Who Said is not Easy Being Green

There are currently more than 7.8 billion people in the world and that number is constantly increasing. 

It is ideal for all people to eat healthily, breathe clean air, and live in the most natural and clean environment. 

But that is not the case. 

While on the one hand, the number of people is rapidly increasing, on the other hand, the number of natural raw materials and clean air is decreasing. 

And no one is to blame for that except ourselves.

In order to preserve the lungs of the planet, its arteries, and organs, we must change our habits and way of life, and that change should start with ourselves.

Humanity is destroying itself


We are born in the divine world. Just look at that beauty of 

Mother Nature, the magnificent mountains, the lush forests, the fertile land that feeds us. 

The problem arose when we took all those gifts of nature for granted and started behaving non-domestically. 

In the race for technological success and higher quality, we have built factories that sow death, not realizing that instead of progressing, we are killing ourselves.

The amount of harmful substances emitted by the factory, especially those that do not have purification filters, is huge. 

There is no country or city that does not have problems with pollution. 

One of the most  polluted cities in the world is Beijing, where skyscrapers have not been seen for days because of smog, and people go with masks. 

The amount of pollution in that city is abnormal and despite measures being taken in China to reduce pollution, it is still very high.

pollution in see

Just look at how much smog and other toxins are emitted by cars and other means of transport, such as ships and tankers that often discharge large amounts of waste and oil into the sea killing the life in it. 

That is why there is an increased incidence of cancer and other diseases because a man came from nature and without nature, he can not live.

What’s worse, instead of saving forests and planting extra trees because they are the lungs of the earth, we are constantly destroying our green friends. 

Nature suffers, animals suffer, the whole country suffers, so we are no better. 

And we will not get better until we realize that by destroying nature we are destroying ourselves and that change must begin with us and within ourselves.

who said in not easy being green

It is easy being green

So change begins with us and within us. 

This means that all of us as individuals must take care of our environment, of the way we treat it. It’s not hard to be green at all. 

Green on the outside and inside. 

On the outside with his way of life and behavior, and on the inside with his way of thinking.

So our consciousness needs to change and we are still on time. 

Many of us do not have a developed awareness that by polluting our backyard we are helping to pollute the whole world. 

We may not be able to influence the smaller construction of factories and the dumping of waste from ships, but we can clean our space every day, plant plants in our yard, and use our bicycles more. 

Green guidelines

Here are guidelines that should be followed to contribute to a healthy environment and help the world recover.

1. If you have a house with a yard, then you are really lucky because you do not live in a concrete, but as much in nature. 

Clean your house and yard regularly. 

Keep it green often by planting new seedlings of plants and trees. 

Make your little oasis and make your life healthier.

2. If you live in cities you still have the opportunity to help make Earth cleaner and greener. 

Do not throw rubbish out of the bin and on the street. 

As a means of transport, try to use your bicycle as much as possible, or if you can’t do without a car, use it as little as possible. 



3. It takes about 450 years to decompose a plastic bottle; 20 billion plastic bottles are thrown away every year. 

Do not throw away bottles, but collect them and if you have the opportunity, take them to the recycling container. 

Unfortunately, many countries do not have such a burst of recycling. 

Also, use a canvas bag when you go shopping instead of plastic bags because they take as much as a thousand years or more to decompose!

4. Do not throw rubbish in nature, on beaches or the sea. 

Also, people  have an ugly habit of throwing rubbish from cars on the go. 

Prepare a special bag when you go on trips and throw rubbish there, and then throw the bag regularly in the nearest container. 

Not next to the container, inside.


5 .Take care where you throw, cigarette butts to save nature from the fire, and the best thing you could do is to quit smoking completely.

6. Participate in as many green planting work actions as possible. 

If there are no such actions in your environment, why not organize them yourself? 

Invite your friends to invite theirs and clean at least one meadow together. 

Remember it all starts with a small deed and you will be very proud of yourself. 

Who is ready to do small deeds they will do great deeds!

plant action

Green conclusion

planet earth

If the same positive thing the coronavirus pandemic has brought to the world is a reduction in pollution. 

Everyone noticed that our cities and sea were cleaner, as was the air itself. 

Thus, the peaks of the Himalayas are seen for the first time from a distance of 200 km, and the inhabitants of officially the most polluted city in the world, New Delhi, finally breathe clean air.

It is proof that we are humans, the biggest polluters and the biggest enemies of our own habitat. 

If we destroy everything where are we going to live? 

We have no other home than the planet Earth. 

That is why we have no choice. 

We are at a turning point. 

Either we will finally and irrevocably destroy it or we will make a turn. 

Let’s all take this small but still big step and make our house healthy for ourselves and future generations. 

It doesn’t require much effort and the feeling is invaluable.

Do you and how much do you personally go into reducing pollution? 

Have you participated in any actions so far? 

Do you have any suggestions on how to be even greener? 

Write to us in the comments.

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