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Having children is the most beautiful thing in life but not when it comes to travel. Traveling with children may sound exhausting but it doesn’t have to be.

Libellule brings you tips on how to make traveling with children as easy and interesting as possible, as well as the top 5 travel destinations with kids.

Why is it important to travel with children

traveling with kids

We all love to travel but when we need to travel with kids almost everyone has some resistance to do it. Especially if the children are very young, they require constant attention and dedication. But don’t avoid traveling with your children because it will benefit them greatly. Not just them but you.

We bring you the benefits of traveling for your child.

The child gains experience

Let your child start gaining various experiences from an early age. The more experiences they gain, the more resourceful and intelligent they will be when they grow up than other children who have not traveled.

The reason for this lies in broadening the horizons that travel provides. Children who go nowhere further than their neighborhood or city in adulthood express more fears and prejudices because they have not seen a broader and deeper picture of the world around them.

Let your children not grow up under the glass bell, allow them to develop into small cosmopolitans.

By growing up into people who have no prejudices against anything and no one, it will help him a lot to have a happier and more fulfilled life tomorrow and to be loved and appreciated by other people.

People who had the experience of traveling as a child adapt and learn quickly, accept, and understand others more easily. These experiences will help them develop into confident people, people who adapt and think, who respect and view problems and situations from multiple angles.

You help him develop as well as yourself

Let your child be active from an early age and awaken that child’s curiosity in him. This will give fuel to his brain to make it easier for him to gain knowledge in life. During the trip, teach him about things and people around him, and the children will absorb it like a sponge. Traveling with children also develops your life.

Traveling with children, we see even the simplest things in a completely new way. They will usually have a comment on something that will impress them and you take it for granted. Then you realize that you have lost that childlike joy and want to awaken it again. When we grow up, let’s forget how magical the world is – let’s look at it again through the eyes of a child!

You beautify their childhood

Unfortunately, today’s children do not have the opportunity to spend their childhood in nature and play, because technology has entered all the pores of life. Now children mostly play on the phone. Such an unhealthy childhood creates dissatisfied people.

Take your child to nature, hiking, touring cities, zoos, let him see as much as possible so that tomorrow when he grows up he will have beautiful memories of a happy childhood that he will retell.

You strengthen family ties

Traveling will help children develop a sense of home and community. She will intuitively feel that the family is home, not a place. The joy of passing on the love of travel to our children is invaluable to both them and us. Enjoying travel and family adventures helps the dynamics of the whole family and children will gain an even greater sense of security and joy.

So it will increase the love connection between you because you will not only be a formal, strict parent but a friend, companion, and entertainer. It also helps him build healthy and stable relationships with people.

Tips for traveling with children

Don’t avoid traveling with your children because the years go by quickly so you may regret not using that time to enjoy them. The unexpected joys you experience traveling with them will be a reward for any obstacles that arise. We bring you tips to keep these obstacles and unforeseen situations to a minimum.

Good organization

Yes, we will not lie to you, traveling with children can be very stressful but the key is in good organization. When you have good organization then everything goes much easier. Plan everything well before you go on a trip.

It is very important to choose the right destination. It’s not the same to take a child to Paris or one of the cities of cold Russia (unless you  have to). Make it a place that will be comfortable for both you and your children, such as cities where there is plenty of content for children or places in nature.

Good preparation for the trip

After selecting a destination, you should prepare well. Provide more time for preparation, so that you would not be nervous because of a lot of work at the last minute.Book accommodation on time because when you arrive at your destination with your children, you will only want to settle down immediately and take a break from the trip, without additional activities and nervousness. It would be wise to take travel insurance just in case.

Bring medicine

Basic medicines are mandatory on vacation with children. Although every tourist place certainly has a pharmacy, it is better to be prepared because children’s immunity is weak, so they may get a temperature on the way. Be sure to bring: a thermometer, antipyretic, antihistamine for children with allergies, ointment to relieve insect bites, first aid kit (eg povidone-iodine, bandage…), nose drops, eye drops, probiotic, rehydration, mandatory therapy if the child has it.

Also, inquire at a travel agency or on arrival where the emergency rooms are located, in case you need them urgently.

During the trip

If at all possible, try to match the travel time with their sleep time. That way, you’ll spend at least part of the way in peace.

