Why is Important to Have an Eco-Friendly Vacation? (Top Eco-Friendly Destinations)

Dear nature lovers, now we will see why is important to have an eco-friendly vacation and find a few top eco-friendly destinations for your vacation.

This article will help you spend your vacation in the best and healthiest way possible, both for you and the environment.

Because if we don’t preserve a healthy environment, we can’t be healthy ourselves, can we?

Why is Important to Have an Eco-Friendly Vacation?

Healthy travel is a growing need of a man in the technological age.

Spending holidays somewhere in nature, in the countryside, visiting famous places, going to spas, going to the river, rafting, cruises, have become a mass phenomenon.

Eco-tourism has become extremely sought after because people have recognized why it is important to have an eco-friendly vacation.

The answer is simple, to preserve the environment and our health.

We are witnessing huge pollution of our planet, which is caused by our arrogant behavior. 

Therefore, natural disasters are becoming more frequent. 

Nature seems to be angry. She expects our repentance and change before it is too late. 

We don’t have another house…

That is why it is necessary to take care of nature and the environment during travel as much as we take care at home.

Dear nature lovers, now we will see why is important to Have an eco-friendly vacation and find a few top eco-friendly places for your vacation.

The belief that caring for the environment ends with crossing the national border adorns many children of consumerism, eager to take them on shopping tours and photogenic areas while they are constantly on holiday.

The new place is just one more river on the “to visit” lists, which leaves no room for living in the moment and creating a quality relationship with the environment.

Such behavior will not leave as much of a mark on nature as it does on us so that our health and quality of life will drop significantly.

To prevent this, read the the following and try to apply it.

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How to Have an Eco-Friendly Vacation?

The first thing is to gain awareness and knowledge about the protection of the natural environment in which we spend our vacation.

An ecotourist, first of all, loves nature and travel. He travels alone or in small groups, up to 20 people.

He may be spending more or less than the average tourist, avoiding mass travel and visits to popular destinations, and instead of looking for something of special value to him.

This type of tourist walks rides a bike, paddles, rides a paraglider, rides a horse.

He is educated and prefers modest accommodation in smaller facilities, which do not disturb the appearance and cleanliness of the environment and use renewable energy sources.

And more than anything he is a responsible and compassionate person, a small contributor to the salvation of the planet and life on it.

Here are tips on how to behave responsibly and be an eco-friendly tourist.

Think from your own angle

Whenever you go to throw away a cigarette butt, plastic bottle or bag, think about how it would feel to have someone do it in your backyard.

The Karma is clear. Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want them to do to you.

Even though it is about nature because it is also alive.

Choose transportation carefully

Of course, you do not have the option of transport when traveling to distant countries but you have if you are vacationing nearby.

Why go to a nearby couple, forest or mountain by car when you can use a bicycle, or have a walk for example?

It is much healthier for both you and the environment.

It may seem to you that not using just one car does not contribute to any improvement but you are mistaken.

Don’t forget, individuals move the masses.

Do not use plastic sucks

Never carry plastic with you, such as bottles, bags, sacks!

This causes severe damage to nature. Did you know that it takes nature about 1000 years to develop one plastic object, while a plastic bag takes about 240 years?

Use canvas bags and bottles made of recyclable material. Avoid paper, glass, and even organic waste.

If you still have to take this then pick it up with you.

Do not leave waste behind

Why is Important to Have an Eco-Friendly Vacation? (Top Eco-Friendly Places)
Garbage is a shameful act that destroys the beauty of the landscape, leading to the creation of an unhealthy living environment.

So you avoid the habit of throwing garbage as a conscious environmental traveler.

Follow a no trace mode. So wherever you go, whether it’s a camp or a park, a beach or any other place, make sure you wear everything you wear.

Always throw your trash in the trash concerning what can and cannot be recycled.

Save energy and food

Power plants that produce electricity also generate huge harmful emissions that pollute the air around us.

So always turn off the lights, air conditioning and TV when leaving the hotel rooms.

Also, every year tons of food is lost as a result of tourism around the world, while so many people and children die of hunger.

Pack or order only the amount of food you are sure you will eat.

Go for eco-friendly options

If you can, choose accommodations that take care of nature, such as eco-hotels that have rainwater harvesting, low-flow toilets, solar energy and energy-efficient lighting.

If you prefer vacations in nature then have a picnic, camping or glamping.

In this way, you will get to know nature and you will respect it more.

