelers, nature lovers, and you who like to enjoy a good time, we hope you are all well. In these troubled times, the most important thing is to stay healthy and as far away from negative news as possible. The corona crisis is something that is serious but we are of the opinion that you should by no means overdo it in panic and lock yourself in four walls.

If you are young and strong and do not have health problems then you should not limit yourself so strongly, unless of course, your state has introduced a ban on leaving the country or some other similar restrictive measures.

Turn off the tv and watch how nature is changing. It is November. Depending on the hemisphere, his Majesty November is a cold or warm month, but for most people, it is an association with winter. A wonderful month, isn’t it? A little rainy but not too cold. We are slowly approaching the end of a year that has been quite difficult. Why not treat yourself to some nice relaxing trip? Want to avoid the crowds and still have a nice time?

Libellule brings you the top 5 destinations to travel to in November 2020.

Important note: Wherever you are wear a mask properly, take care of hygiene and keep a distance! 
Egypt is always in top destinations for travel
Egypt is always in top destinations for travel

EGYPT – the land of the sleeping gods

Egypt, the land of pharaohs, pyramids, deserts, amazing beaches, calm sea, ancient civilization, world monuments… There are really many reasons to travel to Egypt. There are many interesting stories connected with this desert beauty.

Interesting facts about Egypt

1.Contrary to popular belief, the ancient Egyptians did not ride camels, and these animals began to be used near the end of the dynasty. The Egyptians used mostly donkeys for transportation.

2.Mummification was very expensive, and only the richest strata of society were mummified.

3.Egyptian women had the same rights as men and were equal members of society.

4.The Egyptians did not write in hieroglyphs, because it took a lot of time. With this letter, they decorated the tombs and walls of the temples, and only some texts were written in this language.

5.The king of Egypt could also be a woman if the previous king did not have a son. At least three women were rulers of this country.

6.Not all pharaohs built pyramids.

7.Herodotus believed that the Great Pyramid was built by over 100,000 slaves. But archaeological evidence indicates that it was done by workers, for a salary.

8.Cleopatra’s husband was not beautiful, according to some historians. However, she was described as very charming.

So, Egypt with its rich history definitely offers the opportunity to see and experience interesting and mystical things and experiences. If you tempt to take a boat trip down the Nile, we advise you to avoid large cruisers with a lot of people, if they sail at all considering the situation, and opt for a small group sailing excursion on a traditional felucca instead. In Egypt currently, 35% of flights are operating and 74% of hotels have availability. Temperature in November: 26°C high; 13°C low.

ICELAND – the frozen kingdom

blue lagoon
Blue Lagoon in Iceland is so magical place

Iceland is also called the “land of ice and fire” because it abounds in volcanoes and geysers for which it is famous. Winter in Iceland is not as harsh as you might think. Temperatures are around zero degrees, and summers are quite cold with an average temperature of ten degrees Celsius.

The interior of the island is mostly covered with ice while its peripheries are inhabited. What you would definitely have to visit if you decided on this fairytale destination is the Blue Lagoon or “Blue Lagoon” in Grindavik.

For those who like low temperatures and enjoy the magic of the snow, Iceland is the right destination for a trip in November. This month brings Iceland’s dark winter nights and, with them, the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Temperature in November: 4°C high; -2°C low.

Interesting facts about Island

1.Most Icelanders believe in the so-called “Hidden people” – elves, dwarves, and trolls

2.There are no forests in Iceland 2.Iceland has Beer Day: 1.3. every year. This marks the day in 1989 when a beer finally became legal

3.The Icelandic language has remained unchanged since the time of the Vikings settling on the island in the 9th century. That is why Icelandic children in schools read old sagas with ease

4.Revenue from whale watching trips exceeds revenue from whaling

5.Iceland had its first democratically elected prime minister openly gay

6.Iceland had its first democratically elected female president

7.Coca-Cola consumption per capita is higher than in any other country

if you want to travel to this beautiful country pay attention there are currently some country restrictions. Take a look at the following link Traveling Guide to Island.

top destinations in november
In Havana you feel like in a time machine

CUBA – a long-lived beauty

Cuba, a country and archipelago in the northern Caribbean, located between the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean, is one of the most visited countries in the world, considering that it is visited by about two million tourists known as the country with turbulent past and great diversity. Temperature in November: 29°C high; 21°C low.

Interesting facts about Cuba

1.Cuba is one of the two countries where the most famous non-alcoholic carbonated drink, Coca-Cola, is not sold.

2.Cuba is the country with probably the highest literacy rate in the world, with 99.8 percent of the literate population.

