Why Trolltunga Is Worth to Visit and Explore? (Accommodation Deals and Things to Do)

Dear nature lovers, in this article we will introduce you with another stunning nature creation and answer the question why Trolltunga is worth to visit and explore?

We find for you the best accommodation deals and things to do which will make Trolltunga unforgettable!

Let’s fly together!

What is Trolltunga?

Trolltunga is one of the most spectacular cliffs in Norway, and one of the most beautiful places in the world for photography.

A troll is a piece of rock that rises horizontally from a mountain.

It was formed in the ice age when part of the mountain fell off the rest and remained to protrude above the abyss.

The name of this cliff in Norwegian means “Troll’s tongue”.

At 1,100 meters above sea level, it hovers about 700 meters above Lake Ringedalsvatnet in Oddi.

Cliffs beautify Stigfossen waterfall, from which water falls 320 meters down the mountain.

The road to it, opened in 1963, after eight years of construction, leads to it.

Due to the weather conditions, the tour is only possible in spring and summer.

Why Trolltunga Is Worth to Visit and Explore?

The answer is simple.

It is absolutely stunning!

It is a place that you must visit and explore for many reasons.

The big ones are a pleasure in hiking, trekking and rush of adrenaline as well as the view that will blow your mind.

We have already written briefly about Trolltunga in the article Amazing Trekking and Hiking Tours.

Why Trolltunga Is Worth to Visit and Explore? (Accommodation Deals and Things to Do)
The feeling of standing on a "Troll's tonque" is like being on top of the world

Things to Do in Trolltunga

There are so many things you can do in Trolltunga.

The basic activities are hiking, trekking, walking.

You also can enjoy kayaking on the Sandvinvatnet Lake. If you prefer a faster pace, sign up for a RIB fjord rafting tour.

Consider a walk on HM Queen Sonja’s Panoramic Hiking Trail (Dronningstien) from Kinsarvik to Lofthus or a hike to the Bondhusdalen Valley

You can explore the pristine Folgefonna National Park, and go downhill skiing even in July! 

For the most enriching Trolltunga adventure, we recommend hiking with an experienced guide and spending a night at the camp that awaits you in the mountains.

Camping out is not allowed unless it’s with a guide from a licensed commercial entity, such as Trolltunga Active

Before decide hiking consider carefully whether you are in good enough shape and have the right equipment before setting out.

Don’t go there if you are not strong enough. In our level system for mountain trips in Norway Trolltunga is levelled as “Extra demanding”, which is hard and not for everyone.

The possible months would be June to October. 

If you’re brave, sign up for the Trolltunga Via Ferrata tour – with a climb up the mountainside!

Why Trolltunga Is Worth to Visit and Explore? (Accommodation Deals and Things to Do)
After a strenuous hiking, a spectacular view awaits you

How to Start

The best way to get to Trolltunga is via Odda (the town right next to Trolltunga).

Routes and modes of transportation are different depending on whether you start from Bergen or Stavanger.

You can start from Oslo too.

If you do not have your own car ther is Oslo – Odda bus journey which takes around 6-7 hours.

One-way ticket costs 585 NOK or about $66. Buy your bus ticket online www.nor-way.no/en/.

If you can better don’t go to Trolltunga from Oslo. Go from Bergen instead. It’s cheaper, easier and faster.

There are several buses a day from Bergen to Odda bus station.

Bus journey takes around 2-3 hours, and costs around 200 – 400 NOK/$22 – $45.

Buy your bus ticket online –www.skyss.no/en/ – or in app Skyss billet.

Why Trolltunga Is Worth to Visit and Explore? (Accommodation Deals and Things to Do)

Your best bet to start the trip is to fly into Stavanger International Airport (SVG) and stay there for a night or two before starting the road trip.

From Stavanger to Odda is about 192km.

The fastest option is going by car (3.5h duration), but the cheapest option is to take a combination of bus and ferry.

You can here find detailed departure, distance and price of transportation.

Outside the high season, you would need a car or a taxi.

Find Your Rental Car

Skjeggedal is the start of the hike.

The bus ride takes 30 minutes from Odda center to the starting point of the hike in Skjeggedal.