 Pack enough food, fruits and vegetables, snacks, and always larger amounts of water and extra clothes. Also, bring toys or something that will keep the children’s attention along the way. You should also bring an anti-nausea pill just in case. For small children and, babies it is best to have a stretcher in the back seat of the car. If you travel by plane, avoid the rear parts and always have some fun to offer him, e.g. a new interesting toy or video.

You need to be prepared to animate children often

On vacation with the kids

First, check the safety of the accommodation, electrical outlets, the position of the terrace, stairs … Also, pay attention to the fact that very easily some of the children can get lost and get out of sight in the crowds of tourist places. One of the tricks used by many parents is for the child to carry a note with the phone number and basic information of the parents. If the child is older, he can remember the phone number.

Plan different and additional activities, because it may not be fun for every child to spend hours on the beach. Let everyone have time for themselves so you will come back satisfied with the trip.

Top 5 travel destinations with kids

It is important to choose the right destination. Choose mostly quieter places that are close to some attractions that your little ones would love to see. We bring you five destinations that will satisfy everyone’s tastes.


Italy is ideal for family travel. The beauty and diversity of this country will delight you. In recent years, Cinque Terre, one of the most picturesque Mediterranean coastal areas, has become a very popular tourist destination. This small picturesque town is a real paradise for adults and children. Quiet meat will give you the rest you dreamed of. You can reach the village only by electric buses or boats because the authorities, as a sign of preservation and protection of the park, have banned the entry of cars and motorcycles.

During your stay in this destination, you can see the ruins of some castles, churches, nice houses in pastel colors… After sightseeing, you can relax in the Mediterranean waters or enjoy excellent Italian cuisine. At the end of the day, children will have the opportunity to enjoy a tasting of real Italian pizza, and parents will enjoy local wine. Read more tips for visiting Cinque Terre with kids.


Travel destinations with kids

Spain is the next destination on our list. We suggest you specifically Barcelona, which is the second-largest city in Spain and the beauty will take your breath away. In a city with a rich history, you can walk through the narrow medieval streets that have remarkable architecture. A visit to Barcelona should also include a tour of the most famous attractions such as Gaudí’s unfinished Sagrada Familia Cathedral and Park Guell, which offers panoramic city tours.

If you want to see the port of Barcelona from a bird’s eye view, jump on the cable car on Montjuic, which is located southwest of Barcelona. Children will enjoy a visit to the Oceanarium “Aquarium Barcelona” where they can see rays and sharks 80 meters long swimming in an underwater tunnel. Also, the Magic Fountain, which is a real musical and light spectacle, should not be missed. You and the children will enjoy it. See what else you can do in Barcelona with kids here. 


With good organization, Switzerland can be an accessible, enjoyable, and definitely memorable destination for the whole family. Switzerland offers an endless list of attractions and activities for you and your children. You can pretty much enjoy breathtaking scenery anywhere you look. Each city and town has its unique architecture, culture, and outdoor activities. But if you have little ones in tow, some cities are more family-friendly than others.

Geneva, Lucerne, Zermatt, The Valais, and Saint Moritz are the best places to visit for some quality family time during your trip. See more about things to do in Switzerland with kids.

New Zealand

travel destination with kids

Do not be afraid of distant destinations, the only condition is that you prepare well and you can give your family an unforgettable vacation in the beautiful wilderness of New Zealand.

New Zealand is among the top destinations for a family who loves an active vacation. The multitude of mountain peaks and unexplored landscapes will provide you and your little ones with the best vacation ever. You will enjoy  a fabulous wildlife parks, beaches, parks, snowy slopes, and interactive museums across New Zealand. There are countless attractions designed specifically for kids and families and you can find them here.



Travel destinations with kids

Although a big city, Chicago is surprisingly easy to visit with children, maybe even too easy. There is an array of kid-friendly shops, shows,  and tours,  located and positioned so close that they require little transportation.

Sure, most children could spend a week happily playing beside the big steel Cloud Gate (known to locals as the Bean) in Millennium Park, this city’s front yard. But do not miss the rest of Chicago, a city of distinctive and intriguing neighborhoods.

Here are some ideas culled from Chicago families about how to explore this city with children.

Also, Disneyland is also a good choice that your kids will be thrilled with.

For more useful texts about traveling with children visit 17 best countries to visit with kids and Mom goes camping website.


Real-life begins out of comfort. We take them on trips and help our children grow into independent and happy people. He will soon learn that the customs and colors of the skin are different, but that a smile and love everywhere mean the same thing. Such children are the people of the future.

Did the text help you to have a nice trip with the kids and write to us your experience in the comments below.

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