Why The Switzerland Is Such An Amazing Destination? (+The Best Accommodation Deals)

You all know why Switzerland is such an amazing destination but it is not out of place to remember.

We are sure that you want to fly through its fairytale landscapes again, admire the magnificent mountains and taste the irresistible taste of Swiss chocolate.

And at the same time to suggest you some amazing accommodation deals where you will be able to enjoy the beauty for a little money.

So let’s go!

Reasons Why The Switzerland Is Amazing Destination

In the beginning, let us briefly recall why Switzerland is such an amazing destination.

Here are the main reasons. It is not known which is nicer or tastier :-)

Amazing Nature

The nature of Switzerland always delights us with its unreal beauty that looks like a work of art.

It is the main reason why Switzerland is such an amazing destination to which we gladly return.

Switzerland, a land of mountains, lakes and beautiful preserved nature, has only one national park – which is simply called “Swiss National Park”.

This fairytale national park is located just two and a half hours from Zurich via Route 28 and A3 and is worth a visit.

The only thing you can do in this park is – to walk because the blast is under the highest level of protection.

Prepare the cameras because your hand will hurt from taking a lot of photos.

It is an ideal destination in both summer and winter because its landscapes are equally beautiful and exciting at any time of the year.

Healthy People And Environment

Switzerland has been declared the best place to live and work.

For this reason, many who only went on vacation wished to stay in Switzerland and stay to live.

This rich country that has never participated in any war has as many as three nations in its ethnic composition that live in perfect harmony and peace.

People have a developed awareness of nature conservation so you can’t see a piece of paper or a cigarette butt on the street.

There is also healthy food. Imagine how healthy and delicious is the milk of Swiss cows grazing in the untouched nature of the Alps.

Enough to visit, right?

Irresistible Chocolate

Why The Switzerland Is Such An Amazing Destination?
Mmmhm, so delicious Toblerone...

Wait is not enough!

How to skip chocolate that no one can resist.

That’s one of the main reasons to visit Switzerland if you’re a gourmand, right?

But even though you’re not you won’t stay immune to the best chocolate in the world.

The Swiss have a long history of how to prepare and make chocolate, precisely because they use old traditional recipes and all sweet chocolate desserts are made by hand.

The highest quality milk of famous Alpine cows and the most delicious cocoa are used.

It’s up to you to choose. Truffles, pralines, famous Nestle, Alprose, Maestrani, Blondel, Teuscher, Frey…

Also, the kingdom of tasty cheeses  is waiting for you!

Amazing Things to Do

Here is a list of things you can do in Switzerland.

Something for everyone ;-)


Why The Switzerland Is Such An Amazing Destination?
The most famous and mountain peak, the Matterhorn

Hiking in Switzerland is an experience you must try.

In its small space, Switzerland has so many impressive trails, dramatic mountain peaks, and quiet, extraordinary valleys to explore.

Thanks to the clearly marked trails and in the ski areas, numerous lifts, and buses, you will be able to move easily.

Find here where you can hiking on a budget.


With such an amazing nature Switzerland is ideal for camping.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up in a valley overlooking majestic peaks breathing in the fresh mountain air?

The most famous Jungfrau campsite is located in Lauterbrunnen known for unique steep rock faces, colorful meadows, and Staubbach Falls.

Living here is almost like at home: for two, in a group, as a family, cozy simple, or comfortable. All accommodations are built sustainably, are carefully maintained.

Also, quiet on an evening and very relaxed. Excellent location for exploring the region.

The price is quite affordable, for example for four people you will pay around € 470 + € 8 taxes and charges for three nights!

This is camping: immersed in nature, fresh mountain air, and all within this beautiful environment.

Zurich Tour

Why The Switzerland Is Such An Amazing Destination?

It is one of the cities with the best and highest standard of living in the world and is known for its luxury, expensiveness, and of course top quality chocolate!