From the main trailhead in Skjeggedal, the round-trip hike is 28 kilometers with an ascent of almost 800 meters, so you have to be prepared for a hike of 10–12 hours including breaks. 

From the trailhead at Mågelitopp, the hike there and back again is 20 kilometers with an ascent of about 320 meters.

Here you can read about everything you need yo know before start hiking.

Do not try in winter and do not try if you are only moderately fit.

Start your walk so early that you can get back the same day. (15hours)

Bring warm clothes, even in summer, and enough food and equipment. You may have to spend the night.

Find another excellent website that organized Trolltunga tours.

The view from Trolltunga is stunning and it is something that is really worth seeing at least once in a lifetime.

The Best Accommodation Deals 

In Odda there is many good accommodation deals. 

Here are some of the most popular and affordable. 

Trolltunga Camping

Trolltunga Camping in Odda is popular and decent accommodation.

Set on Sandvinvatnet Lake, this property is 5 minutes’ drive from Odda town center.

It offers a laundry room and rentals of bicycles and canoes.

Basic guest rooms and cottages are provided at Trolltunga Camping with either shared or private bathrooms.

Fishing licenses can be bought on site. Odda’s garden has BBQ facilities and a terrace.

A grocery store and seasonal restaurant are within 1640 feet of the property.

The accommodation has a great location.

Folgefonna National Park and the Buarbreen glacier are both 3.1 mi away.

Skjeggedal and the hike to the spectacular Troll’s Tongue lookout point are 8.7 mi away.

The famous Låtefoss waterfalls are 3.7 mi from the site.

All this enjoyment at a price starting froms $61 only!

For more details and booking click the image below.

Trolltunga Guesthouse & Hostel

Rated by guests as excellent Trolltunga Guesthouse & Hostel is one of the most popular hostels in Odda.

The accommodation features a flat-screen TV. There is also a full kitchen which includes a dishwasher, oven and microwave. 

Located 6 km from Odda Trolltunga Guesthouse & Hostel has a beautiful location and you will enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains.

It is also pet-friendly and host is exceptionally helpful.

Currently at a discounted price of $113 per night!

Fast and easy booking by clicking on the image below.

Røldal Hyttegrend & Camping

Røldal Hyttegrend & Camping is another accessible place that is both comfortable and offers a variety of activities.

Located in central Røldal, this property offers wooden cottages with a private terrace, kitchenette and free Wi-Fi access. 

A seating area and a TV with satellite channels are featured in all units at Røldal Hyttegrend & Camping.

Other facilities include a solarium, children’s playground and a barbecue area and meals are served at the Røldal Hyttegrend’s bistro.

Røldal Ski Center is 4.3 mi away. A ski bus departs from Røldal Hyttegrend every weekend.

The Hardanger Fjord is 28 mi from the cottages. Also, boats can be rented on site.

That all for only $87 per night which is extremely rare discount on Agoda.

In one room can be 4 adult persons and 1 kid under 3 years stays free!

Click on the image to book it now!

Note: All prices includes taxes and fees. 

Another great and gladly visited accommodation is Trolltunga Studios.

This accommodation is basic, but had all the amenities you needed and has a short drive away from the base of the hike. 

Trolltunga Studios offers 14 comfortable rooms that are ideal for backpackers and solo travelers on a budget.

In The End

Based on everything presented, the answer is clear. 

Yes, Trolltunga is definitely worth to visit and explore.

Not only because of the spectacular hiking in views that you will never forget but also because of the affordable accommodation deals you are looking for.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that we helped you decide to visit Trolltunga!

If you liked the item leave a comment below or send us your experience with Trolltunga or some other stunning place via Share Your Story and we will publish it!

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  1. Again, you have suggested what looks like an absolutely stunning holiday destination!

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    • Hi Andrew, thank you for the comment. So glad you are inspired with Trolltunga destination and its beauty. The local cuisine is varied and juicy. Traditionally, fish, especially smoked salmon and fish soups are Norwegian specialties, but delicious meat dishes are not to be neglected either. We recommend that you take a look at the best places to eat here.
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