3.Fidel Castro was born on Friday the 13th. Also, on one occasion, he stated that he saves 10 working hours because he does not shave, and as many as 637 assassinations were attempted on him.

4.Today, on the streets of Cuba, you can see cars from the 50s that are still in running order. Namely, the purchase of a personal car is completely forbidden and it can only be owned if the person inherited it from the period before 1959.

5.If you are in Cuba and hitchhike, state vehicles are legally obliged to stop and pick you up.

6.Mobile phones were banned in this state until 2008.

7.Only five percent of Cubans have access to the Internet because such a thing requires a special permit. Otherwise, the sentences are up to five years in prison.

8.The Cuban population is among the longest-lived in the world

top destination
New York, always in the top of favorite destinations

NEW YORK - awake both day and night

It is a small world where there are so many differences and elements that make it a favorite city of many people. It is the perfect place for jet setters, alternative artists, lovers of poetry and literature, family life…

Wherever you go, you will come across something that will steal your heart and gain your eternal affection. Well, considering the situation, you probably won’t have a chance to have a crazy party time but if you visit 5th Avenue, Times Square, or Brooklyn bridge you will have a passive vacation full of surprises.

Interesting facts about New York

1.The Chinatown of New York is the largest Chinese community in the Western Hemisphere.

3.It takes 75,000 tree trees to print Sunday’s New York Times Trust.

4.Washington Square Park was originally a cemetery for yellow fever victims and later a place of public executions.

5.Calvary Cemetery, opened in Queens in 1848, is a place where nearly three million people are buried, more than in any other cemetery in the United States.

6.1,244 km long, the New York subway system is 130 km longer than the highway system through the state of New York.

7.About 40,000 scenes are filmed on the streets of New York every year – including commercials, movies, TV shows and series, music videos, and documentaries.

In New Jork currently, 32% of flights are operating and 63% of hotels have availability. Temperature in November: 13°C high; 6°C low.

top destination to travel in november
New York is a perfect combination of modern and natural

Advice for naturelovers and those who want to escape a little from the hustle and bustle of the Golden Apple: Visit Shakespeare’s garden, which are the flowers that the writer wrote about in his works to feel a real connection with nature.

Istanbul, a giant unique beauty

ISTANBUL – a place where differences meet

Istanbul is a city like no other. Huge and endless, it lies on two continents, where, embracing the Bosphorus Canal, there are fewer sights and interesting places that are visited by over 7 million foreigners a year. Istanbul is not expensive and it is worth visiting because of the shopping.

However, this city with its historical core is one of those destinations that you must see and experience precisely because it is a hub of civilizations. The place of the collision of Christianity and Islam. Blue Mosques and Hagia Sophia. A place for many, centuries-old corners that serve unsurpassed food, drinks, and sweets. A visit to famous Aya Sofia and a cruise on the beautiful Bosphorus will delight you!

Interesting facts about Istanbul

1.Let’s start with what everyone already knows, Istanbul is the only city in the world that lies on two continents: Europe and Asia.

2.This magical city was the capital of three empires: Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman. Today, it is not the capital of Turkey, but it is the largest and most visited.

3.Istanbul has a population of 13 million, much like the whole of Belgium.

4.Like Rome, Istanbul is a city lying on 7 hills.

5.During the Ottoman Empire, the city had as many as 1,400 public toilets, while other cities did not have any.

6.Until 1977, the Istanbul railway was the most luxurious. Agatha Christie got her inspiration here and wrote the famous novel “Murder on the Orient Express”.

7.The Grand Bazaar consists of over 3,000 shops. A real treat for everyone who enjoys shopping.

8.The tulips are not from Holland, they are originally from Istanbul. There is also a tulip fair which is held every year in April.

Istanbul is extremely convenient for travel because the restrictions are much milder compared to other countries. In this city currently 48% of flights are operating and 84% of hotels have availability which is quite a lot considering situation. Temperature in November: 15°C high; 8°C low.

More information about open and available hotels and bookings find thorugh Expeda easily and fast form. 

Cheers and enjoy your travel!

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4 thoughts on “The Top 5 Destinations to travel in November 2020”

  1. I have visited New York City and some cities in Turkey, going through the bazaars is so much different than a mall in the US.
    The facts that you gave about Cuba are very interesting. I wondered why most of the cars were from the ’50s or before and not newer.
    I have always been interested in Egypt since I was in Turkey a long time ago. Do they have trips that can be purchased as a package deal? I would be more interested in a tour instead of trying to wing it. This would be on my bucket list.


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