Why Not Give Up on Travel in COVID-19 Time

In this post, we present you some strong reasons why not to give up on travel in COVID-19 time.

Travel in COVID-19 Time

We’re sure that travel is what you miss the most, aren’t we?

Travel is the most affected area of life in a pandemic that has affected the entire world.

Fear has taken hold in people and most do not travel anywhere at all.

Others timidly go but because of fear they can relax and enjoy their vacation.

The question is why would you give up on travel even during a pandemic?

Ok, things may not be as carefree as before but with a reasonable dose of caution, we can still travel and look forward to life.

Because if we lose the joy of life we lose everything.

Why Not Give Up on Travel in COVID-19 Time
Loneliness and fear are also global pandemics

5 Strong Reasons Why Not Give Up on Travel in COVID-19 Time

No.1 – Loss of Joy

The loss of joy in life is the first bad consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are witnessing what happened with people because of the long-term isolation and daily news about the number of infected and dead.

No more happy faces on the streets. People have become reserved, melancholic, and they have lost the joy of living.

How can we regain that joy? By continuing to do what we love.

If travel is our passion and makes us happy, why give it up? There is always a solution.

The worst thing you can do is to completely deny yourself travel and lose one of the greatest source of pleasure and joy.

No.2 – You Have a Choice

As we said there is a solution.

It lies in the fact that you actually have a choice.

If cross-border trips are canceled you can always take a short vacation on your own.

The nearby mountains or river can be a great place for a weekend, or camping/glamping.

Such vacations became popular in the time of the pandemic because people are beginning to recognize the importance of nature.

For example, today more than ever the so-called eco-travel are very popular and we have already written Why is Important to Have an Eco-Friendly Vacation? (Top Eco-Friendly Places) 

Also, many countries are open to visitors and tourists have many amazing offers.

So, life goes on. You will have a lot of benefits if you leave the house.

No.3 – You Can Travel Safe

Why Not Give Up of Travel in COVID-19 Time
Be responsible and considerate, use means of protection

You can be protected even when traveling.

It is only necessary to adhere to technical things such as wearing a mask, keeping a distance as much as you can and frequent disinfection of hands and surfaces.

The fact is that we can be equally infected at home because we definitely have to do shopping, take the children to school…

So, the chances of infecting yourself and others are very small if you act responsibly.

No.4 – Keeping Health

By traveling you protect both your physical and your mental health.

One quality vacation in nature or a trip to a place you like is the right medicine for your body and soul.

By not giving up travel you will avoid hard problems that bring immobility, isolation, and loneliness.

Also, breaking the fear by going on a trips shows that you are a sane person who is not prone to exaggeration and panic.

Here you can read in more detail about the health risks due to the pandemic.

No.5 – Giving Good Example

If you allow yourself to live closed and in fear, you will not only disturb yourself but also your loved ones.   

What an example you will set for others especially your children.

Think about the traumatic effect your sudden change of life has on them.

If your children enjoyed traveling together then it will be very difficult for them to spend their days isolated and inactive.

For healthy development, children should be allowed to constantly practice activities that bring leisure and health, regardless of the circumstances.

Show them that nothing has changed and that their childhood is still happy!


Why Not Give Up of Travel in COVID-19 Time

As you can see, these are really big reasons why you should not give up on travel in COVID-19 time.

Continue to travel as freely as you can with a reasonable dose of caution.

This will maintain your mental health first and foremost because you will not deprive yourself of something you love to do.

You will avoid many of the consequences of a pandemic such as loneliness and mental health problems.

If the fear is stronger, then at least reduce travel, but don’t give up on them!

Have you ever traveled during a pandemic and where? Leave an answer in the comments below.

If you haven’t we suggest you some great places The Most Popular Places to Travel In Coronavirus Time.


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  1. Masterpiece again! Perfect psychological perception of the situation. Travel is the industry that has lost the most due to the pandemic. I was forced to cancel my trip to the Maldives twice. The first time because the entrance was closed and the second time I gave up out of fear. The reasons why we should not give up on travel are really strong. I will definitely reconsider activating and embarking on a journey.
    I am already feeling the consequences of this long-term condition in the form of mental fatigue. Vacation is really necessary in these stressful times! Thanks for the extremely helpful text and just keep going.
    I have bookmarked this website, it is amazing.
    Best regards,


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