Get involved in eco-friendly actions

Why is Important to Have an Eco-Friendly Vacation? (Top Eco-Friendly Places)

Wherever you can, join the actions for cleaning and reforestation of nature, or even better, organize it yourself.

Also, don’t make it hard for you to pick up the bullshit that others leave behind.

Remember nature is alive and it always reciprocates every good deed.

Don’t think superficially

Don’t think superficially in the sense that you as an individual can’t do anything.

You are the hope and light to others who will learn a good example from you.

Remember that you are the little strength and that individuals have changed the world.

Top Eco-Friendly Destinations

We bring you a few top eco-friendly destinations.


Why is Important to Have an Eco-Friendly Vacation? (Top Eco-Friendly Destinations)

Iceland is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Due to the high level of implementation of environmental policy, the inhabitants of Iceland can enjoy the untouched natural beauty. In some areas, the natural beauty is breathtaking.

As much as 82% of electricity and heat comes from hydrogen and geothermal sources, and only 18% is obtained by burning coal.

Costa Rica

Why is Important to Have an Eco-Friendly Vacation? (Top Eco-Friendly Destinations)

The following example of Iceland in the use of renewable energy sources Costa Rica has produced excellent results.

Carbon dioxide emissions have been significantly reduced and the amounts have been restored.

Over five million trees have been planted in the last five years, which is an incredible success.


Why is Important to Have an Eco-Friendly Vacation? (Top Eco-Friendly Destinations)

Finland is the best country on the topic of ecology.

As much as 38 percent of the total energy Finns draw from renewable sources and of course, take great care of nature. 

Finland has as many as 40 national parks and has more forests per square meter than any other country in Europe.


Why is Important to Have an Eco-Friendly Vacation? (Top Eco-Friendly Destinations)

In Switzerland, the commitment to a clean environment has not changed over the years. It is done constantly and planned.

There are no illegal landfills in the country because the state and its citizens take equal care of the environment.

Due to pollution prevention, there are smaller cities where the use of cars is completely prohibited.


Why is Important to Have an Eco-Friendly Vacation? (Top Eco-Friendly Destinations)

Tanzania has previously banned the import, production, sale and use of plastic bags.

This popular tourist destination for lovers of African wildlife has issued a notice to travelers that they will have to hand over their plastic bags when entering this country.

Tanzania has a large number of large and ecologically significant nature parks.

Final Thought 

Hope that this article helped you to raise at least a little awareness of the importance of eco-friendly behavior not only in travel but in every aspect of life.

It is very important to have an eco-friendly vacation in order to preserve the health of nature and thus your own health. And the health of your loved ones, of course.

We do not want to get into a situation wherein a few years or decades we will destroy life on the planet irretrievably.

So be responsible even when traveling and taking vacations.

Write in the comments below about how you behave on trips.

Also, we are interested in whether you have recently taken part in any cleansing or planting action.

We can’t wait to hear your stories and impressions!


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  1. Hi Libellule, very interesting and useful article! I am a lover of nature and I am committed to preserving it as much as it is up to me. I try not to throw garbage everywhere, both at home and on trips. I agree that it is necessary to raise awareness among people and that is exactly what is achieved with texts like this. I can’t understand those who can treat so bad the planet that is our common home. My opinion is that high penalties should be introduced for nature pollution.
    When it comes to travel, my vacations are mostly camping and glamping because I long for nature, silence, and clean air. More and more people are opting to visit natural destinations and the era of ecological travel has just begun. I think people are fed up with cities and tend to rest in places of untouched nature. The countries you listed are really green destinations. I had the opportunity to stay in Oulanka National Park in Finland and it is beautiful.
    Also, I regularly spend my holidays in Switzerland, my favorite destination and I can say that it is the cleanest country!
    What I would suggest for some of the following texts is to write about specific places such as eco-villages, resorts, and other places that provide healthy rest and recreation.
    By the way, I have bookmarked this website and can’t wait for new texts.
    Just keep going!

    • Hi Mila, thanks for the words of support and we are glad you like the article. We recognized the importance of eco-tourism and the desire of people to return to nature as a source of health and peace. Therefore, we will strive to be better and better, all in order to provide you with useful information. We are of the same opinion as you, that people are tired of the modern way of life and that a return to nature is inevitable in every sense.
      We are even more glad that you are one of the conscientious individuals thanks to whom there is hope that we will be able to save our planet.
      We will adopt your proposal regarding specific eco destinations. We are preparing more interesting texts, so stay tuned! Keep follow and enjoy.


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