Unique Wedding Locations

Let’s change the course a bit and go to those romantic spheres.

Couples have now become more creative than ever in the wedding planning process. 

If you don’t like traditional wedding and you want your wedding to be as special as your love, Libellule brings you unique wedding locations that will surely interest you. 

Some are quite simple and cheap and others require a considerable amount of money. 

We are sure that you will find a destination for yourself among them.

Wedding in heaven

sky wedding location

This is not for those modest newlyweds with a shallow pocket. 

The company “Air Charter Service” has designed a new service that will make this event unforgettable for newlyweds, due to a coronavirus pandemic.

“Wedding in the Sky” is a package for at a price of 28,000 dollars, which offers newlyweds to take on a two-hour flight in a private “Challenger 850” type plane that can accommodate up to 16 passengers. 

This arrangement also includes a food and beverage service that can be adapted to the wishes and needs of the newlyweds. 

The flight route can be arranged in advance so that the aircraft can fly over areas that are important to the newlyweds for some personal reasons.

The company also presented a package deal “Only the two of us” at a price of 18,000 dollars, which offers the same benefits, but on “Cessna” type planes for two people.

Rocking wedding

sky wheel wedding

For those who love adrenaline, there is a wedding to the point from the amusement park that will leave you speechless. 

The spinning wheel stops at some point when you are at the top and the ceremony takes place there. After saying the fateful “Yes”, you return downstairs to enjoy the joy. 

This option is offered by Sky Wheel in Myrtle Beach.  Spin your love!

A country – style wedding

country wedding unique location

If you are a nature lover and want a simple wedding the right choice is a village or some environment far from civilization like meadow or forest. 

The village provides a special ambience for a wedding. 

Peace, nature, and intimacy are the perfect characteristics that adorn a wedding on the estate. 

The family atmosphere and beautiful sunset will be the perfect collaborators in creating unforgettable memories. 

The vineyard is also a phenomenal choice because wine is a symbol of the beginning of something new and sweet.

Wet marriage

unique wedding location

If you like a watery ambiance, you can have your wedding surrounded by water and sea creatures as an audience. 

Thus, one couple had an unusual and unique wedding in the Istanbul Aquarium, where more than 500 thousand sea animals live, including sharks. 

Namely, at the bottom of the large aquarium, wedding inventory was placed for this occasion, and the newlyweds, godparents, and registrar wore diving suits in addition to formal suits.

This kind of wedding is also provided by the luxurious Atlantis Marine World in Riverheadt in New York. 

There are also amazing weddings in underground caves for those who love mystery.

Wedding on a tree

wedding on a tree

When you want something modest and yet unforgettable, a natural ambience is, of course, the first choice. Completely unconventional choice and ideal if you only have a few guests. 

Such an ambience offers you The Fox and Hounds Country Hotel in the United Kingdom.

It is a luxury tree-house licensed for intimate ceremonies and a honeymoon retreat in which you will experience a fairytale wedding in a natural way.

Wedding on a cruise

wedding on the boat

Although they are more common lately these weddings are still on the list of unusual ones. 

They are usually chosen by couples who love travel and adventure.

A wedding on a boat is a type of luxury that is paid extra and that not everyone can afford, but those who can remember that experience for the rest of their lives. 

See the offer at Cruise Wedding.

Exotic wedding

bahami wedding

If you want to organize an event for everyone that they will remember for a lifetime, choose, for example, the Bahamas for your tropical wedding. 

Libellule brings you 5 ideal suggestions where to say the famous “Yes” in the Bahamas.

1.Meliá Nassau Beach. This is an ideal proposal for those who want a less extravagant wedding. This location will appeal to people who love simplicity.

2.British Colonial Hilton Nassau. As many as 2 James Bond movies have been made in this hotel, so you know that this is a very exclusive place that offers many services when it comes to weddings. 

Although you can choose the beach for the wedding ceremony itself, we suggest a grassy area surrounded by palm trees. 

The day before the ceremony, you can take your guests on a tour of art galleries, a show with dolphins…

3.Graycliff Hotel. If you want a more intimate wedding, then this place is perfect for you. 

As an ideal location for the ceremony itself, it can be the part around the pool that is surrounded by tall palm trees and rich vegetation.

4.Atlantis Paradise Island. Bahamas In a large resort such as Atlantis Paradise Island, there are certainly 50 perfect spaces for your wedding ceremony.

5.One & Only Ocean Club. This place is known as a favorite destination of celebrities. 

Many members of the world jet-set enjoy it all year round. 

Although the most attractive place for your wedding ceremony may be the Beach Deck, our suggestion is the 12th- century cathedral Cloisters with a beautiful garden.

Safari wedding

safari wedding

if you are a wildlife lover South Africa provides you with the perfect ambiance for your wedding! 

South Africa is a popular choice for wedding destinations, thanks to its magnificent scenery, reliable weather conditions, and relatively affordable prices. 

If you are looking at a particularly popular place, you may have to book more than a year in advance. 

This is an ideal location if you want a combination of wild intimacy and besides, spring is there now, which is another reason to opt for this type of wedding. 

Libellule especially recommends Ulusaba Weddings for a special experience which gives you an unforgettable exotic wedding!

In the end, no matter what destination you decide to get married every wedding and every love is unique and unrepeatable.

Share with us if your wedding was just as unique. 

Those who are still waiting for the most important day in life can share their wishes in the comments below.


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