We suggest that you visit the Swiss National Museum, Lake Zurich, the churches of Grosminter and St. Peter’s.

You probably already know a lot about Zurich, so we will immediately move on to what you are surely interested in, and that is accommodation.

We will offer you two options depending on your budget.

The airport is 12 km away from the city center, which can be reached by high-speed train in a few minutes.

The airport is also well connected with other places in Switzerland.

The airport is 12 km away from the city center, which can be reached by high-speed train in a few minutes.

The airport is also well connected with other places in Switzerland.

In this Guide find a lot places to visit and thing to do in more detail in Zurich.

About transport
Zurich is divided into zones, and you’ll need to purchase tickets which cover the appropriate zones.
The bus, train, and tram system in Zurich runs on one extensive network.
We recommend that you use public transportation to save a lot of money.
See the map of zones for easier navigation.
The best value for public transit is the Zurich Card, which gives unlimited 2nd class travel by tram, bus, rail, boat, and cable car in the city.

The card also includes transfer between the city and the airport, short boat trips, and the Limmat River Cruise. The cost for 24 hours is $29.

Accommodation deals
But, we all know what the city of Zurich is like, so we will immediately move on to what you are interested in, which is accommodation.
Depending on your budget, we suggest two variants, more expensive and cheaper.

First, we introduce you to an outstanding hotel that has great reviews and a great price.

Only 700 meters from the center of a 4-star hotel 25hours Hotel Langstrasse is committed to ensuring that your stay is as comfortable as possible.

The property offers many unique recreational opportunities such as hiking trails, fitness center, sauna.

The price ranges from depending on when you book but ranges around €189 or $223 per night for 2 adults. There are many promotions on Agoda so prices vary.

Details and reservations can be viewed by clicking on the images below.

The price is similar on all booking platforms.

25hours Hotel Langstrasse

If you want to save extra money we reccomend you easyHotel Zurich City Centre.

Our hotel in Zurich is directly in the heart of the city and just nine kilometers from Zurich Airport.

This decent hotel offers clean and modern rooms at great prices for only €89 or $105 currently on Agoda!

And that for two persons per night.

All rooms feature new flat-screen TVs, soap, towels and free WiFi, with their own en-suite.

easyHotel Zurich City Centre

Cable Car Tour

Imagine what it is like to ride a cable tour for several thousand meters and observe over 240 magnificent peaks of the Alps, valleys, and meadows.

Maybe the most exciting is to take the cable car to Mont Blanc (price around 40 euros or 47 dollars).

See prices of various tours here.

Important note: To enter Switzerland, you must meet one of the following three conditions:

  • that you have overcome the corona-virus and need to confirm this (the 11th day from the day of the positive PCR publication must be in the last six months);
  • that you have been vaccinated (both doses) with one of the following vaccines: “Pfizer / BioNTech”, “Moderna”, “Johnson & Johnson”, “AstraZeneca”, “Sinopharm” and have a certificate;
  • to borrow a negative PCR test or a negative antigen rapid test.

In The End

From everything we have presented, Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the most amazing destination in the world.

And the right choice for your next vacation that you will remember forever.

We are sure that you will bring the best possible memories and we would be sorry if you do not share them with us.

Write in the comments below if you have already visited Switzerland or at least tried its chocolate.

Or send us your story.

Anyway, we are waiting for you again on one of the following exciting and useful articles.

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  1. I went to Switzerland when I was a teenager, and I loved the mountains with their snow-capped peaks. We went skiing there. It is a beautiful country and I’ve always wanted to go back. I remember drinking fresh milk that was milked from a cow on a mountain (in Austria, though) and I had never tasted anything better. I don’t drink milk at all, but that freshly milked milk was really good.
    I love Toblerone! It’s delicious and I often buy it. I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate, and Swiss dark chocolate is excellent!
    The photos of the hotel rooms look amazing. I would love to visit Switzerland again one day. I’d also like to see Zürich.

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